Monday, March 26, 2012


Tonight I put Miley in her bed while TJ and I got dressed and Tommi walked up to her and said "Hey little sis!" in her high pitch baby talk voice she does with Miley. Well Miley got the biggest smile on her face and laughed!!! It was the cutest thing ever! Tommi was totally in heaven...she LOVES when she can make Miley happy!

It was SO perfect!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Finally :)

Long legs big sis and her mini side kick

I can not get over how much I love her little dimple!!!

Our day...

So we had a good morning today...a long walk with Miley in the pouch aka Sleepy Wrap and Tommi running freely like a wild child! I do not think she stopped talking/making noise for more than 2 seconds even when she was way ahead of me and I had no idea what she was saying. We live on an almost mile long drive way so Tommi is able to freely explore at a great distance with out any worries.

Well after our walk we came in and I fed Miley around 11:45. She ate ok but I didn't think much of it. When it came time for her to sleep she fought it a bit and was very fussy. But did end up falling asleep around 1:30, but woke up shortly after so I stuck her back in the pouch b/c she usually sleeps well in it. Little did I expect to be taking her out 3 hours later b/c she was going on 5 hours with no food.

I went to nurse her and the crying began. She would not even latch on. She would just scream and scream and scream. I could console her for only seconds with different positions or a passy. I was TOTALLY at a loss for what was going on!

The next few hours were kinda a mixed blur of pumping so we could try a bottle, trying to nurse her, crying, sleeping, and just plain craziness. She got a few mini meals in there from the bottle and me but not enough for me to call an actual meal. Poor thing!

Well now she is sleeping in her swing and I'm praying with all I have that she sleeps well and sleeps off whatever is bothering her. She has been "off" since she got her shots on Tuesday. I am hoping we get back to "normal" and I don't have to end up taking her to the dr.

I definitely think today has been the hardest day yet since she was born!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My little rock

Tommi is my little rock!

Yesterday I was having a tough day, Miley would only sleep in like 20 min increments and when she ate it would last forever b/c she would just keep nursing on and off. Then TJ was working later than normal so I had no daddy help...I needed him and no one else would do. So with Miley strapped to me in the wrap and Tommi next to me watching TV (not looking at me). I started to have my own pity party. I just needed to cry. I was having one of those "what in the world have i done?" moments. I know all moms have them...wondering was I really prepared to have kids. So as I cried I guess Tommi heard me and looked at me and said "Oh mommy! What is wrong?" I told her I just wanted daddy home. She said "Mommy, daddy will be home in 2 seconds. Me and Miley are here. We love you!" Then she just laid her head on me and loved me. How in the world was I supposed to feel sorry for myself now?!?! I actually started to cry more b/c I realized how blessed I am! She may only be (almost) 3 but she is my little rock to lean on and remember I am SO blessed!

Funny/cute story...
When TJ got home and I had fed Miley and put her in her swing. TJ walked up to me and put his arms around me in a big hug. Tommi was playing and looked up to say something to me and saw us and said "AWWW! Daddy loves you mommy!" and smiled! Then of course being a selfish 3 year old ran over and said "I wanna hug mommy!"

God has blessed me above and beyond!!!

2 months!

Miley is officially a peanut! But there is a whole lot of personality in her little body! She is SO alert now and just full of huge smiles all the time! It is amazing to say the least! Her little dimple just adds to the fun!

She is 9lbs 11ozs (10-25%tile) and 21 3/4 inches (10-25%tile), very healthy and strong!

In someways it feels like it was 2 months ago I gave birth but other times it feels like it was only a week ago!

She is an amazing little baby. Though still unpredictable and goes from zero to sixty in seconds when it comes to eating. She sleeps like a champ! Seven hour stretches at 2 months YES PLEASE! How wonderful!

She still looks like me! YAY! Maybe her hair will turn red like mine did...I totally hope so!

Oh how I love life with my sweet mini monkey!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleepy Wrap

When I was pregnant with Tommi my mom (like a first time grandma) bought all kinds of "gadgets" that she thought were cool and would help me out. When she showed up with not just 1 but 2 Sleepy Wraps, I was not sure how much they would be used. Well they have been a God send with both girls. I keep one in the house and one in the car b/c it has come in handy when least expected. (not totally needed but super nice to have extras) I just used it the other day when Miley was fussy and we were trying to grab something to eat. I was able to put her in it and keep her asleep while I enjoyed dinner.

It keeps baby super close and contained. Plus it is super comfy for mommy!

I seriously would highly recommend this to any mom out there! It is one thing I do not think I could live with out with a newborn! It is nice when older but a super saver when they are young and super unpredictable!

They are now called Boba Wrap.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Tommi is amazing! Almost 3 and I can not believe it but loving it! She is so creative and can pretend and make things up at the drop of a hat! She still talks like she is so much older and amazes us everyday. She has an insane memory. After reading her a book once she can basically recite it word for word back! Maybe this is normal but I'm amazed! She also can remember stuff we said or did from long ago. We have to watch ourselves and limit our conversations around her if we don't want her repeating them or saying "What are you talking about?" She listens carefully and wants to be in ALL conversations! Currently Tommi LOVES Subway! Anytime we are trying to figure out where we are gonna eat Subway is always the first thing Tommi says! It cracks us up b/c it's not like it is that exciting but she LOVES it! May be b/c of the Doritos but still she also eats almost a whole 6 inch oven roasted chicken sub by herself. It is crazy!
I am having a blast watching her as a big sister still. She is SO good with Miley and loves her to pieces. She always has to "share" with Miley when it comes to compliments. We can't just say Tommi is beautiful without her saying "Miley is beautiful too" Gotta love my sweet but very sassy almost 3 year old!

Miley is almost 2 months and is so sweet. She is starting to smile and coo. It melts my heart b/c she doesn't just give little smiles they are big open mouth grins! It is the best!!! I have yet to get it on film but I'm trying! She sleeps VERY well at night with a good 6 to 7 hour stretch in the beginning of the night! YAY for sleeping babies!! She does sleep with me after a couple hours in her bassinet thing. I love the sweet cuddles!
Things are going well! She had a tough day today when she wouldn't stop crying and nothing seemed to help, we tried nursing, burping, gas drops, colic calm, changing clothes, cuddles, etc. but eventually she let out a massive burp (after over an hour of crying) and then calmed down and went to sleep in the Sleepy Wrap! I LOVE my sleepy wrap!!!

My girls are the best...if I say so myself! I love being their mommy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My girls

Figured since I have not been posting very much the least I would do was add a picture!

Take your tummy off...

Tommi talks the WHOLE time we are in the car going anywhere. Most of the time TJ and I are cracking up b/c she is a mess with the things she comes up with.

Tonight Tommi was asking about what Miley did when she was in my belly. Did she sleep? Did she hiccup? Did she whine? name a few of the things she asked about. She asked "Did she spit up?" I said "Maybe" not expecting her to ask much more but she asked "How did you wipe it up?" So I said "Well I didn't have do you think I should have cleaned it up?" Her response was "Well you could have just taken your tummy off and then put it back." haha She said it like it was so simple and such an obvious answer. Oh how I love her!!