Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The first week

Well the first week was a little rough but we made it through! It all started in the hospital when Tommi wouldn't nurse. Well come to find out she didn't know how to suck! She could a little but it was not strong enough to do anything. So we battled that and made it through with the amazing assistance of lactation consultants and the support of TJ. I seriously would not be nursing right now if it were not for him! He has supported me all the way through and done everything he could to make my dream of nursing come true. Of course having mom here was a God send too. I have no idea how a new mother makes it through without the support and help of family.

I have been an emotional wreck crying over everything and just feeling super overwhelmed. No one really can prepare you for the after math of delivery, things just are not the same so you are trying to take care of yourself while trying to understand this new little life you are not responsible for. Thank goodness again my mom was here to take care of the house work, food, and everything else TJ and I needed.

So now I feel like I am half way getting the hang of this mom thing. Of course I'm in NO way a pro or even close to being one anytime soon. I just am finally getting used to putting someone elses every need before mine and how to time when I do pee and everything else.

I give the Lord all the praise and glory for blessing me with the most amazing child ever! She is so good and amazingly beautiful! I really have been blessed beyond what I deserve.

Well I have a fussy newborn to go tend to but continue to pray for us as we go through this adventure together!

Birth story

So I started having contractions about 7pm on Saturday the 11th , they were 10 min apart. They started to become kinda painful but we went over to a friend’s house and watched a movie. I just tolerated the uncomfortable pain. So we finally went home the contractions were still 10 min apart but definitely stronger. So I slept on and off till about 4am and finally woke TJ up about 5am b/c I was in enough pain that I thought something was wrong (first time mom for you). So we got to the hospital where I expected to be monitored but sent home. I was a little over 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced (weird b/c the dr said I was 70% on that Tuesday). They had me walk for about an hour and then they checked me again and I was 3cm. So about 10 am they gave me some meds to help me sleep and just as I was drifting off….I felt a pop and gush of fluid. I had TJ go get the nurse and sure enough my water had broken! So I slept for a couple hours before they checked me and I was still 3cm but fully effaced!!!! So they had me walk some more and just labor though. My contractions were about 2 to 3 min apart and VERY painful! I made it back to my room and they gave me some pain meds but the nurse didn’t check me like I thought she should. The pain meds did nothing but let me sleep between contractions. Finally TJ said to the nurse “her contractions are really strong can you check her so she can get the epidural” She didn’t think I would have progressed but she checked me and I was 8cm!!!! haha She was beyond shocked and got the anesthesiologist with in like 3 min. The epidural I was expecting to be really bad, but I didn’t even feel it. And as soon as it was over I felt sooooo good! I told the anesthesiologist she was my new favorite person. So the dr came in at like 5pm right after I got the epidural and talked to me about what was to happen when I did feel pressure. So he said he would come back in about an hour and a half. I decided I needed another nap till then. So I went to sleep. He came in at 6:30pm to check me and he went to check me and said “Well I think we are ready to go…” The dr showed TJ she was already crowning! So they got everything ready and I pushed through 2 contractions and they had to get the dr quick! Haha I pushed though another one and out came the head. Then my contractions (which I could not feel at all) did the rest of the work. And at 6:58pm I looked down and saw the dr pull a little person out!!!!!

The nurses kept asking “Are you sure this is your first?” She said I basically labored like it was my second or third. So that was cool! My only regret is that I didn’t ask the nurse to check me earlier b/c I went through a lot of pain that was not needed!

The Dr said next time I could go natural b/c I went through the worse part without an epidural…so that made me feel good. B/c I thought I was a wimp. But I still plan to get one next time haha

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tommi Jolene Frazier was born on Easter Sunday April 12, 2009 at 6:58pm

She was 7lbs 7.2oz and 19 inches long

Here she is in the hospital!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Due date....

So I'm not in the greatest mood so I can't make myself write much but I had my 40 week dr appt today.

I have made VERY little progress...I've thinned out a bit more but no more dilation. Which really means nothing b/c some people go in and are not dilated or effaced and have a baby that night then some go in and are 1 or 2 cm and effaced for a month and still go over. So it's all about the contractions and the hormones.

Babygirl is still content according to her heartbeat. So she is just extra cozy! Which I guess I can't blame her. It is a cold world out here and she has the perfect little home:)

He set up an u/s for next Tuesday the 14th. If all is well they will set up an induction date for that week.

So now I just wait and watch the days tick by. I want my babygirl to be good and done when she arrives so I kept all my complaining to myself (or just to TJ haha) I know I probably could have done some major begging and gotten him to maybe induce me this week. But I don't want to be like that. The Lord knows her perfect birthday and it was not today.

So I need prayer BAD! Pray the Lord gives me the patience during the wait till her perfect birthday. I mean heck I have made it this far I figure I can make it another week! I just need the strength to get through it!

Good news is I am having more contractions and definitely stronger. And my pain is pretty minimal (well based on my scale). I may be "overdue" but I am still not gonna complain b/c I am not miserable only depressed and uncomfortable. I still love my pregnant belly and her crazy movements! Heck I know MANY women who would give anything to be in my position...I have a full term, healthy baby girl who wants to spend some more quality time with her mama! I am blessed!

So I can officially will be anyday now! B/c I have no other date to go by! So here I am looking very pregnant but still happy! haha

So I wrote alot more than I thought...What a surprise...Laura talking too much haha!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well here I am the day before my due date trying my hardest to not look at my tickers b/c they all say one day and that is hard for me. I am basically convinced I'm not gonna have this baby for at least another week. Not b/c that is what I want but b/c I have had everything so good this whole pregnancy that now I have to get the crappy end of the stick by going "overdue".

Maybe the combo of all the hormones and the fact I already have clinical depression add to my mood right now. I'm trying really hard to be patient and know the Lord has the perfect birthday for my babygirl. But it's so hard when I think "ok I've made it my 40 weeks, where is my baby?"

I want her to come when she is fully done cooking! If the dr told me today that he would induce me tomorrow I wouldn't do it. B/c I want the chance to experience going labor naturally (if I can) and b/c I know she is just not ready. So it's not like I'm desperate enough to beg the dr to induce me, I'm just human and want my babygirl in my arms.

Of course the constant questioning is not helping either...
"You are still pregnant?"
Yes I'm still pregnant duh!...I was not one of the ones who got to go early. Which I'm kinda thankful b/c that means I did not have a super small baby like I feared.

"Are you feeling any different?"
No I don't feel different. I have some pressure and I'm uncomfortable but nothing magical. Which again I'm thankful for b/c I'm not miserable. I'm not comfy but that is a given when you go from being a normal sized person to having a huge ball connected to your abdomen. I mean have you seen me...I have no gained an oz anywhere back is taking a major toll. As well as my knees...they have never had to support this much weight.

"What does the dr say?"
The dr says I have the perfect environment for my baby! My BP is awesome, my weight gain is awesome...I have the perfect little cocoon for my little one. So he is super happy...and says most first time moms will go past their due date. Another thing I am thankful for, if she is gonna stay in then I am glad I can give her the perfect little home. So hush!

Look everyone! I'm tired, moody, and uncomfortable. Give me a break! I want her here worse than anyone else on this earth. I have just spent 40 weeks dreaming and preparing for the arrival of my (and TJs) miracle. You think I'm not ready to meet her. I have gotten to watch her squirm and feel her every movement. I want to see her beautiful face, I want to count her fingers and toes, I want to kiss her sweet cheeks, I want to just hold her in my arms and never let go. My world revolves around someone I have not met, you think I'm not ready to meet her?

I have to say if it were not for my God send of a mom who has been there through all the weird and amazing things that come with pregnancy I would be lost. It's just so nice to know I'm normal (well kinda). Plus like I have said before no one can tell you the joys and hardships of pregnancy like your own mother. She has a way of telling you the truth without scaring you beyond belief. The other person who deserves TONS of credit in this pregnancy is my amazing husband there is no way I would have made it to this point with out him. He has dealt with SO much! I have no been the easiest person to live with, with all the emotional moments, he has been a God send also. He has been above and beyond what I expected him to be. I have just fallin more and more in love with him in the past 40 weeks (well 35 since we found out).

So it's obvious I'm having an emotional moment but I just had so much on my chest and needed to get it all out!

I'll post tomorrow with a picture and the update of my dr appt. My mama is coming up tomorrow just to hang out with me for a day or so. TJ is going with me to my appt, he said he is gonna tell the dr he needs to help me out b/c I can't sleep and when I wake up he wakes up:/ oops! haha Poor guy!