Friday, April 30, 2010


So the last time Tommi went to the actual beach was when she was a few months old. Now that she can interact and show her likes and dislikes we wanted to see how she would like the sand. She HATED grass when we first put her in it...but likes it now. So I thought her and the sand would be the same way.

I was wrong! The moment we put her in it she fell in love! :) She grabbed a fist full and crawled on! I am SO glad...we will be in Hatteras in July and her liking the sand will be really nice!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One year appointment

So we had Tommi's one year appt today and she is doing very well! The dr was happy so again mommy is happy!

She is 19 lbs exactly and 28 and 1/2 inches long. Which puts her between the 10 and 25 percentile in weight and 25 and 50 percentile in height. Which is right on track for her. She is petite but still pretty average!

So the dr advised me to only nurse Tommi in the morning and at night and give her whole cows milk the rest of the day to "teach" her to use a cup. Well I was EXTREMELY confused after the appt b/c I'm not ready to give her whole milk to replace my milk during the day and I don't think she is ready to either. She really seems to enjoy or nursing sessions still. So I'm gonna buck the system (anyone surprised?) and still nurse her and just let her learn to use a cup on her own time. Like my mom said "She will not go to kindergarten not using a cup!" But the greatest thing is...I put a little bit of very watered down juice in Tommi's cup today and she has been drinking pretty well!!! The Lord knows I needed her to esp with summer coming I was super worried. So I will be nursing a bit longer b/c my milk is whole milk! And she eats cheese and yogurt so I know she is getting good vitamins through that. We will eventually go to cows milk probably in the next 6 months sometime but for now we are sticking to our normal routine!

Mom instinct is leading me and I'm trusting it! And since her wonderful daddy is supporting me 100% that helps SO much!

I again say it...TJ and my mom are God sends! They have been the most amazing support system ever! From day one I know who has my back!

Monday, April 12, 2010


So I officially have a toddler! This is so amazing at the same time as kinda sad. Tommi is growing up too fast but seriously more fun by the day. As I have said on almost every month post she is SO full of life! She is such an example to me to love life and live it to the fullest!

Tommi is TOTAL girl. She LOVES baby dolls and is very affectionate. She "loves" everything (pulls it close and lays her head on it. Is very curious about everything...she will open and close everything (velcro, drawers, boxes, etc) and shakes everything to see if it makes noise. Loves to laugh...she laughs whenever she hears someone else laugh. She talks ALOT! But most of it I can not decode yet but I do know she says bye, kit(cat), dad, dada, mama, and tis (for her cousin titus). She is definitely not a dare devil when it comes to walking or standing. She knows she is a pro-crawler so she sticks to that. She does climb things (my legs, the couch etc). She points at everything and does "finger fives" basically touching someones finger which came from her pointing all the time. She is a really smart little girl!

She is still not a big eater. She nurses pretty well and eats meals but does not have a big appetite. But she is small or I guess I shouldn't expect her stomach to be too big. She obviously gets what she needs though b/c she is growing and isn't hungry. She will not drink from a sippy cup we have tried many! She knows how to tip it but but doesn't want to drink....I will be talking to the dr about this at her one year appt!

She is just like her momma in that she likes to stay up late and sleep late :) Nice for me but not so good for being a kid friendly schedule.

She has her one year appt so I will make sure to update with how big she is.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


-"loves" everything (pulls it close and lays her head on it)
-opens and closes everything (velco, drawers, boxes, etc)
-Laughs whenever we laugh
-Shakes everything to see if it makes noise
-Says bye, kit(cat), dad, dada, mama (sometimes)
-plays with her ears when she is tired
-trys to climb up the couch, my legs, etc.

She is a total hoot! Very girly!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


One year ago I was very impatiently waiting for my babygirl to get here!

I just went back and read my blog from 4/6/09 and 4/7/09 and had a little laugh b/c that is all such a blur!

My baby is ALMOST 1!!! WOW!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2009/Easter 2010

So our family picture has changed a bit since last easter....