Saturday, February 28, 2009

34 pictures...

I have 2 pictures of me this week...I feel like I'm SO much bigger than I look...but I guess that is just b/c leaning over and doing many things are getting more difficult. haha

Here are some pictures of her room so is not totally organized yet. We are not setting up too much till she comes just so the cats don't think they can take over haha And the crib will not go up till after we move b/c she will be sleeping in our room for a while anyway.

Some of her cute laundry hanging to dry...

Her dresser...The pink hippo was a gift from Uncle Luke and an important accessory in her new room:)

Her some of clothes...and this is only the stuff she got at her baby shower...the rest has not been taken out of the boxes I put them in...she has more clothes than she will know what to do with...a normal girl already:)

Diaper bag and boppy all packed and ready to go!!!

Her changing table...for now...we plan to buy a real changing table after we move:)

I didn't plan for pink to be such a key color in her room...but I figure this may be my only I have to enjoy the girly stuff while I can! Plus I think I kept it tasteful.

Big Mama will be up this week to help me get things better organized and figure out what clothes I will actually need and what is just extra (we have TONS of hand me I will give away what is not needed of that). I'm excited to be able to do this with my mama, she is the best!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

34 week appointment

So I had my 34 week dr appt today. Babygirl's heartbeat was 151 bpm and I am measuring good. I asked how big he thought she was and he said at this point it is still hard to tell esp since I'm tall and so she hides really well. He said she feels to be pretty in the 4 to 5 pound range. He said it is possible I am hiding a bigger baby due to my height but based on my weight gain both of us seem to think I am not. But he said they will be able to tell better next time and thereafter. Oh yea...I gained 2 lbs since last appt. So the total is about 12-14 lbs...I'm happy with that!

I told him about my pain and pressure but he said it seems to be normal. My instinct tells me it is more than it should be. But I may also be just an over thinker/worrier. You know first time mom syndrome:) He told me if my contractions get to be 6 or more an hour then to call. But it is weird b/c they never seems to be in spurts, more of a constant pressure and the feeling of one big my uterus is being squeezed and it becomes hard as a rock.

If I stand for more than 15 min the pressure gets to be almost unbearable. On a scale from 1-10 my pain is a 6ish but I get so uncomfortable I can hardly stand it. The dr said just to try and stay off my feet as much as I can when I feel like I am done complaining!

I LOVE being pregnant! My belly is awesome then watching and feeling her move all day long is a feeling I never want to forget. It is truly the most amazing thing I have ever been though. I mean to think of having something so precious inside me is just beyond words! She is already my favorite thing ever and I've never met her. I am SO in love!!! just makes the next 6 weeks so much harder to wait. But I want her to be well done by the time she comes out so I think it is worth the wait! Ok I'll admit it...the last week of March really sounds like a great time for me. But only the Lord knows when she will be ready!

So we are all preregistered at the hospital and ready to go anytime! Her birth certificate is started and that just made it all so real! I am slowly but surely getting packed for the hospital. I have mostly everything for me and TJ clothes wise but still have to do babygirls packing. I did baby laundry today so I will start working on her bag probably this week or whenever I feel up to it! It is all getting to be so real!

So at this point she is making the final preps for her arrival! Mainly doing alot of weight gaining and getting all cute and chubby!!! She is definitely head down so unless she decides to be stubborn in the next few weeks we are set to go when she is done baking!

I will post a picture tomorrow (hopefully). Everyone I talk to says she has dropped and I see it slightly...pretty cool!

Baby Shower #2

So on Saturday TJ's mom and sis threw me a baby shower. It was amazing! We had tons of people there! At least 50 plus. I felt so special that so many people came out to celebrate my little girl!

My mom came up for it and it was so nice to have her there too! She just makes this whole process so amazing for makes me wish even more that she lived closer! I know she wishes so too. So I got off subject.

We played some little games about old wives tales and myths about pregnancy. Then we had lunch and socialized. It was really nice and relaxed! I had a great time! So I have lots of pictures to share.

The cake done by TJ's cousins was super cute!

Jadah and corsage was made from baby socks it was so cute!

Big Mama, me, and babygirl

Aunt(to-be) Sissy, me, and babygirl

me(33 weeks), Casey(28 weeks), and Cassie(24 weeks)

Tons of presents!!

Jadah, me, and her future bestfriend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

33 weeks

I am really not in a rambling mood tonight so maybe tomorrow I will post more. TJ is putting together the dresser tonight so I am assisting from the couch reading directions:)

So here is a picture...I have had many people say I have dropped and I can kinda notice it but don't really know b/c I feel the same. She feels like she is resting all her weight on my pelvis so maybe she has!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

32 Week Appointment

So another standard appointment, they got her heartbeat and measured my fundus height, she said all looked good. I didn't like that she didn't tell me what the heartbeat was but I should have asked. I am not that drs biggest fan anyway. So I guess I should have expected it. Then I was tellin her about the soreness I have had in my inner thighs so she decided to check to make sure I was not dilated, I'm not and babygirl is still really high so that is good!

I have my next appt on Wednesday Feb 25. It's with a dr a I really like, he is very informative and doesn't ever act rushed. So I am happy about that. I meant to tell them today who I had chosen for babygirl's pediatric care. But I totally forgot.

Well I am growing weekly...or I think I am. Well here I am this week...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

32 weeks!

So I am officially 8 months pregnant! Wow this is really amazing! I am getting so excited! I have to say I am blessed beyond what I deserve with my family and friends. Everyone wants to help me and encourage me all the time. It feels so good to know we have so many what care so much for us. But I have to say TJ is on the top of the list. He is always checking on me during the day and will do about anything that will make me feel better. We rearranged our extra bedroom to make more room and I have to say he did not complain once! I changed my mind a few times and he just went with it not wanting me to lift anything. Yes it's nice to have have to work but it is even better knowing someone is doing it b/c they care so much. I am just so blessed!

So stuff wise we are almost prepared. We still need the stroller and car seat but that will come at our next baby shower on the 21st. But I'm not prepared yet in that I don't have clothes washed for her and do not have my bags packed. So if I were to go early TJ would have to do pretty much all my packing. But it will be gut feeling says I will be here blogging when I'm overdue haha I sure hope not! I really don't want to go over!!!! But the odds are against me on this one! So we will see!

As long as I don't go during my 37th week at all I will be happy! I can not miss Chase's graduation! I want to either be there with her or be big and pregnant! hehe

I have to share some of the info and highlights from my many e-mails I have gotten this week...
-Thanks to their recently matured lungs and a remarkably strong immune system, over 90% of babies born in their 32nd week, survive premature births. So it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if your little monkey’s planning on heading out early, their survival odds are in everyone’s favor.

-She's busy blinking, looking around, grabbing things, making faces, practicing her breathing, peeing and listening to everything around her.

-Your unborn baby weighs around four pounds and stretches to over 11 and one-half inches in length (crown to rump).

-(Note to the daddy) The thirty-second week of pregnancy is a big milestone. From this point on, your baby can be born and be perfectly healthy, and if she's at a good weight, she may not even need to spend much time in the hospital. Once your wife's pregnancy reaches this point, it is a good idea to start getting everything ready. (If you wait until the last weeks of pregnancy, you may find you waited too long!)

I have my 32 week dr appt tomorrow so I will be writing again soon and will post a picture of me. But for now here is what my perfectly formed sweet babygirl looks like this week....except I expect her to have lots of hair!

Monday, February 9, 2009

31 weeks and Baby Shower #1

Wow 31 weeks! That is pretty crazy! I am actually quite noticeably pregnant now! I LOVE it!!! People hold doors for me all the time, I get help with anything I'm doing, people smile at me, I probably could go on about the fun things! But I do have to point out I am starting to really feel the aches and pains of pregnancy. The Lord timed pregnancy well b/c as of a week ago I would stay pregnant forever but I have decided I definitely couldn't do this forever. I think I can handle 9 weeks but much more would probably not be fun! The belly sure is fun but that is b/c I think I sport it well!

Babygirl is sooo super active and I get so tickled at her sticking her little heinie out all the time. (or I assume it is her heinie). I could sit all day and watch her move and jump. She is gonna be so much fun!!! I can't wait!

Well Big Mama threw Babygirl and I our first baby shower on Feb 7. It was so amazing! She did such a good job! It was really nice b/c it was small and personal w/ about 20 people. It was really elegant w/ a catered lunch (done by the Broad Bay Country Club where the shower was located) and some simple pink decorations. I thought it was perfect for me b/c I'm pretty simple. I LOVED the cake! It was kinda just a fun get together to celebrate me becoming a mom and my mom being a grandma. So not many games and alot of socialization. We got SO spoiled! I know people get excited for a baby but I didn't think people would give me so much stuff it's amazing how generous everyone is when it comes to a baby!

We didn't get too many pictures, I wish we had gotten more but it's ok! So I'll post first one of me showing off my belly then the others from the baby shower!

Our next baby shower is Feb 21 up here in the mountains. It is MUCH larger but still will be fun just different from the first. I'm so excited Big Mama is coming up for it! Pappy is too but he will not be at the shower b/c it's a girl thing.