Thursday, May 14, 2009

A month...

So I have been a mom for a month now. I can not believe how fast time goes by! So she is still in newborn clothes but she is getting big!

So so far we have been through some stuff...learning to nurse was an adventure, then millions of drs appts b/c of losing so much weight, then I got sick with a 103 fever due to mastitis which kicked my butt!! But since I have the best husband and mother in the world we have made it through.

I have to stay the past month has been the most stressful but wonderful month of my life! Being a mother is the most amazing thing ever! The moments when you are covered in spit up, have just been pooped on, and have got a screaming baby are quickly forgotten when she falls asleep in my arms or those big blue eyes look at you with such love and contentment.

Everyone says you don't know how much love you really have till you are a mother...well that is the total truth. But you can not understand it till you actually become one. My heart has tripled in size since I met Tommi.

One month pictures...