Monday, October 31, 2011


This is the first year Tommi got the whole trick or treat thing which made it SO much fun! She has been excited about dressing up and getting candy for a week or so now. She even had the "trick or treat" saying down and knew that was how she got candy.

My SIL asked me if I could take my youngest nephew (he is 10)with us...Tommi heard her ask and has been super excited. She LOVES her cousin Sam...she says he is her best friend. He is so good about playing with her and including her in everything.

Well trick or treating was a success with very few incidents with Tommi being scared...which I'm super thankful for. Sam was such a help and made it so much more fun for Tommi to have a "buddy". She had a blast asking every house, "where are we going next?" Up here we have to drive from house to house and only go to friends and family, well with that it took us 2 hours! We were all worn out by the end but had lots of candy and had alot of fun.

After getting back to TJ's moms house to drop Sam off. Tommi wanted to stay and play she spent over an hour running around playing with Sam some more. Then as we were leaving she asked if we could do it again tomorrow! haha If she doesn't sleep like a log tonight I'm gonna be shocked. She was SO tired but had such a great night!

She was a cowgirl...the outfit was supposed to "fit a 2 to 4 year old" but was just right on her. The hat needed to be barely fit her head and she didn't want to wear it most of the time b/c it wouldn't stay on.

Not sure what is up with this face but I LOVE it!

Mommy, Tommi, and Monkey :)

At the first stop...TJ's moms. I love Sam's costume!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I have NO idea what it is like to have 2 kids...and to be honest I think almost daily...Am I REALLY ready for this? Did I rush things? etc. But the truth is I'm 29 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant with my 2nd baby and have no choice at this point. Nor would I change it for anything in the world! This girl already has my heart!

But today while trying to get ready to head over to my MIL's for Sunday dinner I thought to myself. I think I spaced my children pretty well. It will definitely be tough b/c Tommi is most definitely my baby and still wants to feel that way BUT she is also so independent and such a help I think we are gonna be ok. As I was getting dressed she went in her room and grabbed her coat and shoes and brought them to me to help her. This sounds little but it is such a big help. I can definitely see myself saying "Tommi can you go grab me a (fill in the blank)?" She WANTS to help almost all the time. Yes sometimes she makes a bigger mess than I would but it is the thought that counts.

I'm just so proud of my little girl. She is growing up and just so much fun! Definitely hard to handle at times and tests my patients some nights but over all I am very thankful and very fortunate to have such a sweet baby girl!

She is so excited for "monkey sister". She talks about her all the time and wants me to have her now! I do not think she has the slightest clue how much life is gonna change but hey neither did I when I had her and she survived so it will be ok! :)

So I'm still flopping between "How am I gonna do this?" and "I'm gonna rock as a mom of 2." More the first but many have done it before me so I will definitely survive.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Too funny...

Since Tommi keeps me cracking up all day and I can't remember the half of it, I am gonna continue to write down when I do.

Tommi and I were laying in bed after she got up from her nap and my stomach rumbled/growled. She gasped and said "Monkey sister is saying something." I asked her what she is saying and she said "That she wants to come out now and ride the carousel."

Tommi went into her room this evening and picked out her clothes. She came back into my room and said sighed. I asked her what is wrong and she said "It has been a long day!" Wow Tommi and her tough life!

The things that go through her head amaze me.


Tommi just pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me.

Tommi: What's happenin, mom?
Me: I don't know what is happenin with you?
Tommi: I don't know, but I love you!
Me: I love you too!
Tommi: Sounds good...I'll talk to you later.

Seriously?!?! I love her!


About 2 weeks ago I noticed a rash on Tommi's face, right below her lip on the right side. I figured she is like her mommy and gets rashes that come and go. Like an allergic reaction to stuff. But since it had been there 2 weeks and keeping it dry and benadryl had not worked, I took her to the dr.
It is a fungal infection (ringworm type thing)....eww how gross. OK so it isn't uncommon esp in kids but yuck it just sounds gross. So the dr just said to buy some anti-fungal cream at the store and put it on her 3 times a day. I didn't think too much into it till I got to the store and anti-fungal cream is JOCK ITCH cream hahaha It had a pic of a mans groin on it! And I'm supposed to put this on my sweet little girls face?!?! I guess so! The dr said it may take 4-6 weeks to go away.

I'm just totally weirded out putting jock itch cream on her face!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


While driving this evening Tommi said "Mommy why do bears grrrrr?" "Do you mean why do they growl?" She said "Yeah" I explained that is how they communicate and "talk" to each other. They don't just do it when they are angry, they do it when they are telling each other stuff, like ducks quack and dogs bark. She liked this answer, which I'm thankful for b/c I was not sure how else to explain it.

She asks questions I never thought a 2.5 year old would ever think of. She wants to know how everything works and why.

She also told me today while eating an apple that she was eating it so she could have lots of energy to play. Where did she learn food gave you energy I will never know but it is totally awesome.

I wish I could videotape our lives and conversations daily. I could never remember it all and it is definitely some good stuff. Her intelligent talking actually amazed a lady at the drs today who had her daughter there who was a month older than Tommi. She just couldn't get over how well Tommi talked and how well mannered she was....PROUD MOMMY MOMENT! I can't take credit for it all, I think she is just smart on her own but I do feel like I must be doing something right.

Another reason this post is named growling b/c Tommi growls alot now. When she gets mad she growls out of frustration but she also does it when she is trying to be silly. When she is being silly we act like it scares us and she tells us "Mommy I'm just pretending" or "Daddy don't be scared it is just me"

I love this girl....not sure how my heart can grow much more to fit enough love for the both of my girls but know it will! But I am praying Monkey is a little more laid back b/c 2 big personalities might be a bit much. But my mom did survive my big brother and I so it is do able!

28 weeks!

I had my monthly appt today...due to not doing the glucose test last appt I had to do it today. Since I am the overbearing mother I am (I am not afraid to admit, I hate leaving Tommi) I took Tommi with me. I knew the appt was at 10am and by the time I had my appt and then waited an hour to get my blood drawn then got home I would have had to pack a lunch for her and feel guilty b/c I left her with someone for so long. I will say had my mom been up or TJ's mom had the day off I would have had no problem leaving her with them. I just feel bad depending on anyone who isn't her grandparent or super close. Even though she loves spending time with others and does so well that I can do it with out worry. Enough about that.

I talked to Tommi yesterday and this morning before we went, telling her all about my appt, how things would go, etc. She has a fear of strange men, so I thought meeting my dr might upset her and she also fears doctors offices so I had to have her prepared. I packed books to read, a notebook and pen to color in, and snacks just in case. Well she was a dream she listened like an angel and was far better than I expected. Thankfully they gave me the drink at the beginning of my appt so I wouldn't have to wait another hour after the appt. So after checking the heartbeat and fundal height like the standard appt we only had to sit in the waiting room about a half hour till I got my blood draw. Which when the lady who draws the blood saw I had Tommi with me she made a face b/c Tommi would have to stand in the hallway (3 ft from me). But I knew this was the case and knew Tommi wasn't going to run off and act like a nut just b/c I was not right next to her. So I got my blood drawn and we were done! Yay!

Since Tommi was such a dream I told her we could go to Chick-fil-a and play with the "town kids". TJ and his dad were in Harrisonburg working so they were able to meet us for lunch...which was a highlight for Tommi and I both. We LOVE seeing daddy during the day even if it is only for a minute or so. Anyway...Tommi was a bit of a handful while eating but was again a dream when it was time to play and actually for the rest of the day.

When they first called us back at the dr and the nurse was weighing me and taking my blood pressure. Tommi asked the nurse "Are you gonna take my monkey sister out yet?" The nurse was totally thrown off till I explained she calls the baby "her monkey sister" . It was priceless!

So I'm feeling good. I do have heartburn alot but some days are worse than others. Otherwise I feel really good, definitely feel like I'm waddling due to inner thigh pain from pressure I assume but I can deal. Monkey girl is CRAZY these days!!! It is the best!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I am figuring out how much Tommi really understands and puts things together. It amazes me!

This week both my brothers got engaged....I know I posted about my little bro but have not had a chance to post about my big brother. He asked his gf Heather to marry him on Saturday!!! The Llew crew is growing quickly!

So we have been talking alot about weddings in our house. Tommi is all about it! Wearing pretty dresses, walking down the aisle, when everyone walks down, where they stand, on and on.

Tommi has just started to notice and get that Mommy and Daddy had a wedding and likes seeing pictures from it.

At TJ's parents house they have a picture of him and me from the wedding and she looks over at it when we eat and says "Awe Mommy, you married daddy!"

The other day she was in the car and made 2 little animal figures kiss. I asked her what she was doing and she said "They are kissing like you and daddy!" I know she sees us kiss but it is cute to know she actually notices. She is so sweet!

So Tommi is now gonna be a flower girl X 3 this year! She is so ready! Also my little brothers fiancee asked me to be a bridesmaid (what an honor!) so I will be in their wedding and Tommi loves to talk about me being a bridesmaid.

2012 is gonna be an amazing year...Jan-my 2nd baby girl is born, April or May- my big brother is getting married, and June-my little bro gets married! I'm super excited!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little brother...

Last night my little brother proposed to his girlfriend...I can not believe he is old enough to be getting married. (and this is coming from someone who was married when she was 20 haha) He is 23 so he definitely is old enough.

He is by far one of the most amazing men alive. I have always said the woman who ended up with him would be one of the luckiest girls ever. Well Katie is definitely very lucky! As is Luke (my brother) his fiance is a beautiful girl with a great family! And the best part about her is...she makes my little brother VERY happy! So how can I not love her!?!?

He had a super romantic proposal and after had a "party" for all their close friends to celebrate with them a little. I was not able to go due to it being on a Tuesday and I had just been down visiting. But since I got to see the ring and hear all the plans before I felt a little less left out. But I was definitely sad I missed it b/c I was sitting at home wanting to hug them both so bad b/c I'm just so happy for them!

So I'm gonna have a new sis-in-law...the first on the Llewellyn side!

Tommi is SUPER excited! She was jumping up and down when I told her last night. Then today while eating with TJ's parents she announced "Lukey and Katie are getting married and they are gonna have a baby!" hahaha Now I know kids are in the future but I don't imagine for a couple years at least. Tommi is just so ready to have kids to play with when we go to VB!

Tommi has it all planned out...Katie has to find a pretty wedding dress, then find a pretty dress for Tommi, and buy some petals so she can throw them down the aisle!...She is super excited to be a flower girl. It is amazing to hear her little plan!

So now Tommi is gonna be a flower girl twice this summer...Luke and Katie and our friends Chad and Liz. The weddings may only be a week apart so this could be interesting, esp with a new baby.

Yay!!!! I'm SOOOO excited!


I was on a friend’s blog and she was talking about the things she wants her kids to remember about her and their home. So it got me thinking and I found that the things I want my children to remember about me and cherish when they are older are actually pretty simple. They come A LOT from my own upbringing and the memories I cherish the most.

The lists may change with time and as I am a mom longer but for now here is my list….

The things I’d like my kids to remember…

• I loved the Lord and served him in my everyday life.

• That I was real…I was not perfect…I made mistakes.

• I loved their daddy with all my heart...and showed him!

• I was not ashamed of who I am! I danced, I sang (off key) and laughed at myself! (This one TOTALLY comes from things I love about my own mom)

• I was kind to others and treated people with respect.

• They were my focus…not the dust bunnies or the dishes that could be done later.

• That our home was a safe, comfortable, and fun place for them and their friends.

• No matter what…I am ALWAYS there and they can come to me for anything!

• I want them to remember they were loved beyond their wildest dreams…a God-like love. One they never doubted and was there no matter how many times they turned their back on it.

I hope my kids look back one day and say…Life was SO good when I was a kid! I want my kids to be kids…and totally enjoy it b/c it is such a short time in life!

I look back at my own childhood and no matter the tough times I had with friends, my brothers, and even my parents. I always loved being part of my family…I was actually proud to be a Llewellyn (and still am). We are the type of family people want to be a part of…even with all our crazy imperfections!

I hope one day my kids look back and feel fortunate to be part of our family. I know in someway they will but I want them to have pride in who their parents are and siblings.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

27 weeks

Due to sleeping on my sides my hips are getting super sore. I do not like it! Grr! But can I still say I LOVE being pregnant.

So while taking my weekly pictures Tommi of course wanted to pose also.

Tommi's weekly pic...

and mine...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dresser...and lots of clothes

So I've been talking about needing a dresser for Monkey. So right before I ordered the one from Target, I checked craigslist thinking maybe I'd get a hit. Well sure enough I found one that was a dresser changing table combo for about $70 less than I was gonna spend on just the dresser.

So yesterday we went and picked it up! It was exactly what I needed and I'm super excited!

So today I got through the 3 big tubs in our hallway and am washing the NB and 0-3 month clothes and in the empty tubs I loaded up the clothes Tommi has out grown! I wanna have this all done so I am prepared and feel like I can just relax and enjoy the next 3 months to come of Tommi being an only child! Plus my back and hips hurt sitting on the floor too long so I know that will only get worse!

Tommi was such a big helper and LOVED looking at all the baby clothes. Of course she asked if she could try the stuff on but I think she is finally understanding she is too big and will never be able to wear it again.

When I packed up her baby clothes I only kept the non-stained, stuff I was sure I would use again. Well little did I know with 2 years of storage some stains would magically appear on the light colored stuff. So I threw away 1/2 a trash bag full of mainly onesies and bibs. According to my mom this is pretty normal. But with 2 loads of laundry, I believe she has enough stuff and beyond...but I will asses it all after I get it all put away and organized. But from the looks of the onesie situation she is still set!

It is a good thing I'm having another girl b/c Tommi really did not have many gender neutral clothes. I would be having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

I still want the next 13+ weeks to go by slow so that I can enjoy this pregnancy and the holidays! 2012 is gonna be a crazy awesome big year for us (more on that in about a week) so I need to enjoy the down time before it all begins!

Tommi is getting pumped to have a baby sister...I have an awesome helper on my hands!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

26 weeks...

This pregnancy is going by too fast! I feel so unprepared to be a mother of a toddler AND a newborn. But I guess I have no choice now. I am slowly trying to get clothes washed so when I do get her dresser I can just put the clothes away.

14 weeks sounds like a while but then other times I feel like 14 weeks is gonna fly by...or I just remember from being pregnant with Tommi how fast it goes by.

But I guess I need to focus on short term things to get done. Plus there is SO much going on in the next 3 months there will be alot to take my mind off of my anxiety.

So pregnancy wise not too much is going on; movements are getting stronger, I'm definitely starting to feel pressure from the weight on my pelvis, just the norm but I can say overall I feel really good! Thank the Lord for good pregnancy's!

Tommi is a nut as always...just today I was on the phone with my mom and Tommi was in the back singing, I didn't know till I got off the phone what the song was, well it was a made up song that said..."I love nail polish, oh i love nail polish" over and over. It was wonderful and had me in tears! She is so random and fun! This past weekend we were at my parents and one night as we were laying in bed she was talking NON-STOP about Luke and Katie getting married so they can have kids that she can play with and how Katie will look beautiful in her wedding dress...on and on. The funniest part is they are not engaged, she just found out they had to be married to have kids and she wants kids so she is planning there wedding before they are! haha I love her! So after all that I told her that we have to stop talking and be quiet, well she said "I try to stop talking mom but I can't" WOW! Finally she said "Fine whatever mom I'll let you go to sleep!" She is 2.5 years old right? Yeah and going on 13! I wish I had a tape recorder b/c she was a hoot...she comes up with stuff out of no where and all I can do is laugh b/c I have no idea where it comes from! Her little sis better be prepared!!

I love my girls and can't wait to watch them become best friends!!!

I pretty much have the basketball belly thankful for good genes!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Tommi has her own sense of style...and I secretly LOVE it!

Last week alone...

We had a day she wanted 2 "ponys" one on top and one in the back.

Another day, she picked out her clothes and though they matched I couldn't help but laugh b/c she is totally into fun colors and definitely has her own sense of what she likes! Her style most definitely matches her personality!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


25 weeks today...

I had an appt last Wednesday, the appt was at 11. Well at 11:25 I went up and asked if the dr was just behind. The receptionist went back and said "You're next so it will be a min, she (the dr) is just a few minutes behind." Well I waited but when 11:45 rolled around I had had enough I was not just hanging out there when I had left Tommi with TJ's aunt Connie and I didn't leave lunch b/c I wasn't supposed to be gone long. So I told them I needed to reschedule. I knew it wouldn't be a big deal if I called Connie and told her but I was just so frustrated b/c I knew the appt was supposed to be a short one (weight, bp, and baby heartbeat check).

So I rescheduled and had my appt this morning. I was there a total of 15 min, my appt was at 9:45 and I was out by 10. Exactly what I had expected last week. But whatever. Monkey is good, her hb was 153 bpm and all is measuring on track. I guess to keep me on the track I was on they made my next appt in 3 weeks. I have to do the glucose test then...oh yeah! I'll live though. The drs office said I have gained 16 lbs but according to my scale I've only gained 10 lbs. That happen with Tommi too, plus either way I am on track gaining. As hard as it is to watch it go back up I'm happy!

Monkey is moving around like crazy and I can now see it from the outside (have been able to for a couple weeks) Nothing too exciting. Tommi was more active and her kicks were much harder but that may be b/c of the antierior placenta. I am finding it harder to breathe now but that is normal. Life is good!

I need to order Monkeys dresser so it can air out and get out the "new smell" and then I can start washing clothes and putting them away so I don't have to do it last minute when my back hates me even more than it does now. I have all her clothes here now (some were at my parents house)