Thursday, September 29, 2011

Passy Free...

How she "lost" the passy and all about our first day with out it...

Well last night we returned from TJ’s softball game and Tommi would not listen. I told her we need to wash our hands and get jammies on. Well she kept running off and doing other stuff. Finally she did but after many threats. So finally got her jammies on and at this point she had already lost all her cuddle time before bed b/c she was being so bad. So then she bucked and closed her mouth and acted up about brushing her teeth. So I told her I was gonna throw the passy away. Guess she didn’t think I was serious b/c she kept it up. Finally I finished and told her time for bed and go to her room. She pitched a fit and cried and pleaded but I was over her not listening. She told me she will listen but it was too late. After a bit of holding and comforting TJ and I laid her down and due to exhaustion she went to sleep with no passy.

I didn’t plan on taking it away so soon but I guess this is the best time. So in the morning when she asked for it I just said no she is a big girl and is ok with out it. We took a trip to the post office and I didn’t let her have it in the car either. She only whines for a few min then gets over it. So it has been easier than thought.

We got a package in the mail that was supposed to be for Christmas but I told her if she gives up her passys then she can have it now. I didn’t want the whole thing to be too traumatic. She agreed she wanted the package and no more passys. With out even knowing what was in the package. So when we got home she got to open the package and was SO excited it was a doll! So Harper (the doll) became the “no passy doll”. She told me she still needs to keep her passys safe in the cup but will not put them in her mouth.

Naptime came and she only asked for it a few times. She was not sure she was ready for this. But she took a good hour nap (not the best but ok)So far it was MUCH easier than expected.

Bedtime came and she kinda asked half jokingly for it. She told TJ right before bed "No passy daddy"

TJ and I both expected a total meltdown from her and a few days of pure chaos. But she has been soooo good and we could not be more pleased!

Day 2 and 3 have gone just as good if not better. She doesn't ask for it anymore. She is a bit grumpy but if I was giving up something I was addicted to I think I would be too. We also have caught her "sucking" or just holding her finger in her mouth in the car. But that was kinda to be expected.

She has not been as cuddly b/c she gets passys when she cuddles but I hope that will change with time as she is less grumpy and gets used to just hanging out with out her passy.

I can not express how proud of her I am! It is a bit sad b/c she is not a baby anymore when her passy but I LOVE IT!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Making pappy proud...

We bought Tommi a spin tooth brush b/c she is such a pain about getting her teeth brushed, we had to try something different. Well she was beyond excited and is getting better about letting us brush her teeth! Yay!!

23 weeks

Well 23 back is definitely not liking me these days but I'm dealing well. I'm dealing with braxton hicks daily that Monkey does not like at all. So as my uterus squeezes her she pushes back causing me pain in part of my belly until the contraction is over. Not cool. I have to remember when it happens and I yell "ouch!" or make a face to say it is a braxton hicks not a contraction. TJ says the word contraction scares him at this point. haha So other than my discomfort we are doing well...just growing a baby!

Tommi is still her crazy self! I can't even put into worlds how funny and sweet she is. Just her little comments and expressions are amazing! She has TJ and I cracking up at least once a day. Sometimes we laugh at the wrong times (when she is not being nice) but she is too funny when she gets serious and tries to tell us what is gonna happen. Life is never boring with her around.

Tommi had a run in with some sickness this week. A fever, clingy, not eating, and by today a rash. She acted "normal" just a little off. She is by far the best sick kid ever! I took her to the dr today and her throat looked pretty bad but was negative for strep (Thank you Jesus!) If the rash gets worse I will have to take her back in or if the fever keeps going for 3 or more days. But hopefully we kicked this sickness' butt! Tommi is one tough cookie!

Not sure if I have said this before but if Tommi doesn't teach anything to her little sis but how to go to sleep like her I will be one happy mommy! Tommi is by far the best child ever about going to bed and nap. Sometimes she tries to "fight it" but by the time we get to her room she lays down and goes to sleep like a champ. Then she sleeps 11 to 12 hours at night and 1.5 to 2 hours for her nap! I can not express how fortunate I am for this!

Enough rambling...the 23 week belly...

The cutest big sister ever!

Minus the passy...

Friday, September 16, 2011

2nd time....

I was thinking today just about having a second baby girl and all. My mom has been wanting to get the girls matching outfits,etc. and it has really gotten me excited to dress them alike, like I always dreamed of if I had a sister. It will happen some...knowing the "big sister" it may not always work out b/c well she has VERY strong opinions on clothes. (I have heard she gets it from her momma)

Well while thinking...I kinda got excited to give birth again. I'm very nervous about how things are gonna work with Tommi and when I go in labor, who she will be with till my mom gets here, etc. But I'm trying to let go b/c well that is something I know for fact I can not plan...unless I'm induced which I highly doubt will happen. I just feel like I'm so much more prepared for enjoying the moments of labor and not trying to rush things.

I just pray when all of it goes down my plan of letting Tommi "tell" everyone the name and I think if I can I may have her come in first so she can be the one to "show off" her new baby sister. I just want her to be as important in this as can be. Not that she will be left out b/c her and big mama already have plans to jump on the beds while I'm staying at the hospital haha I am reminded of this often :) Yet another reason I love my mom and think she was made to be a professional grandma!

This ended up longer than planned but I'm getting excited for this little girl! She is due exactly 4 months from today!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big sis...

If little sister is half as funny and curious about the world as her big sister we are gonna have a blast!

While sitting next to me on the couch, Tommi tells me..."My tummy feels keeps making noises that tickle." I could not help but crack up and she just looked at me serious for a min before laughing herself. It is so funny to see her become more in tune with her body. Recently she has discovered itching an itch. She comes to me all the time and tells me her back itches and asks me to scratch it. It is just funny to see her realize how to take care of things instead of just whining b/c she knows she doesn't like it but doesn't know how to solve it (makes sense to me but maybe not described well)

BIG MILESTONE: Tommi is starting to ask us to put clips and ponytails in her hair...clips most of the time. Her wild hair is starting to bother her when it gets in her eyes! I'm so thankful b/c she looks SO cute and like a little girl when she has her clip in.

I love my Tommi girl!! and my monkey girl! (she kicked me to remind me not to forget about I can)

As I sit here Tommi just reminds me how grown up she is....she spilled some of her milk so she went over to the sink...pulled up a step stool and said "Mom would this be a good one?" As she holds up the dish cloth. I told her "No, is there a blue towel up there?" She looked around "Yes, mom there is, is it a good one?" It is sad to see her getting so independent but SO nice!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

21 and 22...

week pictures.

21 weeks

22 week...not the best angle and I look tired.

Name change...

Years ago TJ and I put together a list of names we likes for boys and girls. So far we used our top girl name with Miss Tommi Jolene. So when we found out this was another girl we looked back at our list and our 2nd favorite girls name (before kids) was thrown into the mix of the new names we liked. Well we did not agree on any of the new names so what was our original plan years ago went into effect. We both still liked the original name. The middle name was a toss up but we ended up wanting to go with the one we both liked the most (we agreed on a couple).

So baby girl #2 (aka Monkey) had her name. I really have fallin in love with it and it has become her. I even anxiously bought all the letters and have painted them. They only need ribbon for hanging…even though it is a good 18 weeks before they are hung. But they will be ready FAR before b/c I love crafts :) (I only have the letters for her first name)

So here is my problem…her middle name. Which I knew was kinda common but I hadn’t heard it in a while. Well what happens? Two people I know have given it to their little girl in the past month. Both as middle names but now I feel like a copy cat and feel lame using it. Not sure if I will definitely change it but it may happen.

I’m kinda disappointed by this but at least I have a few months to debate it.

So there is my vent…maybe my hormones are getting the best of me. But I kinda wanna cry.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Tommi has been saying A-G for a while now. She likes to listen to me sing the ABCs all the way through but never has said them herself. Till last night at TJ's game, I was giving her a piggy back on the way up from the car. She just started singing them and kept going all the way through and then proceeded to keep doing it over and over!

I know she doesn't really know the letters but I'm super proud of her b/c this is a start! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Left out...

Poor little Monkey is so left out compared to all the attention my pregnancy got with Tommi. I blogged weekly if not more. Now I'm a slacker.

Well I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow which blows my mind b/c that means my pregnancy is more than half over. It is flying by!

Nothing too back hurts pretty bad, which I had with Tommi but with the extra stress of picking up a 2.5 year old I believe it hates me more this time. If it were not for the growing abdomen, back pain, and wild monkey planning her escape through my belly button multiple times daily, I hardly feel pregnant. Oh yeah and the gas...good gracious haha the joys :)

I swing from feeling huge to feeling like I'm hardly showing, mainly based on what I'm wearing. I know I have put on more weight this time by this point then I had with Tommi. But that is my fault b/c I have not been such a crazed healthy eater. I try but sometimes it is hard. I think I was only at a few lbs with Tommi where I'm at like 8 lbs with Monkey. Which is still good but I can tell I have some extra on the belly this time :)

Life is SO good! Tommi talks about her baby sister alot and is such a character. I love her SO much! But really hope Monkey is super laid back b/c two like Tommi would be a bit of a handful. Tommi may be small but rules things where ever she goes! I love her! She is so smart and picks up SO quick on things...a curse and a blessing!

Tommi and I with our 21 week bellies :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


We were at church about to back out and 2 kids (teenagers) from a car parked next to us jumped out of their car real quick. The parents (just rolled their eyes at us and shrugged). We rolled down the window and kinda laughed and said "It's like a family or something." Which they responded "It won't be long and it will be you guys!"

It just made me smile b/c right now yes we are a little family but before we know it we are gonna be a bigger family with 2 kids to keep up with. Which just makes me smile and think how blessed I am to be a mom of an amazing 2 year old and another one on the way! I just love being a is by far the coolest thing ever, frustrating at times but awesome!


Monkey (what Tommi insists we call baby girl) FINALLY kicked TJ. I'm forever feeling one kick here and there. So by the time I tell him to come over she stops. Most of the movement has still been shifts and not as many actual kicks. Well tonight she kicked a few times so I told him to come try and see. Well she whacked him a couple good ones, actually the strongest ones yet! YAY!

I've been feeling her a while but for him to feel her is SO exciting to me!

Also have to share...while TJ was laying on the floor the other day Tommi went and laid on top of him with her cheek on his face and arms around his neck and said "I love you daddy" He looked at me and said "Yeah I think I can handle girls!" Tommi sure does love her daddy...I love watching them b/c she looks at him how I still look at my daddy. He is a super hero and can do no wrong. I'll admit I feel left out when she only wants to cuddle with him but I have to remember she has me all the time and her special time with him is limited! Plus he really is the cooler one :)

I love my little family!!!