Tuesday, December 30, 2008

25 week pictures!

Figured I needed to post some pictures from the last week...Christmas week at the Llewellyn's! 1)Mommy at 25 weeks 2)Uncle Luke and friend Josh as Elves 3)Uncle Rooney snuggling with TJ 4)The beautiful Mommy/baby necklace daddy bought for mommy from Babygirl 5)Mommy(not lookin her best haha) and Uncle Chase with their belly's 6)Mommy, Pappy, and Uncle Chase showing off the bellies

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas week!!

So this has been such an amazing week. Monday we went to Baby in me to see little babygirl and we got to see her but not too much she had her hands and feet infront of her face and she was sleeping! She was not waking up when we jiggled her either, she kept yawning and stretching but no real waking up so the nice ladies said we could come back on Tuesday. Since I know she gets more active after I eat I ate some Chik-fil-a and had a lemonade and a few sips of TJ's milkshake. She was still sleepy but luckly she let us see her cute face. She is so pretty! The lady doing the ultrasound says she looks like me but I can't tell! Daddy, Big Mama, Uncle Chase, and Pappy were all there to see her moving around! So much fun! We have a video! I love it! We also confirmed she is ALL GIRL! hehe

To we had the Llewellyn Christmas and it basically revolved around Babygirl! She got blankets, a little soft lamb, a bath tub, towel, washclothes, leggings, a soft jacket, books, etc. She is SOOO spoiled and this is only the beginning. Since everyone has decided she needs pink stuff and I wanted her blankets and bedding to match. I changed her crib bedding on the registry to a pink and brown crib set that I LOVE! I figured I may have to cave and let her be a girly girl:) I still like alot of neutral stuff but her new cribbing is not too girly it's just right for mommys taste but girly enough you would definitely know it's a girls bed! I'm really excited about it all!!! Here are some pictures from the Target website of the bedding (different crib though)...

I can't believe TJ and I are gonna be parents this coming year! A little over 3 months! wow! It's only 102 days till her due date! Crazy! Life could not be better right now!!!

OH YEAH! I was laying in bed last night and she was kicking me like crazy!!! Since the kicks are getting so hard I pulled my tummy kinda tight to see if you could see the little kicks coming through. Well sure enough you could see the little lumps as she moved and kicked it was soooo cool! Daddy was out fishing with Uncle Chase and Luke so he didn't get to see it but mommy did and she LOVED it!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 24!

So here 3 days later I am finally posting about my appt:) The Internet was not working and I was way too busy at work to take time out. So anyway....

I went to my appt on Tuesday. They wanted me to do the glucose test but since I was in a hurry to get to work I couldn't do it...plus who wanted to drink that junk early in the morning? haha I was supposed to go back today and do it but the stinking nurse said the latest of 4pm I got there at 3:50 and they said I was too late...I really don't like that nurse she is the one who weighed me at my 20 week appt and said I had gained 8 lbs in one month! She was wrong b/c at 22 weeks I weighed 8 lbs less. No I think not. Ok so that is just some crazy hormones but still she is a stinker she doesn't do a good job. She also told me I needed to do it in the next 2 weeks and today they said it was fine if I came in the week after next at 26 weeks! She needs to be informed!

So anyway back to the appointment....the dr came in and the moment he put his doppler on my belly he found her heartbeat (150 bpm)! I love hearing that thumping! He measured my belly/uterus and all is good! I'm growing! I asked him about the fact I have only gained 3 lbs the whole pregnancy and he said babygirl is growing, I am growing, and she was happy and moving, so he is happy. We are gonna do another u/s at my next appt at 28 weeks to check her growth again.

So my next appt is in 4 weeks (1/13) then we start going every 2 weeks till the last month and then it's every week! Wow this pregnancy is going fast!

So we go on Monday to get the 3D/4D ultrasound and see her cute little face in some good detail! I am sooooo excited! I just love the thought of seeing my babygirl so much! She is my world and my heart! Life will now never be the same...I am a mother and I could not be anymore excited! So another not so great belly picture but I'm still posting it. I'll get some good ones this week with Christmas being here and it being her first big holiday! I also am posting the family picture of the Frazier side...next Christmas we will have one more!!!!:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

VB trip

So TJ and I went to visit Big Mama, Pappy, and Uncle Luke this weekend. TJ got to go striper fishing with something mom and dad at won at a charity event! He and his friend Anthony had a blast! So who cares about fishing...lets talk about baby!:)

So I have not seen my mom since we found out about baby being a girl! Anyone who knows her knows she had to go shopping for the little munchkin! But she surprised me and did not go too crazy and everything she bought is TOO adorable and I can't wait to put my little monkey girl in all her awesome outfits!!!! hehe She is spoiled already!

I also got a HUGE box from my Uncle and his wife of baby clothes. They just had twins in June so they had TONS of clothes! It's all either new or very close! So babygirl Frazier is set for the first few months of life with clothes! I just love looking at all the little clothes and can't even imagine how she will fit into stuff so tiny! It's crazy! So a HUGE thanks to uncle Jon and Jinnah for the awesome clothes!

I'm sooo excited I have a dr appt tomorrow! I have never been excited for dr appts till I got pregnant, now I love them! hehe Then next Monday I get to go to Baby in Me and see my little girl again in a 4D ultra sound! I'm soooo excited! We will get to see her cute features...she is not too chubby yet so she will fill out but I am excited to see her playing! Yippy!

I was talkin to an older man at church last night and he said "How much longer do you have?" I told him 'about 4 months' then when I got back to my seat I realized...it's less than 4 months now!!! We are now in the middle of Dec and she will be here in the beginning of April! So crazy!!!

I'm just sooo excited for the coming months b/c now they just get more exciting. I can't wait for baby showers and setting up her room! It's all so fun! So I will post tomorrow and let everyone know how the dr appt went! Maybe if I'm feeling up to it I will post a belly picture but we will see:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008



So I have had the joy of feeling our munchkin move since about 18 weeks! Well tonight we were playing with her...putting a flashlight to my tummy, poking, tapping, etc. Well I found out she will kick the flashlight so that is funny. She also was kicking anywhere I put pressure like my finger or hand. So I told TJ to try and she kicked him pretty good! Then he laid his head on my tummy and she kicked him a few times in the face that we didn't feel and finally she gave him a good one and he looked at me and said "I felt that...was that her?" I'm so happy! I have wanted him to feel her for so long b/c it's the highlight of my day everyday! She always reminds me why I'm working hard at work and why the Lord allowed me another day on earth. B/c I have a child now that depends on me and I have to take care of her!

Well the kicks will only get stronger so that means from now on Daddy can share in my joy! YIPPY!!! I'm just so happy! Last week we did attempt #1 at a good Christmas picture and it wasn't very flattering to my new figure and wasn't so great of TJ but I'm posting it anyway. Attempt #2 this weekend was successful so that will be mailed out sometime during the end of this week (hopefully)!

Friday, December 5, 2008

22 weeks

First and formost I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! Its so fun to have people just look at you and smile! Plus as long as my little girl is inside nothing in this crazy world can hurt her! On the other hand I can't wait for her to be here! I can't wait to get all my new stuff for her and set everything up! She is so blessed!!
Mommy has still only put on 3lbs total but looks like it's alot more b/c of this fun belly! (Picture below)

The only down side is the heartburn is getting to be a little much now! But I'm living through it. I just really hate the fact it feels like my chest is on fire and I wanna puke if I don't eat every few hours. Maybe this means my little girl is gonna have my hair like when I was born! I totally want her too...it was so fun! Plus I keep imagining her as a little brunette like her daddy! So we will see!

It's dinner time and I am being reminded it's time for mommy to eat! Not the greatest picture this week but it will do b/c it shows my growing midsection:) Which I look down and wonder how it grew so fast...but only look forward to more growing!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Already scaring mom...

So she has another 4 months to brew and is already scaring mommy and daddy!

Well babygirl is VERY active (she takes after her daddy!) Her schedule has been the same since about 19/20 weeks. She has a few random kicks or punches in the morning then about lunchtime she starts her kickboxing it usually lasts a good couple min of non stop craziness. Then again in the evening when mommy gets home to relax the kickboxing is on again! With a few quick sessions in between at random times a day. Well Sunday she decided she didn't like being on a schedule and shifted. Mommy didn't feel her all day Sunday but figured it was a lazy day...then Monday NOTHING! So today Tuesday, mommy called the dr to ask if this is normal.

They said they wanted me to come in which was fine b/c then I could know for sure she is doing well. So I went in around 11:45 and they did an u/s and there she was sleeping away. Her little heart was beating good and strong and she was twitching (another trait she gets from her daddy!) They said it was b/c the way she was positioned she is still small enough she can turn and not give me direct hits so I don't feel them really well.

The nurses all waited to take lunch till the dr hollered out and told them everything was ok:) Everyone loves babygirl already! The nurse said it always makes her nervous.

But nothing to worry about she is doing wonderful and is as beautiful as ever! And is throwing a few punches as I talk about her!:)