Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11 weeks!

So weird the end of the first trimester is so close! I'm excited. I feel like maybe it will become more real soon. I had some bad nausea for a few weeks but now that is disappeared and I feel good. I still have nausea here and there but it is rare now and short lived if it does show up. I have been having a problem with being hungry but not wanting to eat b/c food seems gross. I'm far from starving myself but eating alot less than I feel like the normal pregnant woman would.

I have a dr appt next Tuesday the 5th and let me tell you I can not wait! I want to hear this baby's heart beating SO BAD!!! It will reassure me so much. With the disappearing symptoms I have doubts things are going well but this child is in my prayers SO MUCH and I know the Lord is protecting us both!

I'm getting "thick" it is weird my belly is not popping out as much as I'm just growing thicker. It is weird but things still fit, button, etc. I guess that is the good thing about having clothes that were bigger on my waist pre-pregnancy. I'm hoping it rounds out a bit more soon since I just look fat!

I do feel like I was less "fat" looking last time at this point and had more of a little baby pouch...but I guess every pregnancy is different!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pure love....

I tell Tommi I love her a million times a day! So being her sweet self she will tell me she loves me too.

Today we were sitting on the couch while eating breakfast and she leaned over and laid her head on my arm and said "I love you mommy!" Wow! I have never felt so loved as hearing my sweet 2 year old tell me she loves me and knowing she truely meant it. This was not the first time she has done this but still I have to say my heart melted!

She is SOOOO sweet!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I feel yuck! So it could be SO MUCH worse but I am nauseous almost all day long. Less in the morning than anytime. I am not throwing up at all but feel like it would make me feel better sometimes. I am feeling pretty bloated too and look like it! Got that "is she fat?" belly...still fit into everything just a bit snug.

It really hits me at random times that I am gonna be a mom of 2. Tommi will not be the center of my world forever. So I am hoping these next 8 months slow down for the sake of enjoying them with her. But life will be SO good in January. Tommi is already such a little mommy. When I'm not feeling well she gives me her blankets and pillows in hopes it means I will get up and play with her again right after that :) My sweetie!

Speaking of playing...Tommi LOVES to be outside either swinging, swimming, exploring, etc. But the heat is NOT mommy friendly. It makes me feel even more nauseous and light headed, so sadly I have to limit her to inside more. But hopefully with time that will leave and I can enjoy the outside summer a bit more.

If this is the worst, I can handle it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dr appt

So here it is...I'm officially pregnant with baby #2! Planned but happen much faster than expected! We are SO excited!!! I was so much more nervous during this 4 week wait than I was with the last but all is well! God is SO good!

Dr appt was standard first appt stuff but went faster b/c of it being baby #2. We got to see the "blob" which measured 7 weeks 4 days but that happen last time when I thought I was 8 weeks. So since I was so sure of my periods they stuck with 1/16/12 as the EDD. Otherwise it was the 19th. So who knows. I measured that way with Tommi too and she caught up. The heartbeat this time was 136 bpm. If we go by that it is a boy but we will see!

So we are on to #2! Tommi is super excited...totally does not understand but excited none the less to be a "sister!" She thinks she has a sister in her belly and a brother in mine! Wow I love her!

Oh yeah...I feel good. Some nausea here and there but otherwise good!! Thank you Jesus!