Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 to 15

So I have noticed growth mainly due to my clothes but I was looking at my weekly belly pics and really noticed how "thick" I've gotten. I have gained 4 lbs and from the look of things it has all gone to belly.

5 weeks

15 weeks

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Braxton hicks...

I mentioned my braxton hicks in my last post and since this is the best way for me to keep track of all that is going on with the pregnancy I thought I'd post about it here.

So I e-mailed my dr Sunday night b/c I had BH a few times that day. Didn't hear from them Monday but got a call yesterday from the nurse. She was asking me about any other symptoms I have, etc. And due to the fact I have been having some bad back pain she told me to come in and see the nurse practitioner. Well they took urine sample and checked the baby's heartbeat. All was good. She said it is pretty normal to feel them early with a second baby, it is just your body preparing for later. If there is any pain that goes along with them she told me to call again but otherwise avoid the heat as much as possible and drink tons of water.

So all is good with baby and momma! Still have my reg drs appt next Wednesday.

Heartbeat was 160

Sunday, July 24, 2011


With Tommi I blogged weekly about what was going on. This time I have dropped the ball alot. But we have been super busy with baseball, softball, going to Hatteras for a week, playing outside, etc. Seems like we have been going non stop recently.

On to the pregnancy...things are going well. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow. Have my 3rd appt next Wednesday...crazy it is flying by so fast. I have had some back pain and discomfort but feel really good. Started feeling flutters around 13 weeks...which is fun. Still very weak but I love it! Started having braxton hicks the past couple days. I emailed my dr this evening so we will see what they have to say. I am not worried b/c they are not consistent and not painful. I am most definitely showing...still varies with bloating but it is a bump that doesn't go away! a BLAST! Definitely a 2 year old with the "no"'s and attitude but otherwise she is still the most loving and amazing little girl ever. She loves cuddling and is so sweet. Most of the time she is an amazing listener and that makes me very proud! She is talking up a storm. Full on sentences which I didn't expect yet. Just crazy how smart she is. She expresses her emotions freely telling me when she is mad or sad. It is helpful but we are still working on how to express them with out yelling and biting whatever is in her hands. Definitely a normal 2 year old but we are working through it and I'm learning ALOT along the way.
She makes friends SO easy...ok well really she just tells people they are her friends and says "Wanna play with me?" and doesn't wait for an answer. She is still learning some kids do not want to play with her. But I love how bold she is and how sweet she is to her friends.

Life is good!!

14 weeks in Hattie this week!

I will post more pics later of Tommi and such!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Silly girl!

I wish I remembered our conversations all day long. They crack me up! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a big kid.

Tommi: Mommy I have an idea!
Me: What is your idea?
Tommi: I don't know, I'll tell you later!

While in the car driving...
Tommi: Mommy who are you talking to?
Mommy: hahaha I was talking to myself
Tommi: You are silly were talking to Jesus!

As much as I like her idea better...I was talking to myself!

Tommi: I have pretty bracelets.
Me: How many do you have?
Tommi: Two
Me: No, count them and tell me how many you have.
Tommi: One, two, three....I have three!

Maybe it is normal for a 2 year old to count and comprehend but I think she is pretty smart!

Me: Tommi you need to be more bad mood.
Tommi: Fine mom!
Me: Nice tude.
Tommi: I didn't toot...I'm being nice.
Me: No attitude, be nice to mommy.
Tommi: Ok, be quiet mommy!

She did not get away with talking to me like this but I had to share b/c when did my 2 year old turn into a teenager?!?

She is learning to comprehend her feelings so when she is mad, sad, or happy she informs me. If she doesn't know what is bugging her and she is just being a moody 2 year old, she tells me she is in a bad mood! haha It cracks me up!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Second one....

So far I have to say I am LOVING being pregnant the second time....alot more than with Tommi. YES I loved my pregnancy with her but it was b/c it was my first and I was going through it all for the first time.

This time it is just so neat to think of Tommi becoming a big sister and I'm so much more relaxed. The aches and pains are alot less of a worry and I just feel so much better! Maybe b/c I'm occupied with Tommi and don't have time to think about it or that I'm not having to get up early to work etc.

Life is good...I'm gonna be a mom to TWO kids! Wow that just sounds weird, cool, and intimidating! Guess I have 6 months to let it sink in!

Random fact...Tommi was born on Easter and this baby was conceived somewhere around Easter. Thought that was kinda cool!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

12 weeks!

Yay! So I had a dr appt today. Nothing exciting all the blood work and stuff last time came back good. Had the appt with Dr. Nelson again. He did the doopler to check the heartbeat, it took a while for him to find it. Which scared me. But he found it and it was 169 bpm! Fast which according to the old wives tale means another girl. But we will not know till the end of August.

Tommi switches by the day between little girl and baby brother. So she is not a reliable guess :)

I'm feeling really good...which is SO nice! I have little symptoms here and there but generally I could probably forget I am pregnant except for the looking extra chubby!

Well yesterday was July here is me and Tommi looking festive!