Friday, November 20, 2009

The park

The other day we had a really pretty warm day so I took Tommi to the park to try out the swings and just enjoy the outdoors! When we got there she was immediately happy...she knew it was a special treat:)

After some swingin...TJ showed up and took her down the slide and then gave her a shoulder ride!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

7 months!!!

How is my babygirl already 7 months old? Though I am sad to see her grow up so fast I am LOVING every second of it! She is SO much fun! Just discovering the world all over again with her is fun! I am so thankful the Lord has given me the privilege to stay home with my girl and not miss a thing!

So here is what Tommi is up to...
-talks all the time...from sweet ga-ga noises to loud squeals! We believe she is calling birds sometimes:)

-Eating like a champ! She likes her food thicker so I have to add cereal

-Loves biscuits, crust, or whatever else she can feed herself!

-Pulls up if she is sitting next to you...she is very proud when she does it too:)

-Rocks on her knees...but has no interest in crawling yet

-Sits very well!!!

-Drums on tables, boxes, etc.

-Slaps her hands...which is REALLY funny!!

-Loves noisy toys!

-scoots on tummy

She is all around a very busy baby! Never a dull moment in her presence...she loves to "party"!

She is the most cuddly and sweet baby! She loves her mama but is very content with daddy. She has some stranger anxiety but warms up pretty fast. She smiles and laughs alot! Not a great sleeper at night unless she is in my bed...but if that is one of her few down falls....I can deal:)

Here is the big 7 month old!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late Halloween!

So Tommi was a girly monkey for her first halloween! I sewed bows and a tutu on her monkey costume b/c I didn't like how she looked so much like a boy in it:)

Big Mama, Pappy, and Uncle Rooney were up for the weekend so they got to go around with us trick or treating! It was very tiring...b/c unlike a normal October night it was 75 degrees so getting in and out of the car and with Tommi in a thick costume it was tiring. But we made it through and Tommi did really well! We got lots of candy and baby food:)

The monkey and an overly happy mommy!

All strapped in a ready to go!

TJ took a picture at every house we went to...this was one of the better ones

So after some trick or treating we headed out to Harrisonburg to see some of Pappy's childhood and college friends, the Johnson's, who were in town playing music...He was in heaven reminiscing with them all! Tommi and I really enjoyed ourselves too! It was at a little Tea place called Earth and Tea. Tommi was dressed for Halloween and as cute as a button!

Tommi's party face:)