Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A week at Big Mama and Pappy's!

So Tommi and I went to Va Beach for my birthday and just to get away. TJ stayed home to work on the trailer and work with his dad.

We had such a great time with Big Mama, Pappy, Uncle Luke, and even Uncle Chase! Chase had not seen Tommi since she was a couple weeks old so I was really glad he was able to see her and me! He was SO good with her...she would pick her up whenever he could...and she broke him in with a good spit up bath:)

Also my uncle came into town with his wife and 1 year old twins! This was the first time I was able to meet them so that was really cool! We also had a Walker Family(my grandmas family) get together, so that was fun showing off my little munchkin!

As much as Tommi and I missed Daddy...we really enjoyed relaxing and getting away for a bit!

Some pictures from the week...

On my b-day!

Uncle Chase and Tommi

I know it is all about Tommi...but they are so good looking I couldn't resist!

Uncle Luke and Tommi on his birthday!

So pretty!

3 months...finally!

So I am finally putting up Tommi's 3 month pictures! 10 days late:)

So Tommi is getting more exciting and loveable by the day. She is full of laughs and smiles most of the day. She amazes me...she is so joyful and full of life! I just LOVE watching her grow and learn daily!

The best part of it all is...she LOVES her mama! When she sees me her face lights heart melts everytime!

She is also growing like a weed...when we went in to get her shots this month. She weighed 12 lbs! My big girl!

So here are her 3 month pics...

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend!

Tommi's first 4th of July festivities...

on Friday we went to TJ's cousins house to watch fireworks...Which Tommi slept through...proving babies can sleep through anything! haha

Here she is before the party...

Then on Saturday we went to watch her cousin Nate play baseball...

Then it was time to go to church...and she was looking very festive and beautiful!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And more...

Nappin with big mama

About to go swimming with mommy

Well we didn't really swim anything above my legs I was not cool with

Napping after my "swim"

My new suit Big Mama bought me!


And another family picture!

Hattie 09

Had an amazing week in Hatteras with the Llewellyn Clan! Tommi did as much of enjoying herself as possible for a 2 month old. She really loved hanging out with her Big Mama, Pappy, Uncle Lukey, and any of the others who wanted to dote over her. She does not dig wearing sunscreen, she must be like her mama! I have learned to like it for my skins sake.

So here are so pictures Tommi's week...

Giving her Uncle Lukey a smile!

Talkin to her Big Mama!

Lovin on her Pappy!

Lookin always!

Diggin time with Uncle Luke

Did alot of hanging out with Big Mama!


Nap time with mom

Daddy lovin his girl

Lovin on mama

Family pic #1

Mommy and Tommi

Family pic #2