Friday, February 19, 2010

Sassy Root Studio

So one of my good friends is an amazing photographer who is in the process of getting her business off the ground! She has SO much talent, I can't wait to see all the great places she goes! I'm super excited for her!

So I originally got her to take some pics of Tommi when she was 5 months old and they were above and beyond my expectations. Well she is only getting better! She just took some pics of Tommi at 10 months and OMG they are too amazing for words! Ok so yes my kid is cute and that helps but...she is awesome!

So I stole a few pics from her just to show you...

Anyone in the Harrisonburg/Staunton/Charlottesville/surrounding area needs to use this girl as a photographer!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm bad!

I have got to start blogging more. Tommi is growing up so fast and doing so many amusing things I love to share!

So last night TJ and I went on our first date since before Tommi was born. So we left her with TJ's sister and family. Of course all of them were jumping out of their skin with excitement!

So we dropped her off around 6pm she was super tired and mellow. So I figured she would snack some while they ate dinner then she would crash. TJ and I went to Chili's and while eating dinner we talked but kept laughing b/c we both missed Tommi and the excitement she brings to dinner. We definitely found out we are not those parents who can leave their child(ren) much. It was needed allowed us to not have to think about her for a bit and just have a break. So we had dinner then ran by the shop to drop something off then went to DQ and came home.

When we got there to pick Tommi up she was sitting on Nates lap dancing to music. She was super excited to see us...which was awesome. But come to find out she had been partying the whole time haha no sleep for her. She kept them entertained!

So when we got her she was more than ready to crash! haha

Thankfully she did so well which lets me feel a little more at peace if I do need to leave her with someone while I do something. But it will not happen much b/c I enjoy being with her!

Just had to document was a least for me! haha

Wow...that was tough!

So when trying to take Tommi's 10 month pictures I could not keep her still...She wanted to crawl and climb and get into everything. Plus her talking made for many odd looking pictures haha

So here is the best I could do...she is showing off her clapping skills!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

10 months!

So as I sit here and look at my 10 month old little girl cuddled up with her daddy sleeping I am amazed and proud. Tommi is the most amazing baby/little girl ever! She has so much personality and is just wonderful. I really could not have dreamed up a better child. She has been such a good baby...yes we have had some tough times but over all I really can not say anything bad. As a first time mom I of course had struggles but Tommi and I have really grown and learned together. And things are only getting better!

So little miss thing is officially on the move (all the time!) she crawls and cruises like a pro! She is still has a small appetite but she is growing well so I guess she is getting all she needs. She is pretty much open to eating anything so that is good. I hope she is a better eater than TJ and I b/c we are picky! She has discovered MANY new noises she can make and LOVES to make all the time. She will sit and "talk" to is so wonderful! She is ready to learn all the time. She is very attentive to her surroundings. I love discovering the world again with is amazing how many little details we forget about! The simple things in life are the best!

I am proud to be Tommi's mommy! She is truly the joy of my life! (I mean I still like TJ but Tommi is way cooler! hehe)

I'm bad and have not taken her 10 month pic but will soon!