Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talking and tickling

I may have posted this a few times but Tommi is definitely a talker! Tonight we were at one of TJ's friends shops and they had their dogs in the car and Tommi kept pointing to the truck and talking non stop about them I guess. It seriously just sounds like she is talking a foreign language with some English thrown in. She is so matter of fact, pointing, putting her hands on her hips, etc. It is amazing!

Tonight at dinner she looked at TJ said Dada and then proceeded to tell him something all while pointing at her hand like something was on it. We were both cracking up! It is amazing how much of a personality she has and how smart she is getting.

I tell her "look at mama" when I need her to pay attention...95% of the time it works and she looks right at me. She is a pretty good listener most of the really impresses me. When she walks away from me most of the time she will come right back when I call for her. Unless their are other kids or animals haha

I know I'm bias but I have such an amazing little girl. She is everything and more I could have dreamed of. She is laid back with the sweetest personality with a bit of spunk thrown in. I again can't get across how great she is...but anyone who spends anytime with her (after she warms up) they can't get enough of her.

So she has also started the cutest thing ever...if I tell her to go tickle daddy she will go toward TJ wiggling her fingers saying "tick, tick". We roll laughing every time she does it. Maybe I can get it on tape soon...but knowing her she doesn't like to perform when I film!

Gosh I love her!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


When we were down in NC this weekend the mosquitoes decided Tommi and I were amazingly tasty. We went to the rehearsal dinner and I didn't even think about them eating us up. So before we could get bug spray on we were attacked. I knew I had killed tons on me but didn't think she was getting it too bad.

Well the next morning the poor girl looked like she was diseased. 12 bites on that little bitty body, including 5 on her face. I felt like the worst mom. Well as the day went on they got bigger...she got that from me! When I get bit it swells up huge! Example...I killed one on my arm no more than I second after it landed and the bite got as big as a Nickel. Yuck!!!

Luckily she never seemed uncomfortable and never complained! Needless to say we sprayed bug spray before the wedding and a couple times during so we got no new ones! Here are some pics of my poor babies bites...

Her poor little face!

If you look close you can see 3 on her forehead and 2 on her arm.


So we just returned from Ocracoke,NC. We were down there for one of my cousins weddings. It was a quick trip but definitely alot of fun! Tommi was really cutting a rug during the reception and it was TOO funny! I really enjoyed being able to see some of my cousins again and welcome another lovely lady into the family! Colin is a lucky man! We were not able to get a good pic due to my camera dying so this is the best I can do. But here is Tommi and I this past weekend.

Last year we traveled to Georgia for another cousins wedding (brother of this groom). Which was alot of fun. Tommi was only 4 months old then and much easier to handle but definitely not as much fun! This was Tommi and I before the Snider wedding last year.

Wow how life has changed...but it is so bitter sweet!

I love this whole wedding every weddings and family time!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So this post has been a long time coming but I keep forgetting to do it.

Tommi started her life as an amazing sleeper...8 hrs the first night home. Then things got shaky and sleeping in our room was not working, she woke up too much. So around 1 month she was moved to her own room where she become once again a good sleeper. Until we moved when she was 4 months old! She had been sleeping in a bassinet thing that came with the pack n play but due to weight we had to take it that started it all. We battled for months to get her to sleep in her own bed. But failed and due to exhaustion she just slept with us. Naps and everything I had to be with her sleeping. Ugh! We even went through a phase where I had to put her to sleep in her front carrier and try to lay her down with out disturbing it was a hit or miss thing. Sometimes I would get 1/2 the night in her crib but she would always end up in bed with us!

Finally around 12 to 13 months she seemed to be getting restless sleeping between TJ and I. So needless to say I was getting very little quality sleep. So I told TJ it is time to let her cry it out and see how it goes. The first night she cried for maybe 35 min with me going in every 5 or so min and laying her down. All the sudden silence for like 20 min kinda scared me...well I walk in and she is asleep standing up. So I laid her down and heard NOTHING till morning.

Ever since she has been the most amazing sleeper ever! Some nights I do have to get up in the middle of the night but all I have to do is give her her passy and she is out again. It is rare so I don't mind.

So now our nightly routine consists of a bath, lotion, jammies, nursing, some cuddle/quiet play time, then I walk in lay her in her bed rub her back and say prayers and walk out! It is the most amazing thing ever!

Naps are also in her bed now which is so nice for me b/c I can actually get stuff done or even just have mommy time! So she is not perfect and naps are not always perfect but she is a toddler so sometimes life is just too exciting to sleep. Esp on the weekends when TJ is home...meals and naps are limited b/c she just wants to play with daddy :)

I'm not bragging just telling the world how amazingly blessed I am...ok so a little bragging but I have an awesome daughter so you can't blame me :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

16 months?!?

Tommi really is 16 months old! And is only getting more amazing by the day. Yes she is a toddler and has her moments but I know I have mine too :)

She is just full of life and a little sponge absorbing everything around her. We are gonna have to start being careful b/c tonight when I was putting her diaper on after her bath she tooted and I giggled and said "You tooted silly girl!" and she kept saying 'toot' luckily it sounds more like a noise but I know what she is saying.

Tommi really everything and more than I could dream up. She is as sweet as can be with a little spice in there. I love it! She can give Eskimo kisses now and they are the sweetest!

One of the few times I get at a loss for words is when I am trying to describe her personality...there is SO much of it and it really is wonderful. Nothing can totally capture it or describe it.

Some new words....Monkey and baby! Baby is a favorite and she will point out babies to me now!

Look how grown up she looks!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tommi performing all her newest "tricks"...not in order but here is what is going on...

She always says no to night night
She tells Rooney "No No" which has a finger wave but I was too close to get it
Cat says meow
Dog says dawg
Snake says hiss (which you can hardly hear but it is there)
Cow says moo
Aztec is TJ's moms horse...she calls for her all the time and it's pretty clear Dobro (our dog) is called DoeDoe
Mandoline(our dog) is called ManMan
Big mama is called mama...she says it a little different than my name
Pappy is called pap

Isn't that the sweetest voice you have ever heard! :)

Pigtails and words

First I have to show you a pic of Tommi's first set of pigtails! She looks like a little cute shrek baby! haha

Some new words Miss Tommi is saying...
Doe Doe (Our dog Dobro), Aztec (TJ's moms horse), and Man man(our dog Mandoline)

It is too cute to hear her call for the dogs and horse.