Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yay! It is summer time again! I am so happy...as is Tommi who wants to go swimming all the time!

Ready to go!

Don't splash mommy!

Too late mom!

She played happily for at least an hour when I had to force her out to go take a nap!

So wise!

My big brother is having brain surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor. So while giving Tommi a bath I told her..."We have to pray extra hard for Uncle Chasey tomorrow b/c he has surgery." With out me saying another word, she says "He is scared...but Jesus will protect him." WHAT?!?! How does she know the emotion of being scared goes along with surgery...actually how does she know what surgery is?

I told Chase what she said and he told me to tell her he is not scared. I told her and she said "He's good...Rooney is good too" hahaha How does the dog get pulled into this?

She is a hoot! She is wise beyond her years!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tommi LOVES her PBS shows. Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street, Super Why, etc. Well I know she learns from them b/c she tells me new stuff everyday and impresses me with her skills of understanding. Also I get ALOT of humor from her random things she hears on the shows.

The other day she was coloring while sitting on my bed. All the sudden she looked at TJ and said "Uh-oh! Super big problem" He looked at me a bit confused and then I realized when the characters on Super Why run into a problem they say "This is a super big problem, for the super readers" (or something along those lines)

She cracks us up! But thanks PBS and Super Readers!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Written 5/16/2011
So finding out about this pregnancy has been a bit different than the last. This time I was very aware of my body and my periods were on time. So it took almost all of week 4 to finally convince myself it was real. Monday I got a negative which I pulled out of the trash (yes it was clean, and actually the only thing in the can) to see it had a second line. I figured it was a fluke b/c they tell you not to read it after like 10 min or something. So I took 2 tests Tuesday morning one was negative the other very faintly positive. I was still in denial. Wednesday I got 2 positives, faintly but they were there. Of course I was still shell shocked that only one month of no birth control could result in a pregnancy but convinced I was pregnant. I continued to take tests Thursday and Friday morning. Friday I took a digital one just to actually see the word 'Pregnant'.

I still have a couple tests and knowing me I will take one here and there till I go see the dr or I start feeling symptoms.

The only symptoms I have as of now, day one of week 5, missed period, period like cramps, back pain, and frequent peeing. Last time at this point my boobs hurt so bad I couldn't stand it and I was super emotional but every pregnancy is different.

Mom and dad were in St Martaan all week so I finally was able to talk to mom on Saturday and HAD to tell her. So I told her "you are gonna be grandparents again!" Mom and dad were thrilled...mom said the same thing I did about being due in January "Cold month" but I know she couldn't be happier. I texted both my brothers which they were super excited too!

On Sunday when we went down to dinner at TJ's parents, with his sister and her family. We told Tommi "Tell Sissy what you are gonna be." She shyfully said "Big sister" of course they were all shocked but still not surprised b/c it was bound to happen before long. :)

I have a dr appt on June 6th. That is 4 weeks, which is killing me but I guess that is the way it works. I'm SO ready to see this munchkin and make sure everything is going well with the pregnancy. As of now the due date is Jan 16, 2012. YAY!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best Friends

Tommi and her cousin Titus are best friends! They adore each other yelling "Titus" "Tommi" every time they see each other. Which is as often as everyday and the excitement never ceases to be full throttle!

The best part is one day Tommi will have her own body guard in school. This boy is solid and I know people won't mess with her as long as he has her back!