Thursday, December 30, 2010

As good as it gets...

Tommi walked up to me this afternoon and kissed me and told me "love you much" first I was not sure what she was talking about but them I realized. I tell her "I love you so much" and that is what she was telling me!

Life is SO good!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Where to begin I have no idea...we had 3 Christmas' this with TJ's grandparents and cousins, one with his parents sis, bro in law, nephews, and other grandparents, then the one is VB.

Tommi wasn't so sure about presents at the first one...I mean really I spend all year teaching her not to tear up paper and then tell her to. She was a bit confused but none the less was excited about her being a pair of Elmo slippers that she never wants to take off :)

At Christmas #2 she started to get the hang of it...with my help. She LOVED being santa and handing out all the presents and then opening some. She pulls a small piece off balls it up hands it to me...etc. So opening with her took a while...but that is ok b/c she is cute!

Christmas in VB was so much fun...she got lots of presents and had a blast with my brothers and parents. It was so much fun...we were down Wednesday evening till Monday morning and the whole time we were there it was Christmas to Tommi. She had so much fun...and so did I. If you have ever spent more than a few minutes with my family you know doing nothing can be fun with them. Add Tommi to the mix and you have a party!

We were not supposed to stay past Sunday morning but woke up to tons of snow so we got snowed in till Monday morning. Which still was not good roads wise but we made is out safe and after we got on 64 it was smooth sailing home. Which Tommi slept the whole way home due to being exhausted from being "on" for 5 days straight!

So way too many pics from the week to post them all so here are my favs....

Her Christmas eve present from Pappy and Big mama...a suitcase and back pack with her name on them!

The "pincess" on Christmas morning...

Waiting for the uncles to get up...

Tommi handed Chase a gift that was meant for her...he was a bit surprised by an Elmo book thinking it was his haha

Tommi and uncle Chasey...

By far this Christmas was the best in a very long time...there is just something about the joy of a child at Christmas! Plus Tommi can add joy to any situation!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


One of Tommi's new things is cheering people on...

TJ was taking pictures of her and after it would flash she would clap and say "yayy daddy!"

I was mashing potatoes for our Christmas dinner and Tommi was 'helping' by holding a spoon and watching...the whole time I was mashing them she was cheering "yayyyy mommy!"

At church tonight we had a children's play and after the kids sang their first song Tommi super loudly starts clapping and saying "yayyy!" It was perfect timing too!

I seriously can not get enough of this girl!


Maybe it is from the good upbringing or just having a sweet heart...but Tommi loves giving presents.

We bought a little something for her little cousin Titus and gave it to him at the Christmas dinner at church. She was so excited to give it to him and watch him open it. I thought she would try to open it herself but she just pushed it over to him and kept saying "Titus open" over and over. She got so excited to watch him open it and play with his new car.

I am so glad she has a beautiful giving heart! She never ceases to amaze me with her sweet spirit and loving heart!

Christmas Dinner

We had a Christmas dinner at church last night....Tommi wore a pretty little dress....anyone who knows me knows I do not dress her up in frilly is just not me...and it is just too much of a hassle haha. But I did it mainly for my mother in law who loves to buy her pretty dresses. This one passed my test for approval b/c it wasn't too much and it worked great for the occasion.

Tommi and mommy before we left for church

Tommi and her shoes!!!

The best family pic we could do.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty girl...

Best I could do not do her justice!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

20 months

Seriously? That just sounds weird...

-Tommi loves to "mump" (jump) When I say love I mean LOVE she shows off her talent to everyone. And just randomly jumps all day. She gets some air too.

-Can recognize many animals including...zebra, giraffe, frog, rabbit, elephant, hippo, lion, turkey, deer, bird, otter, penguin, owl, etc. It is very impressive. But she is a full on animal lover!

-Talks up a storm and is doing really well grouping words (sometimes)..."Where's ______?""I want _____"...etc. She really amazes me with her communication skills. If she is thirsty she says "milk"...and goes to the fridge.

-She loves using a tape measure and "mechanicing" on things with a screw driver. But is also VERY much into babies.

-She has a really good memory...she knows big mama, pappy, chase, luke, rooney, dean, and lilly all belong together....and same in TJ's family...mawmaw, pawpaw, bob, and aztec....then sissy, tom, nate, brandon, sam, and cody.

-She also tells me "daddy work pawpaw" every morning. Meaning daddy is at work with pawpaw.

-"Pappy teeth" means pappy works on teeth.

-All "berries" are "boobies" (blueberries) cracks us up when she tells us "want boobies"...but she is correct just can't pronounce it right yet.

-She can recognize herself in pictures...even baby sounds like she is saying "mommy" but it is her version of Tommi

-She is always "ready to go" whenever I start getting dressed she will come ask me "ready to go?"

-I thought she was gonna be stuck on having her elmo and blankie every time we leave the house. But now it is whatever she is interested in at the it was a bucket and tape measure one time then it was a magazine. Elmos(elmo and baby elmo haha) and blankie are musts for bed.

-She is 23 and a half pounds...a light little squirt but she is tall. She is pretty true to size though...24 months or 2T...her waist is little so sometimes the waists are big on skirts but her butt holds it up :) She get it from her momma!

-She is a goober for her daddy...when he comes home she gets SO excited and starts gathering things to show him.

-She loves singing and dancing. She doesn't necessarily sing but she loves others singing and always says "more" when the song ends.

-When she says big mama she sometimes wraps her arms around herself when saying the big part and drags it out like "biiiiggg mama". She definitely loves her big mama!

-She can also remember books that we have not read for a bath book of hers that went missing...I found it and gave it to her in the bath and she looks at it and said "princess" and it is a book about the Disney princess'

-Everything is "cool" we were in Target and I let Tommi walk around some and she would walk up to everything and say "cool" even a bottle of mouthwash haha

-Another big thing these days is building castles with her blocks...she wants us to do it but she "helps" by handing us blocks...I will admit daddys castles are far cooler than mine...she lets me know too. Her version sounds more like "tassol"

-She definitely has an opinion and expresses it…tonight she insisted on her “pink boots” and none of the others would work…I pick my battles and this one was not one I was gonna fight…mainly b/c she looks so cute in her pink cowboy boots!

-I have to brag b/c I have had a waiter/waitresses tell me...she is so well behaved when we are out eating. I love it. She is happy as long as she has food and "dip" (ketchup)

-Sesame Street is big in our house...she loves Elmo and Abby the most but will go for Grover or Bert when they are on.

-Any show or movie there is dancing in she loves...She has seen Happy Feet (the movie with the dancing penguin) one time and she loves "ping ance" AKA penguin dance

This was a really long post! She is just so fun! Words do not begin to describe how much fun she has become! She is a total character…I wish I could have a hidden camera to follow her around all day just to capture her amazing personality.

I tried to get a good 20 month pic but this child does not want to look at the camera or stand still for even 2 min. So I will make some attempts tomorrow too.

This was an attempt can at least see her cute outfit!

Friday, December 10, 2010


She definitely comes by it honest...but Tommi loves to mechanic on things. Her daddy is quite the worker daddy. Anytime we get tools out she wants to play with them and "fix" stuff. She also really enjoys the tape measure and walks around "measuring" things including me and TJ haha

Here she is working on one of her toys, I had just replaced the batteries so she had to have her turn...she worked on it for a good 15 min before something else distracted her.


So Tommi loves being nakey...

Check out this bod....

She is honestly shaped like an S...haha

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A taste of amazing love...

This song never ceases to give me goosebumps...

You Are My King (Amazing Love)--- By: Newsboys

I'm forgiven because You were forsaken
I'm accepted, You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be
That You, my King, should die for me?
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honor You
In all I do, to honor You

You are my King
You are my King
Jesus, You are my King
You are my King

So I have loved this song for a long time but since becoming a mom it has taken on another meaning. I have been able to feel "amazing love" from the other seat. I can not fathom the love the Lord has for us but I get a taste with my love for Tommi.

It amazes me that just when I feel like I can not love her anymore, I fall in love with her all over again! And it is nothing she does on purpose it is just her!

I've always felt like I needed to do this and that to make sure the Lord loves me. B/c I really did not understand "amazing love"...I never understood what that love truly felt like. I can slightly understand now...I can see that like my relationship with Tommi she does not have to do anything to make me love her. Just her being her makes me love her! Of course her love for me makes things much smoother like with the love for him makes our relationship so much better.

This may not make tons of sense to anyone else but I just really wanted to share (with anyone who reads this...even if it is only my mom haha) the amazing place I have come to. Not only in my life but in my relationship with the Lord.

God is SO good!