Friday, September 25, 2009


So since Tommi got her 2 bottom teeth she has been chewing/sucking on her lips. When she sucks on her top lip it is hilarious. She looks like she is pouting. It is hard to catch her doing it b/c she stops when I go to take a pic. So I got one the other night at church with my phone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rice Cereal

So I have put off starting solids b/c according to everything I read babies do not need solids till 6 months. And my pediatrician said most breastfeed babies will not be interested before 6 months. So I have been leaving it up to Tommi to be interested.

The last couple weeks almost every time I eat Tommi wants to be held and grab at all my food. So I thought ok she is 5 and a half months old lets give solids a shot.

I was so excited to put her in her high chair and get everything ready.

I mixed the rice cereal with breast milk so it was familiar to her. Of course it was gross to me, but that is b/c it tasted like breast milk which I'm not a fan of. (Yes, I have tasted my own milk! I was curious!) Anyway, things didn't go as planned. I spooned her a little bit and she made this awful face and spit it all out. We tried a few more times but every time she saw the spoon she made a face!

I guess we just have to keep trying. She doesn't seem to be disgusted by the taste as much as the texture. I hate wasting milk all the time, hopefully she will take to it soon! I may doctor it up with some applesauce to see if that will go over better.

Here are some pictures of our adventure...

All ready in her highchair!

The first bite

After the first bite

Not more mom!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I want to keep track of the reactions people have to Tommi's name...they always make me laugh.

For all who don't know I have loved the name Tommi for a girl since I was young so this has been a long time coming. Her name actually has nothing to do with her daddy's initials but it is an extra plus. So I have known for a long time that I would have reactions...note why I didn't tell people till she was born.

When people ask her name I usually say Tommi Jolene b/c I think her whole name is pretty but sometimes say just Tommi b/c I like to see if it makes people squirm.

So I either get the "OMG! I love it!" reaction(which I get alot of), speechless reaction, or I get reactions like these...

"Oh that is different." (strange look)
"What is her middle name?"
"Is that her real name?"
"Is she named after someone?"
"Oh wow"

I have had some real bold ones too like...

"You couldn't think of a girls name?!"
"She will go by Jolene when she gets older."
"I'm sure your future boyfriends will call you Jolene." (talking to her)
"I'll just call her Jolene." (Which was only cute when a little girl at a restaurant said it, but have gotten it from adults too)
"I can't call her that, it is boys name."
"It is a girl right?"
"That is weird."

I have also had those who have said they straight up don't like it. Which I either chuckle or tell them "That is why TJ and I named her not you."

I may continuously add to this when I hear really good reactions.

Note: I hate that I even have to explain naming her Tommi b/c well I am proud of her name and put much thought and even prayer into it. She is my Tommi girl and she will be proud of her name one day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where has time gone?!

Only 5 short months ago...I was in the hospital shocked to have really just had a baby girl. The little girl I dreamed of many years! Now my little girl is 5 months old...yeah yeah I know that is not that old but I could have swore it was just last month I found out I was pregnant now the pregnancy is over and I have a little girl.

My life has been more complete in the last 5 months than ever in my life. I have found what the Lord put me on this earth to do. As hard and confusing as a child can be I find myself getting up at 2am with no thought. Yes, I grumble about it but I love her more than I love myself so I am welling to do whatever I need to do to make sure she has everything she needs and if she needs her mommy at 2am then her mommy will be crib side asap!

So a little about her at 5 months...(as many facts as I can think of off the top of my head)
-She is FULL of personality, so happy!!
-Her first tooth has just popped teeth are on their way!
-Still will not take a bottle...but Mommy/Tommi time is nice!
-She can roll from belly to back but doesn't like doing it so she only does it when SHE is in the mood. That is my daughter!:)
-Loves hair...all lengths! She has a fascination with grabbing needless to say mine is always up now!
-She loves to "stand"!
-Loves her "jumper-roo" and walker at big mama's! Anything that puts her upright!
-Can sit by herself for short periods of time...before tumbling to the sides!
-Sucks on her fingers all the time! Well actually anything that will go to her mouth!
-Used to sleep really well...then has now decided every couple hours she needs to "party" with mom during the night! haha This too shall pass!
-LOVES plastic water bottles...she gets SO excited!


So enough with all that here is sweet babygirl at 5 months!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So we were in church the other night and Tommi was overdue for her nap but she was happy as can be so I didn't worry about it. After playing a little bit she just sat on TJ's lap and played with her hands quietly. TJ nudged me and said "She is just chill isn't she?" I look over and she is knocked out sitting on his lap! It was too sweet!