Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet daddy..

I told TJ how alot of people on Facebook were saying they felt sorry for TJ b/c it is another girl. I know they are not saying it serious just basically assuming he wants a boy.

He said "I could not be more happy...I don't care either way...Tommi is the best thing in the world, and this one will be too!"

He never ceases to make me smile when he lets out his soft side :)

There is no doubt he will be taken care of now and forever! Boys just can't take care of their daddy like a girl can :) My daddy always said every father needs a daughter to take care of them!

Little Sister...

Well Tommi is gonna have a little sister!

We had a big ultrasound today. I did find out I have an anterior placenta so that is why I have not felt this baby as much as I did Tommi. So that was nice to hear. Plus this baby is far less active...Tommi was full of energy every time we had an u/s this baby was very chill and let them get all the pictures they needed. She also does not like to be squished...I had a full bladder and they had to make me pee toward the end of the u/s so they could get the baby to move to get more pics.

Though TJ and I went into it thinking boy we soon found out it was most definitely not a boy. Didn't disappoint but I guess we didn't expect it. At least I didn't.

I still can not wrap my mind around another girl but I guess I still have a bit of time to get used to it! Yay for little girls!!

Just a note for my own records....The heartbeat was 136 bpm and she is weighing around 11 ozes. Basically all the measurements put her at around 19w5d but her legs are measuring 20w3d haha Another girl with long legs!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My big girl...

I have not been talkin too much about her. She is a mess.

Today the baby was moving so I let her feel it and said "Baby is kicking mommy" she said "Mommy I don't want the baby to kick you, that is not nice"

I have to remind myself she is only 2, she already has the mind of a teenager when it comes to boys. She is currently obsessed with one of TJ's friends, Brandon Clark. She talks about him alot and will even tell me she has to get dressed pretty "for Brandon Clark". She calls him by his full name! haha She is a mess!

Her vocabulary amazes me! She is so smart and catches me off guard all the time with the things she comes up with.

This next baby is gonna either have to have a MASSIVE personality to try and out shine Tommi or be very laid back and listen to her like she expects everyone around her to. It is her world we just live in it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eased my mind...

So I have been having pretty strong braxton hicks...never consistent or painful like labor but SUPER uncomfortable!

The strength had me worried b/c with Tommi they were never this strong till the end and never this early.

Come to find out if you have been pregnant before they are usually stronger. They are also caused by a full bladder (which I am guilty of alot b/c I forget to pee b/c I get busy haha) and the baby moving. Which I have noticed lately I will feel a little movement then as soon as they happens I will have a strong contraction. Which has caused me to think I was not feeling the baby much, when in turn I feel it pretty often it is just over powered by the contractions. Plus when the contraction happens the baby pushes out really hard making it even more uncomfortable in a certain spot.

My mind is SO much more at ease after reading this stuff in an amazing article I found online. I couldn't have survived pregnancy 20 years ago with out the Internet. It has saved me LOTS of phone calls to the dr in my pregnancy with Tommi and with this one!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My mom...

I have NO idea how anyone can go through a pregnancy with all the worries, aches and pains, and just general pregnancy stuff with out the support of others. I have to say my mom is AMAZING! She is just so real about things but comforting at the same time. I remember saying that with Tommi and she was so great during that pregnancy too but this time it is different worries and so on.

She may not have been pregnant for over 23 years but she definitely remembers and can relate and that means so much to me. I just appreciate her so much. There is NO one in the world who can make me feel better about pregnancy and parenting things than my mom!

I never had a sister but my mom has been such a good stand in and I'm thankful for that. I think between my mom and I, my dad couldn't have handled another female in the house :) I love my mom!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This baby likes to worry mommy. I feel it maybe once a day with flutters and the 2 kicks I felt the other night. I have not felt a kick since and barely any flutters. This may be b/c my mind is not on feeling the baby and I'm moving all day with Tommi. When I do lay down for some quiet time I fall asleep :)

I know everything is fine but I just can't help but worry something is up. Only 2 weeks and we will see the squirming monkey on an ultrasound! I can not wait!!!

Starting month 5 this week! This pregnancy is FLYING by. I swear the baby will be here before I can even prepare.

18 weeks...

Tommi with her "baby" at 18 weeks...I love her!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


So I officially felt this baby kick tonight. I have been feeling flutters and movement for the past 6 weeks but tonight I got a few little "flicks" from the inside :)

Tommi and I were sitting in the very back of the car while it was raining at TJ's game and I got a kick. I told Tommi and she giggled and started kicking me. haha Of course the big sister has to out do her little sibling.

I was beginning to think I had an anterior placenta b/c I wasn't feeling more than flutters. So yay it's only gonna get stronger and I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My poor back...

Between lifting and chasing Tommi around and sitting at ball back is hurting so bad! I'm not welling to take anything, so a heating pad is the best I can do. I had pretty significant back pain with Tommi but I don't think it started quite this early.

My weekly belly pic...17 weeks. Not much of a "belly" yet but definitely looking "thick".

Monday, August 8, 2011

Make a guess...

We find out on August 31st the gender so make your guesses now!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost 17 weeks...

Just a pic of me from after church tonight...looking extra pregnant.

Maxi dresses....the most amazing thing EVER when pregnant!!! No waistband to cut you off and nothing to constrict the belly! Love them!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

16 week appt

Pretty standard appt...checked weight, bp, heartbeat, and asked if I had any questions. I have gained 4 lbs and the baby's heartbeat was 140 bpm. I saw a new dr, Dr King, she is nice but too official. I want someone totally relaxed. If I had the choice I would deliver with Dr. Whitten again, I really liked him! So I guess only time with tell what happens with that.

While I was in the room a lady came into take my blood for AFP test, which tests for any abnormalities (down syndrome, etc) I wasn't planning on doing extra testing but since she came in to do it I just said whatever and went with it. Since it is just blood work no big deal. If anything is abnormal (not likely) they will send us to Martha Jefferson/UVA to do a high definition u/s.

Next appt is August 31st...and we will have the big u/s where they measure everything and we find out the sex! Yay! I can't wait. My feelings are a boy, actually I have NO feeling of girl. With Tommi I had NO idea but this one I can't even imagine it to be a girl. But it is definitely to wait 4 weeks! The last 11 weeks have flown by but I have a feeling these are gonna draw by slowly. Tommi says it is a "little girl", she has one in her belly and I have one in mine!

So overall life is SO good. Tommi is the best and pregnancy is going very well! We are SUPER busy with baseball and softball so we are on the go alot but Tommi loves it...even if it wears us out! Glad I have the energy for all this and actually love this busy life with our little "family" haha Thankfully fall will be alot more calm b/c winter it will all pick up with the holidays and a munchkin!