Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This was one of the most amazing days of my life!!!!!

I got to hear my little munchkins heartbeat it was the best heartbeat I have ever heard hehe! 156 bpm which is perfect! I'm sooo happy! I wanna jump up and down!!!

The baby measured about 7w3d...and I was assuming I was 8 weeks. But the u/s tech said it is normal to measure bigger or may depend on the way the baby is laying.

I love my life! This is amazing....I'm gonna be a real mom! haha

Wow is about all I can say!!!

The Lord is amazing and I am so thankful he has blessed me with a little munchkin as perfect as mine!

Est due date April 10...but I feel that is gonna change as we go! But who knows! My munchkin will be amazing if it comes anytime in April! hehehehehe I'm so happy!

This this munchkin...

Monday, August 25, 2008

8 WEEKS!!!!

Wow...I'm on cloud 9! I have been waiting for this week for 3 weeks! is here! So 2 days I get to go to the dr. I am beyond myself! I sure hope all is good!

I feel decent today...we sick this weekend, just nausea and very tired! I don't like being sick but it reminds me that everything is on I have to think of it as a good thing!

I know the dr office hates me b/c I've called so many times with questions! But hey I'm new to this whole thing I need some advice sometimes. Ok so I've called 3 times...all legit questions too! So they can kiss my hiney!

Everyone at church is getting suspecious! I'm not sure it will be much of a surprise to all the ones who are observent when we tell them after the dr appointment on Wednesday. But who cares? I didn't tell them, for all they know they could be totally wrong! hehe

So 2 more days....I can do this!!! I am trusting the Lord has blessed me and is not gonna let something happen to this child so close to my appointment! hehe I can't wait!

TJ is super excited too and I LOVE IT!!!! It makes this whole thing a MILLION times better b/c I have the support of an amazing husband and family! Yippy!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This just isn't fair...

I get e-mails everyday from the few websites I signed up with to get updates on munchkin and pregnancy tips. Well about this time...7 weeks EVERY single one of them has been about crazy big boobs...They are supposed to be growing. Well where are mine? This just isn't fair...I got slighted when it came to puberty and then I was the only woman I know who didn't get boobs when I went on the pill...Now pregnancy! This just is not right! I guess the Lord really never wanted me to get to experience the luxury of boobs! hahaha I can't complain b/c at least they don't get in the way...even though somehow I manage to hit them a few times a day.

Today has been a good day! I have felt funny but made myself eat and the feeling of nausea seemed to subside! YIPPY! So I just have to keep making myself eat even when food seems totally repulsive!

I'm just so stinkin happy to be pregnant! Heck it is even better b/c I get to have a baby with the best looking man in the world! (Dad you are a close second don't worry...I still love you! hahaha)

So less than a week and we go see the dr!!!! 5 more days!!! I am SO ready to know my baby is ok!!! That little beating heart means more to me then life itself right now! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008




Does it stink in here or is it just me?

So everyone around me stinks....haha I never have noticed all the perfume till now and someone just made something with peanut butter and BLAH! I LOVE peanut butter but that stuff stinks!

So I woke up and felt amazing this morning...I didn't feel tired nothing. Well except those infamous boobs of mine which I never knew could possibly get hit so much (they are not very big targets)! haha

Got to work and it all hit me like a ton of bricks! I'm about to fall over asleep, my stomach is acting like it has never eaten (even though it had some cerel and some OJ this morning), my heart is burning like it is on fire, I have cramps, and I have decided I REALLY like to stand over the toilet and dry heave! Welcome to the amazing life of pregnancy! hehe It will be worth every second of it when I get to see my munchkin in April! well actually I feel like it will be worth it next week when I get to see him/her in my tummy! Which by the way TJ likes to rub in public...I could smack this point he looks like a dork b/c I have nothing there!

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention...I have lost 5 lbs since I found out I was pregnant! How amazing is is really b/c I have cut out all the bad stuff as much as possible and I'm making myself take the steps at work. So I'm kinda excited! I just hope munchkin is ok w/ my loss of weight...I am eating good so there is no suffering munchkin!

About time to get back to work....9 days!!!!! I am tempted to call the dr and see if anyone has canceled so I can go in this week...but I am holding back b/c I don't want to be a problem over there when my pregnancy has hardly begun!

Back to work...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The mommy to be is worn out...

How can something so small make me feel like I can fall asleep any second? I slept most of the day yesterday due to extreme exhaustion. But I guess that is good except I didn't sleep well last night b/c I had slept too much the day before so today I have to keep myself up. I may be dosing off here and there but it happens.

So my emotions are running VERY high. Almost every night I have a crying spell...usually nothing ticks it off either but after it starts I usually just have to cry myself to sleep. B/c it will only go on b/c I'm scared of this and scared of that, I'm overwhelmed with happiness, etc! So it is not always a sad cry it is part happy part sad...what a dork!

I'm SO happy b/c this child is only the size of a little pea, if even that big and is loved so much already. It is amazing!
I'm sad b/c I'm scared that I will do something wrong or something will go wrong.

So after today it is 10 days till we go see the dr. One more week of work a weekend then 2 days of work! I don't seem excited do I?

The most amazing thing happen yesterday...well ok I'm exaggerating but it was really awesome. TJ wants to be in the demolition derby next year at the fair...I am not for it and he asked me for some reasons...well I had some good ones I was excited...I said "first b/c this is going to be a crazy year for us you know what I mean?" he looked at me and smiled and said "Yes, we are building a house and having a baby!" I thought I was gonna jump out of my skin. He was so excited...I just love it! I have no idea how anyone makes it through hard times with out the support of a happy husband hahaha! Then I told him "second b/c I will have a new 4 month old (give or take) baby and I'm not exposing him/her to that so early and I need to be there when you're in it." So as a true boy would do he said "Maybe the year after?" I couldn't deny him that, but I still hope he doesn't want to by then hehe :)

I don't know what I would do without my rock by my side. I sometimes wonder why in the world the Lord blessed ME so much...I am 23 years old, married to an amazing man who loves me like I never imagined possible, I have a miracle on the way, and I'm about to build my dream home! and on top of that I have an amazing family who would do anything for me and this munchkin!!! How does the Lord think I deserve this? I have turned my back on him more times than I can count and he doesn't even remember it! Life couldn't be any better! (well it will be better after we go to the dr and see our munchkin! hehe)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back aches!

Wow am I tired! My back is killing is tough carrying a munchkin the size of a sprinkle! hahaha I don't know what it is but I am hurting. Plus I can't keep my eyes open to save my life. I am so tired!

So it's FRIDAY! I'm so excited! Part b/c weekends are so nice to relax and part b/c the 27th is fast approaching! I am so excited!

I can't wait to hear my munchkins heart beatin and know I am actually part of one of Gods greatest miracles! I am so excited I get to share that moment with TJ too not only b/c he is part of this amazing creation but b/c I love him so much and need his support!

I am doing all I can to be as postive as possible b/c I know the Lord is in control and will take care of me and the munchkin!

I'M GONNA BE A MOM!!!!! I have to remind myself all the helps make it a little more real! I'm scared out of my mind but so excited too! The Lord would not have blessed me with this if he didn't think I would do a good job!

I wish I could know right now how my baby is doing. I hope his/her little heart is just a beatin and of course growing like a champ!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ER visit...

Aug 11, 2008 -- 6 weeks pregnant
9:00pm ish

I started getting shooting pains in my right lower abdomen they were heading down my leg so it really worried me...well actually scared me to death.

We were at TJ's game and he had just gotten ejected from the game for nothing at all...silly situation. I went to lay down in the car and texted mom to see how much pain was too much. She said any is not good and told me to go to the ER...well since my mom said it I knew I needed to since she has had 3 good pregnancys she would know. So it was a God send that TJ wasn't in the game b/c I needed to go to the ER....I was in pain and scared.

So we headed to AMC with his mom. I hate the ER. Waiting is the worst...I kept thinking is this even worth it...but had to remember I was doing this for my munchkin not for me. So finally they took me back and said they were gonna do some bloodwork, an u/s, and check me out. Well that whole process took forever!!! They said my cervix was closed so that was good. They did the u/s but wouldn't let me see anything b/c it was for emergency purposes only. Well the dr came back like 45 min later and told me they only saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac but no baby and no heartbeat...which scared me even more. She said not too worry b/c it was so early but she didn't seem confident...I was measuring 5 weeks 5 days. Well I still worried...until the next day when I found out that was completely normal that early. Dorks at the ER! The bloodwork came back that my HcG levels were 17680...which according to the chart was where they were supposed to be for 5-6 weeks! :)

We didn't get home till 2 am and I still had no explaination for my insane pain!

Aug 12, 2008
I called my regular dr and they said the pain was "growing pains" I could take some pain meds if I need them...but I won't b/c my baby is too small for all that right now! They said the heartbeat and no baby thing was normal that is why they wanted to wait till I was further along!

This is gonna be a LONG road! But I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! I'm gonna be a MOMMY!!! :)

Tired all week...

Aug 5, 2008

TJ and I planned on waiting till after our dr appointment on Aug 27th to tell our parents. I had it all planned out we would mail my parents the u/s picture and give his parents a copy.

Well the plan failed...I couldn't keep it from my mom! Heck I NEED her right now more than ever! So I had a picture of the test and I texted messaged her and told her "We are keeping it a complete secret...I hope you are as excited as we are!" I thought she was gonna be disappointed in me b/c we don't' have a house yet but I got a phone call minutes later. My mom was about to was just the reaction I wanted. She was so excited to be a grandma...or Big Mama! She had told dad and the boys they were all in a little bit of shock but excited. It is over a week later and I'm still not sure the boys believe it yet!haha

Daddy decided on Pappy as his name...I love it! The name means alot to me...since I miss and love my Pappy so much. My daddy is gonna be the best Pappy ever! I'm so excited!

We went to TJ's parents house and I showed his mom the picture of the test...she was a little confused at first and said "Is that a maternity test? Is it the negative or positive?" She finally figured it out on her own and was excited. She told TJ's dad..."You are gonna be a grandpa again?" He said "By who?" what a dork. I'm not sure either of them knew what to think b/c they had no idea we were even thinking about having kids yet hehe!

The day we found out...

Aug 4, 2008
So I was a week late but totally was denying it was even possible to be pregnant. I took a test the week before and it was definitely negative so I figured there was no way this one would be positive.
So I got up to take a shower and figured hey I have an extra test I'll do it just for the heck of it. Well I peed on the stick then laid it down planning on throwing it away in about a min. And low and behold it was a +...I was kinds confused so I went out and said "look at this TJ" of course his reaction is "Is there supposed to be something in both windows?" haha dork I said look at the explanation next to it and he looked and say it meant pregnant and said "Ain't that something!"

I quickly headed back to the bathroom to take my shower, I really didn't know what was going on. Not the feeling I thought I would have when I found out but whatever. Finished my shower...checked the test again b/c I totally thought that my eyes had tricked me. Got dressed and still was denying it. The vertical line was off to the left I didn't think there was anyway it was right...something had to have been wrong with the test. haha

That afternoon I did call the dr to get an appointment just in case...I knew I could cancel it if I wasn't really pregnant...hahaha

So I got home that evening and took another test...oh it was positive! Wow that day was nothing like I expected...I expected tears and jumping up and down...none of it just complete shock! haha