Friday, January 30, 2009

30 week pictures...

Here she is at 30 weeks (or's version of her)

Now mama the belly is growing weekly...I love it!! My belly button is so funny lookin now. It's not quite gone but super close to it. TJ laughs at it all the time. But anyway...I'm happy with my little beach ball belly!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

30 weeks appointment

Babygirl and I had our 30 week appointment today! Nothing to report which is a good thing. I'm measuring right now track and her heartbeat is around 150 so all is good. They said as long as I'm feeling her everyday then all is good. And she is such a active little booger that I definitely feel her everyday! I love it! I have gained a total of 8lbs as of today...I am really happy with that! It's hard seeing the scale go up but I know that it is all for her.

So we are into the single digits on the weeks crazy we are so close to meeting face to face!
pregnancy week by week

So I am doing really well...I have my aches and pains as anyone who is 30 weeks pregnant does! But I am really trying to enjoy the last weeks I have left being pregnant. I can say so far it is has been a really great experience. I always feared I would be one of those people who got all the crappy pregnancy symptoms. I also feared I would balloon up all over. But I've been so blessed! Things are starting to get harder to do b/c leaning over is just not the same...but I make do and I think I do pretty well and I know it's only gonna get harder:)

Babygirl is getting big! I can tell b/c when she repositions herself I see all the movement. According to all the updates she is about 3 lbs! Yippy getting chubby! Her brain is doing alot of developing this week and she is just preparing for life on the outside now. The final preparations are going on now! Oh I'm soooo excited to meet her...I am not ready with her stuff but I am excited to meet her before too long.

That is about all the excitement I can think of. Her baby showers are approaching quickly and I can't wait to see all her new stuff. The baby section is a weakness for me right now....I want to go in and buy it all b/c I love so many different things. I am REALLY anxious to get the pack n play and stroller. Those are my 2 biggest gifts I can't wait to get. Even if I get gift cards and have to get them myself I can't wait to have them and know I am almost prepared for my little girl!

Well I'll post pictures later...hopefully!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy is in love!

So I have to post this b/c it totally made me get teary eyed! TJ was sitting next to me and rubbing my belly and he said "I want her to be born now. I wanna kiss her!" I was a little shocked and said "Why? I'm not ready for her!" He said "Well I just want to kiss her...then we can put her back!" OMG! It's the random things that come straight from the heart!

He may kill me for posting this but this is one of those things that I couldn't pass up sharing with everyone! I officially have to share the love now:) But I don't mind b/c it's OUR little girl I have to share it with!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

29 weeks!

So who is 29 weeks pregnant? Not me! There is no way! I just found out yesterday I was pregnant...where has time gone? For the first weeks time could not go by fast enough. Now I just want to pause. I love this...I get compliments all the time, my baby is safe on the inside just chillin, and I still don't have to change poopy diapers! haha Yes I want to meet her but am I really ready for this? I just really like not having to worry that something will hurt my little girl...I can have her with me 24/7 and know my body is taking care of her.

On the other hand...I can't wait to meet her! Seriously to be a mom and TJ to be a dad is just an amazing thought to me! I can't wait to watch TJ looking at his little girl and know his heart will never be the same. I mean I know I stole his heart but nothing like this little girl is about to do. And me...oh my heart melts when she kicks me! I can't even start to imagine what it's gonna be like when I look into those big blue eyes (I am envisioning what I think she will look resembles a pretty beautiful combo of TJ and me) They say you don't know what unconditional love is until you become a mom and well I can't wait!

So this week updates...I am officially almost out of belly's the weirdest thing I have ever seen! Baby girl is taking over! hehe

Baby girl now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. Wow! She is putting on baby fat too! Everything is continuing to mature in preparation for her arrival in about 11 weeks!!! If these next 11 weeks go by as fast as the last then she will be in my arms tomorrow! Hopefully it goes by slower than that b/c I'm excited for my up coming baby showers on Feb 7 in VB and Feb 21 in the mountains. We also need to be settled in our new place. The next few months are going to be insane, stressful, and exciting all at once!!! I am gonna need lots of prayer!

Well here is me this week...Excuse how so tired I look...I'm still recovering from my sick weekend and it had been a long day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

First L&D visit...

So I got super sick this weekend I was struggling to keep things down all evening Saturday and into the morning Sunday. So I called the dr on call and asked him what I should do. He said to take sips of liquid every 15 min or so and if I could keep that down it would keep me hydrated enough. He said not to try and eat for at least 24 hours, babygirl would be fine as long as I was hydrated. He said if I couldn't do that then to come into the ER.

Well I tried the keeping down liquids thing and I couldn't do it. I was also starting to get to the point I was so weak I was confused. So about 2pm TJ and I felt like I should head over to the hospital.

The ER was a mad house! I was tempted not to stay but knew I needed to for my little girl. So we registered and sat and waited the nurse who took my temp and BP was kinda snotty and said "it's gonna be a long wait so I guess I have a seat". Stinker!

After about 40 min the lady called us up to give her all our insurance info. I told her what was going on and my wonderful husband said "She is 28 weeks pregnant and we would not be here if she was not pregnant." The lady was shocked they had made us wait. She called up to L&D and told them and they said to send me up! Thank the Lord!

So I got hooked up to the baby moniter thing and babygirl was doing well, YIPPY! But the nurse hooked me up to an IV in and took some blood which was hard b/c I was so dehydrated my blood was super thick. By the way, IVs in the hand hurt like poo! But she started me on some "sugar water" and gave me some anti-nausea meds. Babygirl got really active, she kept kicking the moniter things making them make loud nosies haha! I still got nausous a few times b/c my heartburn was so bad (due to no eating) At about 7pm they brought me some ginger ale and said if I could keep that down I could go home. So I sipped on that. Thankfully it all stayed in! I also was starting to feel more alive which was really nice. I ended up getting 2 bags of liquids in the end.

So we got released about 8:15pm. I still was super weak but the fluids helped. They said not to wait so long if this happens again. Hopefully it will not...I don't want to go back till I'm having my babygirl, even though I like them I don't like hospitals. They said I must have just gotten the 24 hour bug that was going around. Thankfully I had today off for MLK day b/c I still am not up to my full self but I should be ok for work tomorrow.

So my 3 day weekend did not end up as planned but I guess I am glad it happen over this weekend than during the week.


So b/c of being sick I do not have any 28 week pictures of the belly. But I do have some u/s pictures from our last appointment. They are not that clear b/c I had to take pictures of them. We couldn't get many good pictures of her b/c she is a mover but from what we got she is a beauty! In the first one she is flipping us off...a silly one!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

28 week appt!

So we had an appointment this past Tuesday...we had an u/s because I had only gained 3 lbs and they wanted to make sure the little one was growing. Well she is definitely growing...she actually measured about a week and a half ahead. She is SOOO super active while they were trying to get all the measurements she kept moving. The u/s lady tried to get us some good face pictures but she kept her hands in her face and kept moving. We got 2 pictures and I think they are pretty good. One did have her flipping us off! She is a silly girl. They said her being as active as she is is really good for her development! I like to hear that stuff.

Her heartbeat was 150 bpm. So it is super strong! So things are going really well! According to the dr scale I am up to 14lbs of weight gain but I think it was a mistake again. So we will see next time. Not that 14lbs at this point would be bad but they said I have gained 11 lbs in the last 4 weeks...and I highly doubt it b/c like last time my scale only went up a little and alot on theirs. But I'm going with my home weight and saying I have gained 5/6 lbs total.

Life is good! Babygirl is amazing she has so much personality already I can't wait to meet her in about 12 weeks. I don't want her to come sooner than she is ready. I can wait b/c I will have forever with her! She is gonna be so beautiful...I am bias but still I know she will be so pretty! And at this rate that she is growing she will be a chub too...yippy! Chubby babies are the best. My ideal weight for her is about 8lbs!

I am going to try and take pictures of the 3D ultrasounds we got done over Christmas and the ones we got the other day. Plus I need to take my 28 week picture so I'll be posting them soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

27 weeks!

So depending on which chart you look at I am either in my 7th month and 3rd trimester this week or I will be at 28 weeks. Still that is insane....I am 2/3 the way through this pregnancy. I swore I'd never be able to say I was 7 months pregnant but on the other hand I swear I was just 3 months the other day.

I really am trying to really enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. She is such an active and fun baby I love just watching her move around and just enjoy the time we have together as one. I will love having her out to look at her beautiful face but there is something amazing about knowing I am one with my little girl.

Plus I am actually really liking the way I look. I didn't think I would carry very well just b/c I figured I wouldn't get that lucky but I have such a fun belly it's like a little basketball! I love it! I will find out on Tuesday if I have gained anymore...according to my scale I have gained 5 or 6 lbs. Which is so weird to me but I'm still ok with it b/c I know she is growing.

This week she is about 2lbs and approx 14.5 inches long with her legs extended. Her brain is becoming more active and her lungs are still developing but if she were born now she could breath with a little help.

Not too much else is going on these days. My back is hurting me a lot but with a pillow for support it helps. I have not been sleeping all that well even though I'm tired most of the time. I tend to wake up a lot with hip pain and back pain, I just have to switch positions and fall back to sleep. I have a pregnancy sleep pillow which does help but I'm a mover in my sleep so it shifts alot. I do hope that will get better but otherwise it's all good!

I have a dr appt on Tuesday and after this one we will be going every 2 weeks! Wow this is gonna start to fly by. Daddy and I get to see her again b/c they are doing another u/s to check her growth! So I'm excited to see her again!

Now for some pictures... First baby then me....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Late 26 week update

So a little late but it works. I have been feeling really good! I LOVE my little belly! It makes me laugh b/c it seriously looks like I have a ball under my shirt!

Babygirl is doing well from what I can tell, she is SUPER active now! She has times when she just goes nuts...I think she is doing gymnastics! It usually goes on for a few minutes at a belly shakes and makes all kinds of funny movements. TJ finally got to see it and it had us both entertained!

We are officially into double digits! How crazy!!! Less than 100 days!!!

Fun developments...
She starts to open her eyes and blink this week!!
She is gaining BABY FAT! She is gonna have the cutest chubby cheeks!
Ears are more sensitive!
She weighs almost 2 lbs!!! wow!

Baby at 26 weeks...

26 week belly pictures....