Saturday, May 29, 2010

When did...

my little baby turn into a little girl?

May 2009

May 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Brushin them teef!

As much as Tommi hates having her teeth brushed she loves "brushing" her own. Or just chewing on the brush. She has one toothbrush she chews on while she takes a bath and one she chews on before and after I brush her teeth (I use a finger brush). I guess when she learns to really brush her own it will not be such a fight!

Making Pappy proud! :)

My beauty!

She still loved the beach even when she got sand in her face!

Throwing sand :)

13 months old!!

"lovin" the gorilla

Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 months!

I have been so bad about posting. Tommi is so full of humor and is forever doing something new.

She is SO smart. She learns so quickly and is happy to show off as long as she gets lots of praise and laughs! She will do anything for a laugh!

She knows many body parts...head, hair, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, belly, feet, and toes.

She says light, cat, dog, hey, daddy, mama, ooney (Rooney mom's dog), and something that sounds alot like Chase and she says it when she sees him too! She talks...ALL THE TIME! Seriously she talks like she is having a total conversation too...when she really starts talking it will be non-stop. I guess this is pay back...I will be using my moms famous quote "Rest your voice" haha

She is really turning into quite the little girl! I am so proud of her! She is just so amazing...yes she is a pain in my butt at times but whose child isn't.

She is the most loving person I have ever met. She "loves" everything! From her cup to stuffed animals to her own feet haha

So as much as she looks like TJ she is just like me in some cases (maybe I'm just hoping but go with it). She is opinionated...when she doesn't want to eat something she does not eat at all or when she doesn't like something she will be sure to let you know! She loves the beach but wanted to sit on the blanket while playing in the sand...hmm weird child! She was covered from head to toe in sand but wanted her butt on the blanket.

She is the queen of baths, I have to make her get out every night. She does not like getting out b/c she LOVES the water!

She loves to play with baby dolls, cars, and anything that makes lots of noise! I guess she is well rounded!

I'll post pics soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too cute..

So Tommi can show you where her head, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, hair and belly are. But when you ask her where her eyes are she waves! It is too cute. I always laugh and then show her "no eyes, not hi" but I think she thinks it is a game. Hey she will knows one day the difference in eyes and hi but for now it's just fun laughing at her and her laughing when she does it knowing she is silly.

She is a TOTAL ham! She will do anything for a laugh! I feel I have another Chase (my big bro) on my hands...except in a girl version. Maybe that is why they bond so well. Actually I think she is a combo of both my brothers in personality and I like it!