Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am tired of defending my babys size! She is petite, healthy, and perfect!!! It is amazing how the general public feels it is their "duty" tell me my baby is smaller than "normal". What is normal? Honestly, ALL babies are different. That is why in percentiles someone has to be in the 1% and someone has to be in the 100% both can be healthy! I LOVE chunky rolly polly babies! But neither of my kids are or were rolly pollies. They eat like it sometimes though. The figure we all strive for as adults is looked down upon in children. Long and lean...my girls just are ahead of the game! I hate that I find myself getting my feels hurt by peoples comments but I KNOW Miley is well taken care of and healthy as can be! I am not gonna start her on food before she is ready just b/c she is on the smaller side of things and I'm most definitely not gonna switch to formula for no reason but to please people I don't even know and people who don't know what they are talking about. Their are chubby breastfed babies and skinny breastfed babies, as well as chubby formula fed babies and skinny formula fed babies (not super common but it does happen). My public announcement for the day is...take a moment to think how your comment will effect the other person.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 months

Miley had her 4 month check up today. She was 11 lbs 10 ozes, 24 inches long, with a 15.5 inch head. A little petite ball of sweetness. The appt went SO well! The dr was pleased with her growth and development and says I'm doing great. Makes me wonder, why do I even worry? I know I have this...God made me to do this! I was put on this earth to raise my babies and be a good mom. I'm not perfect but honestly I AM a good mom! Enough bragging on myself and my awesomeness (kidding!) I went into this appt a little scared b/c at 2 months Miley had her appt with a different dr (due to her normal dr being sick) but I went with it b/c seriously how can you mess up a simple check up. Well the dr who saw Miley at 2 months (Dr.R) ruined the appt for me. He said Miley was thriving but if she kept at a slow rate of growth we would have to do some formula and he also kinda pressured me into doing all her shots for that month at once b/c the insurance companies were billing different and blah blah blah. I regretted my decision almost immediately...not b/c I thought it was gonna hurt her having all her shots on time but b/c I didn't want that for her. I spaced them out for Tommi and wanted to for Miley also. Well today Dr.H (Tommi and Mileys normal dr) was a dream come true...exactly why I love her! She said Miley is perfectly healthy and is growing like a champ. She is petite but she always has been and that is fine! Also she TOTALLY worked with me on the shots and we came up with a plan to allow me to seperate the shots....I could not be happier! I felt a million times better walking out of the appt today b/c I knew I was doing what is right for my child and that made me feel SUPER confident and sure my decisions as a mom! YAY for amazing doctors who care about their patients (and the parents!)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life lately...

I have been slacking on my blogging. Due to...#1 a tried brain and #2 b/c blogger changed it's layout and b/c I have a dinosaur computer I see things weird and can not find my way around. Life is good but tough right now...Tommi is quite the pistol as always but extra bratty lately. Plus she has decided since she controls her bathroom use she will take advantage of it and only go when SHE wants to. So we had a bad experience with holding poop for a week, hard poop, having to give milk of magnesia, then FINALLY some blow outs. It was a whirlwind of anxiety for me! I love her but God help me...she keeps me on my toes. Miley is such an easy going baby 90% of the time. She just hangs out. We are finally getting into a routine of eating and getting her to sleep during the day with out any fuss. BUT then she throws a wrench in the spokes and starts cat napping...like 20 to 30 min naps then is a little grumpy when she gets up till she eats again. It is not fun but honestly it could be so much worse. Today was really tough with Miley (on a scale of normal for us) She seemed to want to nurse ALOT and cat nap but be way tired when she woke up. It is crazy but as I have learned a bad day can easily be followed by a great day. So it all balances out. I do think something was up today...teething? gas? Not too sure but we survived and still feeling pretty good! I love my babies!!!
NOTE: I do not know how to make spaces between paragraphs now. I put them there and they disappear when I post it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Frazier Sisters share site

I do not update the blog near enough anymore. But I do try to keep up my share site of pictures. I know I am bias but my girls sure are beautiful :) http://thefraziersisters.shutterfly.com/

Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 months

Miley is 3 months old now!! My sweet cakes is growing up....she is SO smiley and such a sweetheart! Still a pain in the butt with sleeping sometimes but at night she sleeps GREAT and for long stretches. I'm one lucky mommy!! My girls!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 year check up...

Tommi had her 3 year check up today. She did WONDERFUL! She was such a ham talking to the dr. The dr really got to see how smart and funny she is. On the developmental questionaire sheet she is on a 4 year old level!! :) It was funny trying to ask her all the questions on the form and get her to "perform" the actions they asked. She kept looking at me like "Are you serious mom? You know I know this/can do this." She was 39 inches tall (90%tile) and 32 3/4 lbs (50%tile). So I have a tall girl on my hands...I like this! My girl is the most amazing 3 year old a mom could ask for. She is FULL of attitude and a pain in my rear sometimes but goodness do I love this little girl with every bit of love I have to love with. She is SO special! I can not put into words her amazing spirit! I hope she never stops dreaming and imagining like she does now!