Sunday, February 26, 2012


This morning TJ had to go to a friends house to pick something up so he asked if Tommi wanted to go with him. At first she said she needed to stay here b/c mommy and Miley might need her but I assured her we would be fine :) So she decided to go.

They had been gone maybe 20 minutes and TJ texted me and said "She has not stopped talking the whole time." I told him she was loving her daddy time and he said "She has told me she loves me at least 3 times already."

I'm just so glad she is still feeling so loved and gets these little one on one outings with TJ. Even if they are just simple and not too exciting she still gets that attention she needs!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thank you God!

This evening Miley was quite a handful. She wanted to go back to sleep but struggled so my mom tried to help her then TJ and neither one could do it. So of course I had to step in...which is SOOO frustrating! Sometimes she only wants mommy and this is so hard on me when I just want to relax.

But I realize I am in a position that many would die for. I am a mommy and need to remember to thank the Lord for the most amazing privilege ever! And even though only hours ago she was screaming now she is sweetly sleeping next to me.

Thank God I was able to grow and nurture a perfect little baby and thank God my babygirl has amazing lungs she can cry for me with. Even if she only wants will not be like this for long! And how amazing is it that she finds comfort with me. I am SO blessed!

Not that I will not be frustrated with her tomorrow...but I am always thankful for the blessed gifts God in trusted me with!

This was not today but she sure is sweet!

Monday, February 20, 2012

One month

Sweet Miss Miley is officially a month old. It seems like she has been around forever but then again I feel like it was just yesterday I had her.

She eats every 3 hours generally and sleeps pretty well in between with a few bright eyed awake times but not for too long. When she gets tired she is not the best at going back to sleep on her own and is pretty picky on how she wants to be put back to sleep. I have to bounce around, pat her butt, and snuggle her in a blanket. She is pretty picky on wanting me too. She will throw a fit when T tries to put her back to sleep and as soon as she hits my chest she is out. It is frustrating for us both at times. But if we catch her soon enough she will sometimes fall asleep for him. At least she loves staring at him when she is awake.

We did go through a growth spurt (i think) this week when she nursed every 2 hours and for almost an hour each time. Leaving me an hours (maybe) between feedings. She would get super frustrated too. So I thought my milk supply was screwed up but all is back to normal and no supply problems!

Big and little sis

Note big sis likes to pick out her own outfits and majority of the time I just let it slide! Definitely not worth the fight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life with 2

Things are going well! I am SO excited and feel accomplished that I have been able to handle it so well.

Tommi had her first true jealous moment last night. We were giving Miley a bath and Tommi was trying to help. I let her pour water on Miley's feet but she took it upon herself and poured water over Miley's head (only trying to help)! Scared me half to death but Miley was fine and actually didn't inhale/swallow any of the water. So I immediately sent Tommi away...she got super upset and when I asked her why she was crying she said "B/c big sister wants a bath and little sister is getting one." I was shocked b/c Tommi loves helping me bathe Miley and did until she got in trouble. She came over to say sorry to Miley afterwards and started crying b/c she felt bad for pouring water over her head/face. I love her big heart! Of course Tommi got a bath afterwards and got some good mommy time!

Miley is such a great sleeper. She slept from 10pm-6am last night and normally the stretch is at least 5 hours at night. I am trying not to get too used to this b/c well this may not last but I sure hope so.

Miley has taken after her big sis and sleeps with us. I try to put her in her sleep n play thing at the beginning of the night but she doesn't last too long. She likes cuddling too much! With Tommi I thought I was doing something wrong but I am confident she will be fine and will not sleep with me forever. Miley sleeps well, I sleep well, and TJ sleeps well, so it works for us!

Nursing has been easier this time but still is stressful but we are getting into the swing of things and I'm calming down a bit with worrying. I just want to make sure my baby is getting enough and I'm giving her the best. She is sleeping great and wetting diapers great so I know she is doing good.

Tommi is still cracking us up daily. She comes up with stuff that we have no idea where she learned it. She makes me so proud!

Friday, February 10, 2012


While Miley sleeps on me peacefully I figured I would take the moment to document the past week we have had.

Miley has decided to scream blood murder sometimes in the evenings. I am not sure what is going on, I assume gas. I have debated whether it was colic, reflux, normal, or some other issue. I still have no idea. It is not for hours at a time more like here and there sometimes 30 mins or so. It does seem like hours sometimes though. But usually nursing or laying on my chest or just waiting it out while holding her works to calm her down.

Hearing her horrible cries of what seems like pain is SO hard on both TJ and I. This too shall pass! Which is SO hard to remember in the middle of it all but it is so true. The last 3 weeks have flown by so I know the coming weeks will too. I am trying to cherish this time b/c she will be a sassy almost 3 year old like her sister soon.

During the day Miley is such a sleeper, she eats then sleeps then eats etc. with a few awake moments in there. So generally she is a great baby but the evenings get tough...hopefully as she gets used to being out in the world the screaming will pass. I can do fussing or crying but screaming is hard!

The night she is pretty good too. Usually eats around 11 or 12 sleeps 5/6 hours then gets up and eats sleeps another 3 to 4. Her sleeping changes with the days. When we first brought her home she thought 3am was awake time then she was good for a few days but now thinks 530ish till about 7 is awake time then she goes back to sleep. So I am hoping this changes soon b/c I don't mind getting up to feed her but I wanna go back to sleep when she is done not hang out.

So say a prayer for all of us that the screaming spells end and there is no underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Does it matter?

Sometimes as a mom (or just a person in general) we wonder if the little things matter. Some days I am on my pedestal think...I am awesome b/c I am taking care of kids who can not do it for themselves and a mom is a VERY important role. But then there are days I wonder if cleaning up spit up and kissing boo-boos is worth my time or if I could be doing something more important and productive.
(as I sit here feeling lazy b/c I have a baby sleeping on me and I'm playing on the computer...I know my house needs to be cleaned...but she is too sweet to move.

A friend of mine posted this on her blog and it reminded me. As long as I am doing all my "non-important" jobs to his glory it is VERY important. I do know raising my girls is important but like everyone moms have their doubts about what they are doing. I LOVE my job and wouldn't trade it for the world...even when Miley is screaming and Tommi is whining and I can hardly hear myself think :) But I can only say that after the moment is over and all is at peace!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

big sis/little sis

Tommi refers to herself as "big sis". It is too funny...when Miley cries Tommi will yell from across the room "Big sis is coming.

She refers to Miley as "little sis", telling her "It's ok, little sis" or "Where is little sis?"

I love it! It is really funny to hear Tommi calling herself big sis. She sometimes gets in modes calls herself big sis when she is asking for something or needs something. Like "Big sis has to go potty." or "Big sis wants something to eat."

I love that she has embraced her role so well!


Tommi was 'exercising' today and said "I'm doing yogurt!" I told her it was called yoga and she said "I can't remember that, so I'll call it yogurt."

I have no idea where she even heard of yoga...she seriously cracks me up!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have never felt the need to "justify" my kid(s) names. They are MY kids and no matter what people think I put ALOT of time and thought into their names.

But I have to post about this b/c it is amazing to me how much other people care.

Someone I attend church with (YES Church, of all places) was on a website and posted a big thing about Mileys name. Now I knew I would get comments with Tommis name b/c well it is typically a boys name. But not Miley. I knew most people would think "oh like Miley Cyrus" and that was a reason I questioned ever using the name when she came out years ago. But TJ and I both loved the name and it was his great grandfathers name which made it even cooler.

But anyway she posted how she was 99% sure I named Miley after Miley Cyrus. HAHAHA Note about me...I liked her song Climb and that was it, otherwise I really don't like her and the way she acts with the media and performing. I don't like her imagine and the way she talks drives me crazy. I personally hope Miley Cyrus is gone soon so my Miley doesn't have to be compared to her. So this was the first really funny thing.

Then she went on to say how we never even knew about TJ's great grandfather and only found that out later and used it as an excuse to name our child Miley. SERIOUSLY? No TJ never met his great grandfather but he is super close to his grandfather and has heard stories and seen pictures all his life of this man. She also said we have made it clear we don't like to use family names...just b/c my first born was not named after family doesn't mean my other kids can't. Plus we didn't really name our Miley after his great grandfather. That is where we originally heard the name but we liked it so we used it.

The post was really mean and hateful and honestly pissed me off. She even went on to say I make poor name choices for my kids. News flash...they are TJ AND MY children not yours so who cares. Plus you can keep your opinion to yourself b/c not everyone has the same taste in names.

Our names for our girls....

Tommi was a favorite of mine ever since middle school when I met 2 Tommi's who were girls and I loved the name from the time I heard it. It was different enough but yet not totally off the wall. It just so happen years later I married a Thomas who has the name through out his family. So in the end she could have been named after her dad but that is not where the name originally came from. I think it would be easier to explain if she was named after her dad but she was not. I liked the name and he agreed to it.
Jolene was just a name we both loved and also could "soften" the name Tommi for anyone who wanted to add the "Jo" to it. Plus I knew a girl in high school named Bobbi Jo and I thought it was cute.

Miley was a name I originally heard when I met TJ and we talked about naming kids (just for fun while dating) and he mentioned it was his great grand fathers name. I like it b/c it goes well with Tommi and is not too feminine but not too masculine. So part b/c it is a family name and mainly b/c I just like it.
Jade was a name TJ and I both liked and it went with the J middle name thing we had going. It also went well with Miley.

So now everyone knows where are names come from and those who wanted to gossip about it can do so as they please with the knowledge of where they originated.

My vent is over :)

Monday, February 6, 2012


All moms have those moments that everything is going right and we feel blessed beyond what we deserve, in those moments I love to brag about my babies.

Right now I should be napping but it is so nice to have some mommy time where I can just relax...for a few moments.

Today has been amazing I can not be more proud of the big girl Tommi has become. She is not patient, I know she tries but she does not have a sense of time and also thinks we are all at her beck and call all the time. Having Miley has taught her to wait her turn a bit more and I am thankful she has accepted waiting pretty well. It doesn't mean she doesn't ask 100 times while waiting but she doesn't throw a fit or get upset.

When I said it was naptime she just got her stuff and went to bed. Which NEVER happens...she always has demands of some kind. So this was a huge blessing! Even if it only happens less fight is worth it.

I just can't get over how blessed I am. The transition from one to two has been a whole lot easier than I had expected. Yes I am only almost 3 weeks in and have not been alone too much but still I'm just thrilled. Tommi has taken on being a big sister so well and really is a help and has not gotten jealous of Miley. But I have tried really hard to make sure I get extra kisses in and cuddle when I'm not holding Miley. Funny thing is I think I'm a better mom to Tommi now than I was before Miley. I just feel like I've been better about making sure she feels extra special and we play more together one on one. Overall I'm really enjoying being a mom of 2. Not that it is not overwhelming at times though.

I guess it has helped ALOT that it is TJ's slow time at work...b/c he has been a huge help!

Life is good and God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams!

Miley had been fussy right before this and Tommi sung her back to sleep!

Mom brain

I just realized I posted twice about Miley laying in bed with Tommi at night. Proof mommy brain is in full effect! But at least I'll remember it years down the road!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bedtime cuddles

Every night Tommi insists her little sister lays with her in her crib while we pray and sing songs. It is too cute! Tommi kisses and hugs her the whole time. Then when it is time for us to go out she says "night little sis" over and over. It is so sweet to see them together.

Miley actually enjoys it too. If she is fussy it will usually calm her down to lay with her sister. Most of the time she is sleeping and she just sighs and cuddles up in Tommi's arms.