Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our family...

Not only has Tommi grown up but our family has too...looking at these pics really brings me back to the change in life over a year...Life is SO good!!!


is such a special "holiday"! Not only is it the amazing celebration of the death and life of my Lord Jesus Christ! But my sweet baby girl was born on Easter...it is not always the same date but no matter what I remember so well being in the hospital on Easter Sunday while everyone else was getting dressed up and pretty for Easter pics I was delivering my own little miracle!

Easter 2009

Easter 2010

Easter 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 year appt

So Tommi had her 2 year appt yesterday. I was a bit concerned on how it would go b/c she had to get a shot and sometimes the drs office just makes her nervous...I don't blame her. So we talked about it all morning...I told her her drs name and how she has had the same dr since she was a baby, etc. Just making it a little more comfortable.

We got there and I had to do some paper work on her development...one of the questions had pictures and I had to ask her to name them...it was a horse, a dog, a bird, a cat, and a man. She had to name them with out saying a pets name, etc. She did it with out a hitch till she got to the man (which was a little picture and not super clear) and I asked her what it was and she said "Jesus!" haha It was great!

They also gave me a paper to say yes or no to testing for signs of Autism. I opted out...my insurance covers the testing but why do that when I'm 100% sure she is not autistic?

The nurse called us back and Tommi had to take off her shoes and stand on the big kid scale. She was so still and did so well! Then we went into the exam room and it was an ocean theme room...Tommi immediately started naming the animals on the walls. The nurse could hardly get a word in with Tommi talking...they laid her down and measured her and she was perfect and still. I was so proud of her...not scared one bit and did everything the nurse asked of her. The nurse went out and Tommi said "come back!" haha She did come back in to do the finger prick to test for lead and iron. Tommi is known for having cold hands so I knew this would be tough. She pricked her and Tommi didn't even flinch...she had to keep working her hand to get blood out of it. I knew it was not comfortable but Tommi could have cared less. As she was doing this I was warming up the other thumb in case she needed to use it. And she did...but this time the blood was flowing well! Yay! Note for next time they have to do this...I will be warming her thumb up in advance so we only have one prick and the blood will come out quick.

After a little waiting the dr came in...and little did I know till she walked in her dr was expecting...this excited Tommi b/c she LOVES to talk about the baby in her belly haha So immediately Tommi started talking to the dr and telling her about everything from the animals on the wall to the baby in her belly to the color of the walls. Dr. Hutton looked at me and said "She has amazing speech...and is really smart" (proud mommy here!!!) So no question she is developing GREAT!

Tommi let her check her out with no fuss at all...even turned her head to let her look in her ears and opened her mouth to let her check out her teeth. I was SO impressed and so glad it went so easy.

She did have to get one shot but the last one till Kindergarten. Tommi was not a fan and said "they hurt me" I told her it was to make sure she doesn't get sick...that helped a bit. But she was happy to leave after that :)

I can't rave enough about how good she was! I am SO proud!

Tommi is 25 3/4 lbs (upper 25%)and 34 1/4 inches tall (upper 50%). Which is perfectly right on track for her!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Night and day

Yesterday was the day of Terrible Twos...Tommi woke up in a bad mood, every little thing was a big deal. Tons of tantrums and getting flat out mad. Even bath time (a relaxing time usually) was a fight...she was literally trying to crawl out of the tub like a monster. It was one of those days I thought would never end!

Today...we woke up in a silly mood, playing nicely, pushed in her chair after lunch, wiped the table off for me, just a sweetie. It is crazy the difference.

I guess if I get one good day for every bad day I will not be doing too bad. I love her but boy on her bad days I wish I was a working mom so someone else would deal with the attitude!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

more pictures...

And the party begins...

One of the best presents...a giant balloon that sing happy birthday in a princess voice.

Not sure what to think of all the people singing to her.

Eating cake and ice cream at her new table.

So beautiful

Excited about her new kitchen.

Every little girl loves some bling.

Hugs for everyone.

Grandparents emptied their pockets to "feed" the princess pig! Tommi loves money...such a girl!

The kitchen all together...

So I'm all for freezing time and keeping my baby little!


Tommi knew all too well it was her birthday! Cake, presents, and party were the words of the day. She was more than ready. She greeted each guest at the door and pointed to our kitchen where the decorations and cake were and said "my party".

It was a HUGE success. Mommy was a bit nervous. Considering I was dealing with a 2 year old, you never know what will happen. She was totally in her element with all the attention and fun!

We had the grandparents and great grandparents up for cake and ice cream. So it was small but full of LOTS of love. She was a bit spoiled as you can imagine. Presents included...money, a toddler size kitchen, a kids table (for coloring, etc), clothes, and some odds and ends toys. It was madness!

The cake was zebra and pink with a tiara. After ordering the cake TJ's mom bought Tommi a new dress without knowing the theme and Tommi was a live version of her cake. It was really awesome! Noted below...

More pics from the party...Tommi was shy for the camera all day...until it was party time and she hammed it up!

Checking out all the decorations before the party

Modeling with her cake

Birthday girl and mommy

with daddy...her "cheese" face is so cute and disturbing all at the same time haha

Total ham!

2 years old...

I no longer have a baby girl...I have a little girl! She has turned into the sweetest little girl with manners and grace and joy and ONE BIG ATTITUDE!

Tommi is so verbal, talking up a storm. She is so active and LOVES being outside. No matter if we are going for a walk, swinging, or just running around enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. She is in her little heaven in nature.

She also loves animals...all kinds. Trucks and playing sports are big likes right now(daddy's girl). "Noise trucks" are the best, which means "loud trucks" in Tommi language. She loves being a little mommy and thinks/knows she is a princess. What is new for a little girl? Pretty well rounded if I say so myself.

Her favorite show is "Dinosaur Train" and she loves learning out dinosaurs and trying to pronounce the names...which is quite hard sometimes.

I can not begin to describe her amazing personality...she is just a joy to be around (most of the time) and there is always a guaranteed laugh. Esp when she starts showing off by either "flying" like an airplane, jumping like crazy, or just her randomness.

OK so she is DEFINITELY 2 and throws fits and acts like a brat sometimes. But it is her away of expressing herself and showing me what she likes and dislikes. Now that doesn't mean it isn't handled as I feel needed...just saying I do understand where she is coming from. Heck haven't we all wanted to throw a fit when things don't go our way :)