Saturday, November 26, 2011

32 weeks

We had our 32 week dr appt on Wednesday, which included an ultrasound! TJ came with me so he could see our little monkey too. It really was not all that exciting the lady did all the measurements and didn't show us much. She DID confirm we are definitely having another girl! I definitely felt some relief with that confirmation b/c I have everything ready for another baby girl.

All her measurements were AMAZING! She is right on track! Dr. Nelsen gushed about how "perfect" everything was and how I am doing a great job! YAY! TJ and I both got a kick out of the u/s tech and the dr going on about how perfect she was. I mean we know she is perfect but to hear it from them was cool :)

She is a little over 4lbs so we are on target for her to be 7.5 to 8 lbs (at full term). I'm good with that, not too little not too big!

I'm feeling pretty good. Normal 8 month pregnant pains and braxton hicks but otherwise pregnancy is still treating me very well! Even the 2nd time around I am so amazed at how amazing the human body when it comes to producing another human life! It is just cool and the fact I am able to do it again makes all the discomfort worth it!

Thanksgiving was this week and it was good. We were able to spend it in VB and had a blast. I was not able to eat as much as I'd like (I LOVE Thanksgiving food!)due to the limited space in my abdomen. But I definitely enjoyed all I had and my last Thanksgiving as a mom of 1!

I'm SO Thankful for my amazing life! I am SO blessed!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


The other day Tommi was wanting one snack after another. I told her "You are gonna get fat if you don't stop eating." She looked at me totally serious and said "Like you mommy?" haha
I think I have been saying I look fat a little too much!

Today in the car Tommi was whining about taking her shoes off so I told her. If you take them off again I'm gonna smack your butt. (Yes I spank my child but the threats are very effective so it is rare) Tommi said "You can't spank my booty, I'm sitting on it!" haha Again is she really only 2 and a half?!?!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


While I was rocking Tommi this evening and I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with thoughts of how she will do with out me when I go into labor. She is still super pumped for the extra special time with Big Mama. But I think of how she still sometimes wakes up in the night and wants me to rock her and gets sad b/c she "misses me" when I'm not with her. Thankfully I know my mom will keep her distracted but I still can not help but worry. In my heart I know she will do great but I can't help but worry about my mommas girl!

Another thing I was thinking about is how things are gonna play out while I am in labor. If I could plan it...I would be able to put Tommi in bed for the night then head to the hospital and have someone wait here at the house till my mom got here. So Tommi can wake up to Big Mama and they can spend the day "playing" or doing whatever Tommi wants. She can visit me briefly if wanted then leave until I am about to have her. Then after I have Monkey, TJ can go out in the waiting room and get Tommi bring her in to "meet" her baby sister. Only after she meets her do I want everyone else to come in. Since Tommi LOVES showing her things off to others I want her to get to "show off" her little sister for the first time plus at that point she can wear her "Big sister" shirt with Monkeys real name to announce it to everyone.

I just want to make sure Tommi is the first to "meet" Monkey and also the one who is able to announce her name. If I have her in the middle of the night I would love to not let anyone come visit till the morning when Tommi gets there.

I do not want Tommi hanging out at the hospital while I'm in labor b/c I know how nervous hospitals make her and it is just not needed...esp with technology! I can keep everyone up to date on when things are getting "serious".

If my labor/birth is anything like last time it will go so much better than I expect. But I can't help but wonder when and how it will all play out.

Guess only the Lord knows and all I can do is share my wishes with those around me and then just trust things will go well for Tommi. I just can't help but have anxiety about it not only being my first time away from Tommi for an extended period of time (even if it is only a few hours) but her not being shocked or thrown off my things.

I've got about 8 weeks (hopefully) to pray hard things go well and I can be calm and let go of control :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Large lady...

So at 31 weeks I am feeling very large...I get mixed reactions from others. Some being shocked I'm not due for 2 more months others saying I'm so small. I feel anything but small. I wish I didn't know how much I have gained b/c it just bugs me. It is in the VERY normal range but I had a 18 lbs weight gain pregnancy the first time so I was a bit spoiled. But I guess it is my fault, I have not been as good about my eating this time. It is ok though b/c the drs have yet to comment about it and I know it is "normal".

Well here is the Monkey belly...

Tommi does not like the way my belly looks, she "checks" it daily and tells me "Your belly is weird" and "When Monkey sister gets here you will get your belly back" Thanks for the encouragement, jerk! My belly button is what causes the comments. It is no longer an innie, it is a flatie haha

Today Tommi helped me babysit a friend of mines little girl. She is almost 4 months old. My friend Lauren mentioned me babysitting and I thought it would be a good thing to see how Tommi does one on one with a baby and also see how I do with 2 kids. Well Tommi was such a huge help, getting things for me and just wanting to hold her and love her. She drew her pictures and "read" her books. I actually had a blast and feel much more confident that I can do 2 kids. I know it is gonna be tough at times but I think overall I will be ok. I have been SO nervous about managing 2 kids and still am but believe in myself a bit more now. We are still gonna have to do some work with the little things of how gentle she has to be with a baby but I think that will come. I lived through it with a rough big brother like Chase. So Monkey should be ok.

Tommi did tell me a few times to give the baby back to her mommy but that has just started us on the conversation of "I am Monkeys mommy too" So hopefully she will understand I can't give her back when she gets here.

Yay for a loving big sister!! I'm gonna try my hardest to enjoy the next 2 months as much as crappy as things are sometimes I still love pregnancy! Although I do not think I will go early, I am praying that I won't b/c I want to be at least out of the holiday season.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 weeks

30 weeks sounds crazy!

So I had my 30 week appt today! Everything was good...I'm measuring on target and she has a strong heartbeat!

Here is a lesson for my dr (a male)...keep your pregnant patient informed of EVERYTHING!!!!!!

I think I mentioned it last time that my dr had requested I see him at the next appt (todays appt). I was a bit thrown off but let it slide. Well today when scheduling my appt the front desk lady was trying to fit me in b/c it just so happens my 2 week appt is supposed to be the day before Thanksgiving. So anyway...she had to schedule an ultrasound (YAY!) and then my appt with the dr. Well again Dr. Nelsen suggested I see him so she was trying to squish me in since he is super busy. She made the comment "He is gonna be super busy on Wednesday but he said he wants to see you so he must have something he is monitoring or something" Well now that got me worried. I'm totally cool with seeing him every time but thought it was totally weird. So I worried and debated till I got home and I e-mailed the office to ask if I was being kept in the dark for some reason. The nurse called me back and said she talked to him and he thought I had mentioned I didn't want to see one of the other drs in the office and he forgot to write down which one so he thought he would just continue to see me so I didn't have to see someone I didn't want to. She said "You may or may not have had this conversation with him, he sees alot of patients so he is bound to get something mixed up." I had never talked to him about this but do have one dr in the office I do not want to see b/c she is NEVER on time. So I guess he just read my mind. But they said I'm free to see whoever. I do want to see him for this next appt b/c of the ultrasound. I totally trust him with making sure things are going well! But this is proof I read too much into things :)

So next appt he wants to do an ultrasound to get a good estimate of how big Monkey is! I am soo excited! I was thinking it would be so cool for Tommi to see but she has informed me she is NOT going b/c the ultrasound is "too loud" and it "rumbles". So thankfully TJ's mom is off work and can watch her. This is nice also b/c the only time I could get an appt is 830am....meaning leaving the house at 8am! Eek! Not cool when I have a little girl who likes to sleep. So I can just get her up as we are walking out the door and take her in her jammies and all to his moms house. No need to worry about waking up, dressing, and feeding a grumpy tired child. She told me after my appt I have to come pick her up and show her the pictures of "Monkey sister" though, so she is excited about it just doesn't want to be there for the "loud rumbling tv screen" Whatever Tommi! I'm super excited TJ gets to come with me too! Since it is hunting season they don't leave to go to the first job till 930 so he can come to the ultrasound then leave and meet his dad in time for work! Yay!

Tommi is in love with blowing "zerberts" on my belly! She thinks it is so funny and really gets into it. Tonight while I was putting her to bed, we were saying her prayers and while I'm praying I hear "One more zerbert mommy!" I stopped and said "Tommi we need to pray no zerberts right now" In which she responded "But zerberts are fun" I said "What about praying?" She very seriously said "Praying is good too!" I couldn't help but crack up! Note, after the last zerbert we had serious prayer...Jesus will understand!

Life is good! I definitely am feeling like I'm on the last leg of this trip but trying to love and embrace every minute I have left b/c I know it will be over before I know it and I will miss it!