Monday, July 9, 2012

Coming soon...

I have decided to retire my blog and make a new one...the name of Babyfrazier2009 just is not us anymore. We have expanded and life is a whole new ballgame!

So coming soon is....

Saturday, July 7, 2012


So due to the fact a few months ago our computer took a turn for the worse. So we had to reset it to all the original stuff. well that meant stuff that was up to date 3 years ago.

Well we ALL know that means ancient in computer terms. I have been struggling along not being able to see some websites or if I can see them I see a warped version.

 Finally a good friend of mine helped me and I was able to get it all up to date. This is the reason my blogging has fallen WAY too far behind...I mean some is b/c of my busy life but I planned to update at least once a month. But anyway...I'm back and will be writing again...even if it is only for documenting for my own memory.


A recent July 4th picture :)