Tuesday, December 30, 2008

25 week pictures!

Figured I needed to post some pictures from the last week...Christmas week at the Llewellyn's! 1)Mommy at 25 weeks 2)Uncle Luke and friend Josh as Elves 3)Uncle Rooney snuggling with TJ 4)The beautiful Mommy/baby necklace daddy bought for mommy from Babygirl 5)Mommy(not lookin her best haha) and Uncle Chase with their belly's 6)Mommy, Pappy, and Uncle Chase showing off the bellies

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas week!!

So this has been such an amazing week. Monday we went to Baby in me to see little babygirl and we got to see her but not too much she had her hands and feet infront of her face and she was sleeping! She was not waking up when we jiggled her either, she kept yawning and stretching but no real waking up so the nice ladies said we could come back on Tuesday. Since I know she gets more active after I eat I ate some Chik-fil-a and had a lemonade and a few sips of TJ's milkshake. She was still sleepy but luckly she let us see her cute face. She is so pretty! The lady doing the ultrasound says she looks like me but I can't tell! Daddy, Big Mama, Uncle Chase, and Pappy were all there to see her moving around! So much fun! We have a video! I love it! We also confirmed she is ALL GIRL! hehe

To we had the Llewellyn Christmas and it basically revolved around Babygirl! She got blankets, a little soft lamb, a bath tub, towel, washclothes, leggings, a soft jacket, books, etc. She is SOOO spoiled and this is only the beginning. Since everyone has decided she needs pink stuff and I wanted her blankets and bedding to match. I changed her crib bedding on the registry to a pink and brown crib set that I LOVE! I figured I may have to cave and let her be a girly girl:) I still like alot of neutral stuff but her new cribbing is not too girly it's just right for mommys taste but girly enough you would definitely know it's a girls bed! I'm really excited about it all!!! Here are some pictures from the Target website of the bedding (different crib though)...

I can't believe TJ and I are gonna be parents this coming year! A little over 3 months! wow! It's only 102 days till her due date! Crazy! Life could not be better right now!!!

OH YEAH! I was laying in bed last night and she was kicking me like crazy!!! Since the kicks are getting so hard I pulled my tummy kinda tight to see if you could see the little kicks coming through. Well sure enough you could see the little lumps as she moved and kicked it was soooo cool! Daddy was out fishing with Uncle Chase and Luke so he didn't get to see it but mommy did and she LOVED it!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 24!

So here 3 days later I am finally posting about my appt:) The Internet was not working and I was way too busy at work to take time out. So anyway....

I went to my appt on Tuesday. They wanted me to do the glucose test but since I was in a hurry to get to work I couldn't do it...plus who wanted to drink that junk early in the morning? haha I was supposed to go back today and do it but the stinking nurse said the latest of 4pm I got there at 3:50 and they said I was too late...I really don't like that nurse she is the one who weighed me at my 20 week appt and said I had gained 8 lbs in one month! She was wrong b/c at 22 weeks I weighed 8 lbs less. No I think not. Ok so that is just some crazy hormones but still she is a stinker she doesn't do a good job. She also told me I needed to do it in the next 2 weeks and today they said it was fine if I came in the week after next at 26 weeks! She needs to be informed!

So anyway back to the appointment....the dr came in and the moment he put his doppler on my belly he found her heartbeat (150 bpm)! I love hearing that thumping! He measured my belly/uterus and all is good! I'm growing! I asked him about the fact I have only gained 3 lbs the whole pregnancy and he said babygirl is growing, I am growing, and she was happy and moving, so he is happy. We are gonna do another u/s at my next appt at 28 weeks to check her growth again.

So my next appt is in 4 weeks (1/13) then we start going every 2 weeks till the last month and then it's every week! Wow this pregnancy is going fast!

So we go on Monday to get the 3D/4D ultrasound and see her cute little face in some good detail! I am sooooo excited! I just love the thought of seeing my babygirl so much! She is my world and my heart! Life will now never be the same...I am a mother and I could not be anymore excited! So another not so great belly picture but I'm still posting it. I'll get some good ones this week with Christmas being here and it being her first big holiday! I also am posting the family picture of the Frazier side...next Christmas we will have one more!!!!:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

VB trip

So TJ and I went to visit Big Mama, Pappy, and Uncle Luke this weekend. TJ got to go striper fishing with something mom and dad at won at a charity event! He and his friend Anthony had a blast! So who cares about fishing...lets talk about baby!:)

So I have not seen my mom since we found out about baby being a girl! Anyone who knows her knows she had to go shopping for the little munchkin! But she surprised me and did not go too crazy and everything she bought is TOO adorable and I can't wait to put my little monkey girl in all her awesome outfits!!!! hehe She is spoiled already!

I also got a HUGE box from my Uncle and his wife of baby clothes. They just had twins in June so they had TONS of clothes! It's all either new or very close! So babygirl Frazier is set for the first few months of life with clothes! I just love looking at all the little clothes and can't even imagine how she will fit into stuff so tiny! It's crazy! So a HUGE thanks to uncle Jon and Jinnah for the awesome clothes!

I'm sooo excited I have a dr appt tomorrow! I have never been excited for dr appts till I got pregnant, now I love them! hehe Then next Monday I get to go to Baby in Me and see my little girl again in a 4D ultra sound! I'm soooo excited! We will get to see her cute features...she is not too chubby yet so she will fill out but I am excited to see her playing! Yippy!

I was talkin to an older man at church last night and he said "How much longer do you have?" I told him 'about 4 months' then when I got back to my seat I realized...it's less than 4 months now!!! We are now in the middle of Dec and she will be here in the beginning of April! So crazy!!!

I'm just sooo excited for the coming months b/c now they just get more exciting. I can't wait for baby showers and setting up her room! It's all so fun! So I will post tomorrow and let everyone know how the dr appt went! Maybe if I'm feeling up to it I will post a belly picture but we will see:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008



So I have had the joy of feeling our munchkin move since about 18 weeks! Well tonight we were playing with her...putting a flashlight to my tummy, poking, tapping, etc. Well I found out she will kick the flashlight so that is funny. She also was kicking anywhere I put pressure like my finger or hand. So I told TJ to try and she kicked him pretty good! Then he laid his head on my tummy and she kicked him a few times in the face that we didn't feel and finally she gave him a good one and he looked at me and said "I felt that...was that her?" I'm so happy! I have wanted him to feel her for so long b/c it's the highlight of my day everyday! She always reminds me why I'm working hard at work and why the Lord allowed me another day on earth. B/c I have a child now that depends on me and I have to take care of her!

Well the kicks will only get stronger so that means from now on Daddy can share in my joy! YIPPY!!! I'm just so happy! Last week we did attempt #1 at a good Christmas picture and it wasn't very flattering to my new figure and wasn't so great of TJ but I'm posting it anyway. Attempt #2 this weekend was successful so that will be mailed out sometime during the end of this week (hopefully)!

Friday, December 5, 2008

22 weeks

First and formost I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! Its so fun to have people just look at you and smile! Plus as long as my little girl is inside nothing in this crazy world can hurt her! On the other hand I can't wait for her to be here! I can't wait to get all my new stuff for her and set everything up! She is so blessed!!
Mommy has still only put on 3lbs total but looks like it's alot more b/c of this fun belly! (Picture below)

The only down side is the heartburn is getting to be a little much now! But I'm living through it. I just really hate the fact it feels like my chest is on fire and I wanna puke if I don't eat every few hours. Maybe this means my little girl is gonna have my hair like when I was born! I totally want her too...it was so fun! Plus I keep imagining her as a little brunette like her daddy! So we will see!

It's dinner time and I am being reminded it's time for mommy to eat! Not the greatest picture this week but it will do b/c it shows my growing midsection:) Which I look down and wonder how it grew so fast...but only look forward to more growing!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Already scaring mom...

So she has another 4 months to brew and is already scaring mommy and daddy!

Well babygirl is VERY active (she takes after her daddy!) Her schedule has been the same since about 19/20 weeks. She has a few random kicks or punches in the morning then about lunchtime she starts her kickboxing it usually lasts a good couple min of non stop craziness. Then again in the evening when mommy gets home to relax the kickboxing is on again! With a few quick sessions in between at random times a day. Well Sunday she decided she didn't like being on a schedule and shifted. Mommy didn't feel her all day Sunday but figured it was a lazy day...then Monday NOTHING! So today Tuesday, mommy called the dr to ask if this is normal.

They said they wanted me to come in which was fine b/c then I could know for sure she is doing well. So I went in around 11:45 and they did an u/s and there she was sleeping away. Her little heart was beating good and strong and she was twitching (another trait she gets from her daddy!) They said it was b/c the way she was positioned she is still small enough she can turn and not give me direct hits so I don't feel them really well.

The nurses all waited to take lunch till the dr hollered out and told them everything was ok:) Everyone loves babygirl already! The nurse said it always makes her nervous.

But nothing to worry about she is doing wonderful and is as beautiful as ever! And is throwing a few punches as I talk about her!:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

21 weeks!

So nothing too eventful is going on. I am really enjoy this whole pregnancy experience except for all the worry but that is part me. I think and question things about after she is born but I have to remove my brain from all that.

Also it's kinda bugging me b/c it doesn't seem anyone except TJ and me really believe we are having a little girl. It's always "So you MAY be having a girl?" Ok no I can never be 100% but I AM having a girl! I just know I am the u/s is kinda obvious if you look at other girl ultrasounds. But hey on Dec 22nd I'll be able to say..."hey look deny it now. You can actually see the girl parts!" Also it seems like some people would have been happier if I had a boy (they say it's b/c that is what we wanted). Just b/c TJ and I said we wanted a boy first doesn't mean we are disappointed in anyway this is a little girl! We could not be happier...she is healthy and from what we can see is not lacking any fingers or toes! Yes we hope we have a boy next time so there will be someone to carry on the Frazier name for TJ's granddad and dad but for now it's a girl and she will be the greatest miracle we could have ever been blessed with...heck TJ and I are starting our OWN family...how cool is that. So I had to vent about it all. I'm so anxious to get the 4D ultrasound done so no one can deny we are REALLY having a girl.

Well mom and dad officially bought our first item for her. It's a little onesie we could not turn down b/c it is so true. It says "Daddy <3's me" (picture below) and he does. I never expected him to be melting in her hand yet but it's happening.

So life is good...TJ just turned 26 yesterday! haha old man! The months are flying by before we know it we will be making the finally preparations for her arrival! We did sign up for birthing classes in March, it's every Thursday for 3 weeks and I'll start them March 5. Pretty cool! Us first time parents need to be taught what the heck is about to happen...b/c we are clueless:) Oh yeah and I posted a belly picture from last week (20 weeks)

Friday, November 21, 2008

She is already opinionated!

I have found this little one is just like her mama! She has an opinion and knows how to get her way haha.

I wore one of my pre-pregnancy skirts today (unzipped of course)and when I sit down it kinda gets a little tighter right under my belly. Well I guess she got uncomfortable b/c I kept getting kicked, as soon as I moved it she stopped. So I have to watch to make sure nothing cuts in at all b/c I will have an unhappy camper!

This is just so much fun! Yesterday she was going crazy kicking and squirming! It was awesome! Of course she stops by the time I got home in the evening so TJ can't even try and feel her. Plus she will stop as soon as a hand hits my belly. I have tried a few times. He will get his chance before too long hopefully!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So we had our 20 week appointment today! They did all the measurements and checked all the organs of the baby out. She is growing perfectly. The AFP test I had last time came back normal so no spinal problems and no down syndrome! So thankful she is healthy!

So while doing the u/s they looked for some parts and munchkin was being modest but we got an under the butt shot which shows...it's got little girl parts. They didn't get the angle they wanted but said they are about 95% sure it's a little girl!

She weights 10oz and her heartbeat is 150bpm! So she is healthy and strong!

We registered...most neutral except clothes but that was alot of fun and I really hope I get everything...not being greedy just want the best for my little princess! She is gonna be so spoiled! I can't wait!

We are just beyond ourselves! Everyone keeps thinking I'm disappointed b/c I talked so much about having a boy. I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed...I'm gonna have a little girl to do all the mother/daughter stuff with like shopping like my mom and I did. And I'm sooo anxious so see how fast TJ's heart is gonna melt in her little hands! That bond between a father and a daughter is SO priceless! I'm just so excited! TJ says "Girls can hunt too...if she wants to. I'll take her like my dad used to take me!" He is already planning it out! No diappointment for him!
Well here are the u/s pictures...profile,foot,legs w/ ankles crossed, and girl parts!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Coolest thing ever!

I swear being pregnant is the coolest thing ever! It is such an amazing miracle! I feel so blessed that the Lord allowed me this opportunity! Honestly I think it is a privilege and I thank him everyday for it! Alot of people who don't deserve kids are able to get pregnant too...but I still think it's a privilege!

What makes this all so much cooler is that TJ is so into my pregnancy! Of course I keep him updated on the development which he doesn't seem to be as fascinated as me but deep down I know he is:) He told me the other day that pregnant women look weird but I am beautiful when I'm pregnant. I could have squeezed him! How amazing is that to hear when you feel like you are only getting less attractive! I guess I looked as TJ put it "extra pregnant" last night and he kept smiling I asked him why and he said "It's just kinda cool!" haha He is so cute! He was talking to the baby last night telling it how we have cats and how he hopes it likes them too. (he is gonna kill me for telling this!) It was too funny though! He wants to feel the baby kick so bad....but it's still so small. I tell him when I get kicked and he tries really hard to feel it. So life is amazing! It's so cool to have someone like him to share this experience with! I never expected him to be as into this pregnancy as he is b/c I figured it's not a guy thing and he will bond when it comes out but he is all about talkin to the baby, rubbing my belly, etc. Those moments make me realize how blessed I really am to have him! He is gonna be the best daddy ever! I only get more excited everyday about how amazing our life is gonna be!

So Lord welling we find out tomorrow what we are having! I'm sooo excited today can not go by fast enough! I never thought this day would come! I still can't believe I am half way through! Just craziness! We are registering after the appointment tomorrow! So I'm super excited! I really hope baby is not modest and shows off it's goodies!

Boy or Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I have felt flutters since last week esp when I'm laying down or sitting quietly. But today I was sitting in my office workin and all the sudden I got this "pulse" like I got flicked from the inside. It was cool! I am assuming I was kicked and that is really fun:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


It is surreal! I can't believe I'm actually gonna be a mom! I have dreamed about it since I was little. It's really happening! It's really hitting me now b/c I'm feeling those butterfly movements so it's actually real now! haha

So we have 10 days till we find out what this little munchkin is! I can't wait.
I daydream daily about if it's a boy and how TJ will be the best daddy bonding with his son and how it will be the first grandson to carry on the Frazier name! And I will have my little mama's boy who will look at me to be the perfect woman ever! haha (I can dream can't I!)
Then I dream about if it's a little girl how TJ will have his daddy's little girl (she totally will be) and I'll have someone to dress up and bond with. Be the mom my mom always was to me! Also being the first granddaughter for TJ's family would be insane! It's so amazing!
I thought I would care so much more now my heart is torn both ways as to what I really want! I guess it's better to be that way b/c then I will not be disappointed either way. For a while I felt it was gonna be a girl but I think that is b/c everyone is saying it will be. But now I am having boy feelings...so we will see!

I'm just getting more and more excited daily! I think of how only 5 months from now TJ and I's life will never be the same! But I think we have finally hit that point we are both ready for it and don't have any hesitation. You can really see the daddy coming out in TJ...he is always worried about me hurting the baby if I roll over on my stomach (it isn't comfortable anyway so I never stay like that long). He kisses the baby goodmorning and will say hi to it! I am just falling more in love with him as this adventure continues (which I didn't think was possible)!

So I'm feeling good...found out baby isn't too fond of donuts! I am hungry like I'm eating for 2 grown people! But I am just snacking, big meals make me sick anyway so I do have to watch my moderation b/c I'll end up bringing it all back up! I have been super tired and peeing alot haha the joys! With all this pressure on my bladder I swear I'm gonna pee myself when I sneeze ha The belly is coming along nicely (I guess) It will varies on looking fat and pregnant sometimes but it's ok b/c I know I have a while to go and the belly will only get bigger!

So the baby can hear me now! That is neat...but after I found that out I kinda felt bad b/c TJ and I went and shot guns last weekend! It's ok though! Baby is about the size of a pickle (yuck) so that is between 5 and 7 ounces and is about 5½ inches long. Crazy I have a human inside of me!

So we will be doing our registry after our baby appointment on the 18th. Most of the stuff I like is nutral so I could do it now but we will wait. I know TJ will be excited to do it b/c then I will stop looking in Target making sure the things I want are still there:)

This was a long post but I'm just getting so excited I could talk about baby all day long! It's a good thing my mom likes to hear about it:)

So here is the belly this week...I'm carrying super low...so we will see if it moves up over time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So Munchkin and I had to share a costume this year so we were skeletons! It was a HUGE hit with everyone!

I can't wait till next year when I can dress little one up for real!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 17

Nothing too exciting at this point! Only the waiting begins to find out the sex! Out appointment to find out is November 18 at 11am. TJ is guessing a girl, and I'm thinkin it is totally a boy! So at least one of us will be right! Either way I'm soooo excited! I thought I would care but now all I want is a healthy chunk of baby cuteness!
If you want to make a guess about the sex, birthdate, weight, etc.

I think I have felt munchkin but I am not too sure. I have feelings like what I think it will be like but then again it could be gas bubbles! We will see I know it will happen for sure soon!

So since not too much is going on I will post pictures.... first my offical 17 week picture...Yes I am only carrying one baby...the bump on the backside has always been there:)

We carved our pumpkin tonight...well TJ carved, I dug out the guts (my favorite), and decorated...it's a baseball player! I love it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well had my 3rd doctors appointment today...

We didn't get to see my regular dr. Which I was disappointed but I need to see all the dr's so it's cool. The dr I saw is really nice...she is just rough when it comes to exams so it was ok today.

I gained 3 lbs which makes it 4 total. Which is not bad. Hopefully I can keep it at this pace and not gain too much!

So we just got the doppler thing today. It took a while for her to find the heartbeat which had me and TJ on the edges of our seats. But she found it and said the little one was just making her chase it. TJ and I were both relieved and it is so cool hearing the little galloping heartbeat. I swear I go into my own lala land b/c now I can't remember how strong it was. But TJ said it was very distinct and strong. Good thing I have him b/c I am in dream land sometimes!

I asked her about the cramps I have and she said it is all ligament and growing pains. She advised water, Tylenol, and ice if needed. But she said it was nothing to worry about.

I had to have my blood drawn for some kind of test for Down Syndrome and a few other things. The lady that drew it was nice but when she pulled the needle out I think she ripped my arm off. So my arm is sore, I'll probably bruise.

I am supposed to go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to check on the organ development and find out the sex!!!!! But when trying to schedule the appointment the week I am supposed to go is blocked for no ultrasounds. So the receptionist was gonna check on it and call me back. They are trying to keep me on a tight schedule. Well that stinker didn't call me back and I called at like 4:45 but they already had the recording that they were closed on. Dorks! They will be hearing from me first thing in the morning. Hey this is important to me!

TJ was funny b/c he want to ask them if they could schedule my appointment a week earlier b/c he wants to know what it is so bad! haha I sure hope the little one shows us what it is when we go in next time.

Well nothing else too exciting...this appointment was uneventful! But the next one will make up for it!:)

A picture of me at 16 weeks...I think this makes it a little more noticeable than it is but it changes daily.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pregnant lady

So one of my bosses told me today. " I hope this doesn't offend you but, this is the first day you actually look like a pregnant lady!" So how is that going to offend me! I want to look pregnant! I'm not fat and I know it so I want everyone else to know it with out having to wear a sign on my tummy!

So I took these after dinner this evening and I look fat...so forgive the fatness! haha

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 15!

Wow! 15 weeks it just doesn't seem possible! So things have been going really well! I finally hit the point the sickness has stopped! Praise the Lord! I was worried I was gonna have sickness the whole time!

So not too much new is happening...I'm growing and baby is too! All my weekly e-mails I get from different sights talk about me being able to find out what I'm having. I may have to beg the dr to check it out next week! I don't want to wait until my 20 week appointment! I need to know now...and so does my mom:) But heck I guess me not knowing is good b/c then I will be tempted to buy stuff when I need to hold off so people will have stuff to buy me at my showers!

So I went to Target.com last night and picked out some big stuff I want...the changing table, the dresser, the glider, and the stroller/car seat. I know what crib I want! So now I just have to wait to get it all. The changing table, glider, and dresser are online only. So I will be the one who has to order them. I just plan to show them around and see if I get any offers to buy them for us:) I know my mom is doing the crib so that is AMAZING! After talking to TJ's mom she will probably buy one of the bigger things too since they are VERY decently priced. It was amazing I found furniture for great prices and they all had really good reviews from people who had purchased them before. That is a blessing!

I'm not sure reality has completely set in yet but it is definitely on it's way! I am getting so super excited! It is a good thing I have a mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law who like talking about the baby too b/c TJ is not the type to get all excited over baby stuff. He has an opinion on certain things which is really nice b/c I'm so indecisive!

So my next appointment is a week from today! I just get so excited! I'm such a worrier I need to know my munchkin is growing like a weed!

Currently the baby is about 4 inches and is about 2 ounces! The size of a navel orange! It looks alot more like a real baby these days, with more proportional arms and legs! No more alien!

I need to go feed the baby:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

2nd Trimester!!!!

Is it really possible I am into my 4th month of pregnancy! 3 down, 6 to go!

I never thought I would make it to this day and here it is...it seems like yesterday I was anxiously awaiting my first appoint! Now I am 2 weeks away from my 3rd appointment and starting my second trimester!

So life has been amazing! I have had to do some readjusting due to my moodiness! haha I didn't want to blame it on my sweet little munchkin but I can now finally admit I'm a hormone raging machine! Poor TJ! But things are getting better so we are on the road to becoming amazing parents that have a great respect for one another. Gosh if we can stick through all the new changes I am going through then we can make it through anything! haha

So I have been sick in the mornings but only on days I have to work! So weird! We just spent the whole weekend with my family in VB! (much needed) Never did I get sick once...I come to work Monday and here we are losing my breakfast of dry toast! How fun! I assume it is all the stress of knowing I have to get alot done!

Well otherwise I am enjoying my adventure to becoming a mom! It is going by really fast but I'm enjoying it. I will be much happier when I feel those little kicks and punches....then it can finally be totally real!

My little monkey is the size of my clinched fist! Getting big!! It is about 2.5 oz and 4 inches! It's little heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day!!!! How cool!

I'm getting plump....mom says I look pregnant but I think I still look like I've been hitting the desserts to hard! But I do see it rounding out so that is very cool!

Time for work!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So today was sooo amazing...mom came up to go with me to my dr appt. So we went to the dr and I have gained a pound hehe Then I had an ultrasound and we got to see the baby wiggling everywhere. It showed us it's butt and little legs...so cute! It's face looked funny on the u/s but I know it will be so cute!!!

It was just so amazing to finally see something is really squirming around in there! I just can't wait till I can feel it moving! hehe So I measured 12 weeks 2 days so I'm due April 7 which I like...it just seems to be a good date! (7 is TJ's lucky number) so I like 7 too!

So now for some pictures!
1. Baby's butt and legs crossed at the ankles
2. Baby's body and face
3. Baby's body and spine

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Bump...

So the baby bump has been growing for the past few weeks...but mainly fat looking. But the best part is no weight gain with the growing baby bump so I'm happy!

These were taken today before church at 11weeks 6days....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 11 begins!

Well first of all I NEVER thought I would see the light at the end of the first trimester. But I am seeing the light and it is getting close! Thank God! B/c if I have to battle this fatique much longer I'm gonna have to hibernate!

I've been having daily headaches which are just lovly! But hey I still have to be thankful I'm not having all day sickness. Just randomly here and there! My little reminders that my munchkin is really in there!

The bump is growing...looks like I've been hitting the desserts a little hard but it all has to begin some where! I'm excited to be growing and excited about it. There are few times (if anyothers than pregnancy) when a growing waistline can be enjoyed! I just want it to round out...but I have another 6 months for all that. I need to remember to enjoy this one step at a time!!!

So another week and 3 days and I see the dr again...and my mama! I am so excited to see munchkin again! And this time it will actually look like a person not a blob hehe!

The desire to shop for munchkin still has not hit me...it has hit mom pretty hard but I still have that uneasy feeling....so I want to wait a little bit!

So back to work....the busier I keep myself the sooner lunch will be here and I can nap!!!!!:) The highlight of my day! haha

Monday, September 8, 2008

10 WEEKS!!!!

I'M OFFICIALLY 10 WEEKS PREGNANT TODAY!!!! Well not officially...but I sure am close if not there already. I say I am due between April 6 and 10...so I have a whole week as my due date till the dr is able to tell me different.

I am so excited to be winding down on the first trimester! Today has been yucky...between being so tired I could fall asleep standing up and having to leave in the middle of a meeting to puke this morning it has just not been lovely. I have been VERY fortunate to not have too much sickness. It has been a few times here and there but over all it has been really good!

I'm just so happy! I'm seriously gonna be a mom in around 7 months. Wow!!!

My belly is starting to bulge. But I just look fat so that is just lovely! haha I just want it to round out a little so it's a cute baby belly not a baby bulge!

I am very much enjoying being pregnant so far! The down times just remind me that I am doing this all for one of God's greatest miracles! Also I can't complain too much b/c the sickness allows me to know things are progressing! That is super awesome...but I can only say that b/c I have not been too sick!

So 2 weeks and 3 days till the next dr appointment! So excited to hear and see my munchkin again!!! I am REALLY excited b/c this time I get to share it with my mom!!! That is really special to me b/c she is my mom and I was that little bean 23 years ago (well not the the month but generally).

I need to get back to work! hehe I'm bad!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This was one of the most amazing days of my life!!!!!

I got to hear my little munchkins heartbeat it was the best heartbeat I have ever heard hehe! 156 bpm which is perfect! I'm sooo happy! I wanna jump up and down!!!

The baby measured about 7w3d...and I was assuming I was 8 weeks. But the u/s tech said it is normal to measure bigger or littler...it may depend on the way the baby is laying.

I love my life! This is amazing....I'm gonna be a real mom! haha

Wow is about all I can say!!!

The Lord is amazing and I am so thankful he has blessed me with a little munchkin as perfect as mine!

Est due date April 10...but I feel that is gonna change as we go! But who knows! My munchkin will be amazing if it comes anytime in April! hehehehehe I'm so happy!

This this munchkin...

Monday, August 25, 2008

8 WEEKS!!!!

Wow...I'm on cloud 9! I have been waiting for this week for 3 weeks! Finally...it is here! So 2 days I get to go to the dr. I am beyond myself! I sure hope all is good!

I feel decent today...we sick this weekend, just nausea and very tired! I don't like being sick but it reminds me that everything is on track...so I have to think of it as a good thing!

I know the dr office hates me b/c I've called so many times with questions! But hey I'm new to this whole thing I need some advice sometimes. Ok so I've called 3 times...all legit questions too! So they can kiss my hiney!

Everyone at church is getting suspecious! I'm not sure it will be much of a surprise to all the ones who are observent when we tell them after the dr appointment on Wednesday. But who cares? I didn't tell them, for all they know they could be totally wrong! hehe

So 2 more days....I can do this!!! I am trusting the Lord has blessed me and is not gonna let something happen to this child so close to my appointment! hehe I can't wait!

TJ is super excited too and I LOVE IT!!!! It makes this whole thing a MILLION times better b/c I have the support of an amazing husband and family! Yippy!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This just isn't fair...

I get e-mails everyday from the few websites I signed up with to get updates on munchkin and pregnancy tips. Well about this time...7 weeks EVERY single one of them has been about crazy big boobs...They are supposed to be growing. Well where are mine? This just isn't fair...I got slighted when it came to puberty and then I was the only woman I know who didn't get boobs when I went on the pill...Now pregnancy! This just is not right! I guess the Lord really never wanted me to get to experience the luxury of boobs! hahaha I can't complain b/c at least they don't get in the way...even though somehow I manage to hit them a few times a day.

Today has been a good day! I have felt funny but made myself eat and the feeling of nausea seemed to subside! YIPPY! So I just have to keep making myself eat even when food seems totally repulsive!

I'm just so stinkin happy to be pregnant! Heck it is even better b/c I get to have a baby with the best looking man in the world! (Dad you are a close second don't worry...I still love you! hahaha)

So less than a week and we go see the dr!!!! 5 more days!!! I am SO ready to know my baby is ok!!! That little beating heart means more to me then life itself right now! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008




Does it stink in here or is it just me?

So everyone around me stinks....haha I never have noticed all the perfume till now and someone just made something with peanut butter and BLAH! I LOVE peanut butter but that stuff stinks!

So I woke up and felt amazing this morning...I didn't feel tired nothing. Well except those infamous boobs of mine which I never knew could possibly get hit so much (they are not very big targets)! haha

Got to work and it all hit me like a ton of bricks! I'm about to fall over asleep, my stomach is acting like it has never eaten (even though it had some cerel and some OJ this morning), my heart is burning like it is on fire, I have cramps, and I have decided I REALLY like to stand over the toilet and dry heave! Welcome to the amazing life of pregnancy! hehe It will be worth every second of it when I get to see my munchkin in April! well actually I feel like it will be worth it next week when I get to see him/her in my tummy! Which by the way TJ likes to rub in public...I could smack him...at this point he looks like a dork b/c I have nothing there!

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention...I have lost 5 lbs since I found out I was pregnant! How amazing is that...it is really b/c I have cut out all the bad stuff as much as possible and I'm making myself take the steps at work. So I'm kinda excited! I just hope munchkin is ok w/ my loss of weight...I am eating good so there is no suffering munchkin!

About time to get back to work....9 days!!!!! I am tempted to call the dr and see if anyone has canceled so I can go in this week...but I am holding back b/c I don't want to be a problem over there when my pregnancy has hardly begun!

Back to work...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The mommy to be is worn out...

How can something so small make me feel like I can fall asleep any second? I slept most of the day yesterday due to extreme exhaustion. But I guess that is good except I didn't sleep well last night b/c I had slept too much the day before so today I have to keep myself up. I may be dosing off here and there but it happens.

So my emotions are running VERY high. Almost every night I have a crying spell...usually nothing ticks it off either but after it starts I usually just have to cry myself to sleep. B/c it will only go on b/c I'm scared of this and scared of that, I'm overwhelmed with happiness, etc! So it is not always a sad cry it is part happy part sad...what a dork!

I'm SO happy b/c this child is only the size of a little pea, if even that big and is loved so much already. It is amazing!
I'm sad b/c I'm scared that I will do something wrong or something will go wrong.

So after today it is 10 days till we go see the dr. One more week of work a weekend then 2 days of work! I don't seem excited do I?

The most amazing thing happen yesterday...well ok I'm exaggerating but it was really awesome. TJ wants to be in the demolition derby next year at the fair...I am not for it and he asked me for some reasons...well I had some good ones I was excited...I said "first b/c this is going to be a crazy year for us you know what I mean?" he looked at me and smiled and said "Yes, we are building a house and having a baby!" I thought I was gonna jump out of my skin. He was so excited...I just love it! I have no idea how anyone makes it through hard times with out the support of a happy husband hahaha! Then I told him "second b/c I will have a new 4 month old (give or take) baby and I'm not exposing him/her to that so early and I need to be there when you're in it." So as a true boy would do he said "Maybe the year after?" I couldn't deny him that, but I still hope he doesn't want to by then hehe :)

I don't know what I would do without my rock by my side. I sometimes wonder why in the world the Lord blessed ME so much...I am 23 years old, married to an amazing man who loves me like I never imagined possible, I have a miracle on the way, and I'm about to build my dream home! and on top of that I have an amazing family who would do anything for me and this munchkin!!! How does the Lord think I deserve this? I have turned my back on him more times than I can count and he doesn't even remember it! Life couldn't be any better! (well it will be better after we go to the dr and see our munchkin! hehe)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back aches!

Wow am I tired! My back is killing me...it is tough carrying a munchkin the size of a sprinkle! hahaha I don't know what it is but I am hurting. Plus I can't keep my eyes open to save my life. I am so tired!

So it's FRIDAY! I'm so excited! Part b/c weekends are so nice to relax and part b/c the 27th is fast approaching! I am so excited!

I can't wait to hear my munchkins heart beatin and know I am actually part of one of Gods greatest miracles! I am so excited I get to share that moment with TJ too not only b/c he is part of this amazing creation but b/c I love him so much and need his support!

I am doing all I can to be as postive as possible b/c I know the Lord is in control and will take care of me and the munchkin!

I'M GONNA BE A MOM!!!!! I have to remind myself all the time...it helps make it a little more real! I'm scared out of my mind but so excited too! The Lord would not have blessed me with this if he didn't think I would do a good job!

I wish I could know right now how my baby is doing. I hope his/her little heart is just a beatin and of course growing like a champ!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ER visit...

Aug 11, 2008 -- 6 weeks pregnant
9:00pm ish

I started getting shooting pains in my right lower abdomen they were heading down my leg so it really worried me...well actually scared me to death.

We were at TJ's game and he had just gotten ejected from the game for nothing at all...silly situation. I went to lay down in the car and texted mom to see how much pain was too much. She said any is not good and told me to go to the ER...well since my mom said it I knew I needed to since she has had 3 good pregnancys she would know. So it was a God send that TJ wasn't in the game b/c I needed to go to the ER....I was in pain and scared.

So we headed to AMC with his mom. I hate the ER. Waiting is the worst...I kept thinking is this even worth it...but had to remember I was doing this for my munchkin not for me. So finally they took me back and said they were gonna do some bloodwork, an u/s, and check me out. Well that whole process took forever!!! They said my cervix was closed so that was good. They did the u/s but wouldn't let me see anything b/c it was for emergency purposes only. Well the dr came back like 45 min later and told me they only saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac but no baby and no heartbeat...which scared me even more. She said not too worry b/c it was so early but she didn't seem confident...I was measuring 5 weeks 5 days. Well I still worried...until the next day when I found out that was completely normal that early. Dorks at the ER! The bloodwork came back that my HcG levels were 17680...which according to the chart was where they were supposed to be for 5-6 weeks! :)

We didn't get home till 2 am and I still had no explaination for my insane pain!

Aug 12, 2008
I called my regular dr and they said the pain was "growing pains" I could take some pain meds if I need them...but I won't b/c my baby is too small for all that right now! They said the heartbeat and no baby thing was normal that is why they wanted to wait till I was further along!

This is gonna be a LONG road! But I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! I'm gonna be a MOMMY!!! :)

Tired all week...

Aug 5, 2008

TJ and I planned on waiting till after our dr appointment on Aug 27th to tell our parents. I had it all planned out we would mail my parents the u/s picture and give his parents a copy.

Well the plan failed...I couldn't keep it from my mom! Heck I NEED her right now more than ever! So I had a picture of the test and I texted messaged her and told her "We are keeping it a complete secret...I hope you are as excited as we are!" I thought she was gonna be disappointed in me b/c we don't' have a house yet but I got a phone call minutes later. My mom was about to explode...it was just the reaction I wanted. She was so excited to be a grandma...or Big Mama! She had told dad and the boys they were all in a little bit of shock but excited. It is over a week later and I'm still not sure the boys believe it yet!haha

Daddy decided on Pappy as his name...I love it! The name means alot to me...since I miss and love my Pappy so much. My daddy is gonna be the best Pappy ever! I'm so excited!

We went to TJ's parents house and I showed his mom the picture of the test...she was a little confused at first and said "Is that a maternity test? Is it the negative or positive?" She finally figured it out on her own and was excited. She told TJ's dad..."You are gonna be a grandpa again?" He said "By who?" what a dork. I'm not sure either of them knew what to think b/c they had no idea we were even thinking about having kids yet hehe!

The day we found out...

Aug 4, 2008
So I was a week late but totally was denying it was even possible to be pregnant. I took a test the week before and it was definitely negative so I figured there was no way this one would be positive.
So I got up to take a shower and figured hey I have an extra test I'll do it just for the heck of it. Well I peed on the stick then laid it down planning on throwing it away in about a min. And low and behold it was a +...I was kinds confused so I went out and said "look at this TJ" of course his reaction is "Is there supposed to be something in both windows?" haha dork I said look at the explanation next to it and he looked and say it meant pregnant and said "Ain't that something!"

I quickly headed back to the bathroom to take my shower, I really didn't know what was going on. Not the feeling I thought I would have when I found out but whatever. Finished my shower...checked the test again b/c I totally thought that my eyes had tricked me. Got dressed and still was denying it. The vertical line was off to the left I didn't think there was anyway it was right...something had to have been wrong with the test. haha

That afternoon I did call the dr to get an appointment just in case...I knew I could cancel it if I wasn't really pregnant...hahaha

So I got home that evening and took another test...oh it was positive! Wow that day was nothing like I expected...I expected tears and jumping up and down...none of it just complete shock! haha