Tuesday, March 31, 2009

39 weeks and twins!

So 39 weeks pregnant...I'm just truckin along. Had a dr appt today...my BP was good, my weight was the same as last time, baby's heartbeat was 141bpm, and measurements are on track. They checked me and I am starting to dilate but nothing different than last week.

I have to remember that I still have one week till I'm due so it could be any day now! Plus she will come when she is fully baked. The Lord knows the right time! Not saying I'm not gonna walk my butt off to help it all out but I know the Lord has his time for her to be born and it will be perfect.

I'm excited for April to begin b/c I KNOW I will have a baby in April...at the VERY latest she will be here mid April. I hope it is at least before Easter!

I have a dr appt on April 7th my due date...hopefully I will not make it. But if I do then she is just not done cookin.

I am proud to announce I'm a gramma to twin girls! One of my goats had twins last night! They are the sweetest little things ever! I love them both so much. They have no names yet but I will work on that! Hopefully I will be joining the mama in the new mommy club soon! Here are some pictures of my new cuties! I will be obsessing over them until I give birth to my little girl!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

38 weeks!

Well here we are in the final 2 weeks of pregnancy! I NEVER thought I would make it to this point...it's so surreal!

Well I had my weekly dr appt. My BP was good and her heartbeat was a little low but according to the dr it is nothing to worry about. So he checked me and I am barely dilated and about 50% effaced. He says the cervix is not a predictor though. He said it could be tonight or it could be a week from now. I'm ready whenever she decides to come into the world.

I am dealing with some crazy pain and pressure. But I keep reminding myself it's all for my little girl! The dr said he will set the appointment for a week from now but hopefully I won't have to keep it. I'd be ok with that...but I think the dr was just trying to keep me positive. I think I'll be there next week, so my next appointment is Tuesday the 31st. Pretty crazy to think I will be one week from my due date then!

So this week is my last week of work. I wanted to work until she got here but since I have to walk uphill from the parking lot I can't do it. It hurts too bad walking. Plus I need sometime to unwind and get some sleep since I am not sleeping as well these days. I enjoyed some pampering today when I treated myself to a pedicure! I really enjoyed and mommy now has pretty toes! They are baby pink for my little pink monster! hehe Who would have thought I would be so excited to have a little girl? She also got 2 new dresses today. One is yellow with big white polka dots to match the cute hat a lady I work made for her. I can not wait to put her in it!!!! The other is a summery dress it's really bright with a bubble pattern to it. I LOVE it!!!! She is gonna be a cutie!

Babygirl is SUPER active these days, not like she used to be with all the kicks and stuff. It more like a shifting and pushing out. I do enjoy the crazy shapes she makes my belly have. I am REALLY trying to enjoy it as much as possible b/c I know I will not have this amazing feeling again for a while. I have to say my pregnancy has been so amazing. It really is a gift from God!

Here I am at 38 weeks pregnant...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

OCS graduation!

So I have been worrying for weeks about wanting to attend Chase's OCS graduation...well I got to go! Which made me so extremely happy! I seriously have had 2 wishes the past few months, one being to attend his graduation and two to have a healthy babygirl. So one down one to go! Now I'm definitely ready for her to come! I wanted her to wait till after graduation just so I could be there and so I wouldn't have to lug a baby around if she had come early enough.

So the trip was awesome but interesting...Wednesday evening TJ and I headed out with my directions I had gotten from Map quest. It was a good trip but about 3/4 of the way through our map lead us onto some back road which about 1/2 down the road turned into a gravel road, I'm not talkin nice maintained road this one was full of pot holes and not fun to drive on. Luckily it was only about a mile of our journey but it had us both cracked up. We did make it to the hotel...but it was a humorous trip up. I was stiff after 2.5 hours but otherwise felt good!

So on Thursday we got to reunite with Chase, this was so amazing! We walked up and he was with his platoon and standing all Marine and official haha So they released them to come hang out with us and some how I ended up being the first one to get to him. I was SO ready! So I got to give him his first hug in 10 weeks! That was cool! Of course it was cool seeing him laugh at my growing abdomen too! It was quite a reunion! Everyone was pretty emotional...esp mom! So we got to spend the rest of the say just hangin out with him and really enjoying some awesome family time.

Then Friday was his graduation parade and commissioning. So we were on base bright and early for the parade. It was SUPER cold but luckily the amazing Marine Corp provided blankets for us during the parade. It was cold and windy but I was much less miserable after the parade began b/c all I could do is stare at Chase doing all his awesome official Marine stuff. It was just so neat to see how structured everything was...very cool. Then we got to spend a little time with him before we headed over to the National Museum of the Marine Corp. Where we hung out and looked around for a few hours, wasting time before Delta Company Commissioning. Which was really neat, Chase took his oath and all that cool stuff making him a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corp! So then we had the pinning of his bars...mom and dad did the shoulder pins, Papa and Luke did the shirt collar pins, and I GOT TO DO HIS HAT PIN!!! We were all VERY honored! We then got to see his first salutes which was also an emotional event! Gunnery Sgt Gomez was his first salute and a guy who has had a hawk eye on Chase for all 10 weeks...he had a HUGE grin on his face as he saluted Chase. I could see he was proud of him! So that was really neat. I am proud and honored to say my big brother is a 2nd lieutenant in the USMC!

After that we headed back to base to then head home. I wasn't ready to leave everyone. I got to be with my family including my gramma June who I had not seen since I got married. But they all headed back to VB and TJ and I headed home. If it were not for being 37 weeks pregnant I would have gone to VB too. But TJ and I headed back toward the mountains...of course we got into the first 10 min of our trip and a guy pulls out next to us which we had to swerve into the next lane, we burned tires and made some serious smoke but b/c my hubby has cat like reflexes and b/c of the grace of God we avoided hitting either car!!! The rest of the trip went great but we were a little shakin up for a bit!

So our trip was interesting but one of the coolest experiences ever. The crazy thought is when saying goodbye to everyone the next time they see me I will have a baby!!!! How crazy! I may see mom and dad before if they come up to help us with stuff on the trailer but most likely I will not see them again till babygirl is born!

Now I'm just waiting to go into labor. Trying to relax and enjoy the last week(s) of pregnancy. Next week is my last week of work so that is pretty exciting. I have a dr appt on Wednesday and hopefully they will check me b/c I am anxious to see if the contractions I have had have caused some dilation or effacement. It's all a waiting game:) TJ and I are ready to meet our little creation!

Here is the last picture as a family of 6...

Friday, March 20, 2009


So it's official babygirl is considered a 'full-term baby'! That is so exciting! I have always said I didn't want to have a preemie, they scare me haha!

So not much is going on I went to the dr on Wednesday and good BP and everything measured good. He didn't check me this time so not sure about dilation but that is cool. I go back weekly so I'm sure he will next week.

I'm about at the point I'm just ready to meet her!!! Plus I'm getting pretty uncomfy...she has no more room so I need her out so I can feel better. But I guess she will come with she is ready so I just have to enjoy my baby free time and enjoy all her little shifts and the fun stuff about being pregnant!

Well here is my weekly picture...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

36 weeks!

I'M OFFICIALLY 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!! How cool! I'm actually gonna meet my babygirl in the next month! So cool!!!!

Had a dr appt today... they did some test to check for Strep B, it's some virus that if I test positive they will have to give me antibiotics while in the hospital to protect babygirl. But supposedly it's nothing to worry about.

They checked me today and all is still good. She is putting a bunch of pressure on my cervix but I could have told you that! I can hardly walk you dorks! haha

The dr said she is hiding in there really well...I'm assuming he was saying he can't get a good estimate about her size b/c she is all cuddled into my back when I lay down. But who knows! All looks good so I'm happy.

I asked about Chase's graduation and he said based on today's appointment I should be ok. He said if it was important than he isn't gonna say no. So am super happy about that! I have an appt next week on Wednesday morning so he will check me again then and we will know better if I should go or not since we will be leaving that evening. But he said he doesn't see a problem with it at this point. So Chasey is gonna get to see his sister all huge and stuff! hehe I can not wait to see his reaction to me...I can hear is laugh now! I can't wait!!!!

Well here is my picture from today...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daddy and mommy

So mommy didn't like not having many pictures of her and daddy together while I'm still in her belly so they took some tonight.

Mommy needs a tan and daddy looks too tough. But after I'm born, mommy will go tanning and daddy will become a big wimp when I steal his heart! So in a month or so family pictures will be MUCH different!

<3 Babygirl <3

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pictures and Class..

Well we had our first Family Preparation Class at the hospital. I really don't believe I learned anything new but it was nice to have another version of things. I really like the lady who teaches it I feel like she is totally real. So it is not like the movie versions of these classes. She is a labor and delivery nurse and is actually 30 weeks pregnant with her second baby. TJ didn't like it too much...not that it was terrible but it's not his thing. I'm not sure if we are gonna go next week...part of me wants to for some of the stuff but the other stuff I don't care much about so I don't want to be there for that part I mean it's a long time when you don't have interest in half of it. So I don't know I guess I have a week to decide. TJ did say he would go if I wanted to go back. But we will see.

Well here is my 35 week picture...Take into account it is 10:30 at night and I had a long day! So I look a little tired! haha She is really growing alot!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week 35...

I can not believe I'm 35 weeks pregnant! I just never thought I would be at this point...or it didn't seem like it would be here so soon. Time is flying by! I am SOOOO ready to meet my sweet little girl and just be able to stare at her! But then again I am still diggin the belly. It's so cool! I'm sure as I get bigger it will get old...but I'm still loving it! Well I don't like that it gets in the way when I lean over but I like the way it looks.

Well Big Mama came up yesterday afternoon and we spent the day together today. It was so awesome having her here. I just love sharing this experience with her...of course it helps she gets me even more excited to be a mom. No one can tell you the bad and good about motherhood as well as your own mom. So we went through all the baby clothes and other baby stuff I have been given. It was a little overwhelming b/c I got SO many nice things but don't need 1/2 of them (mainly clothes) It is really hard having to give away clothes people spent their hard earned money on and put so much thought into. But I was able to return quite a few things so I can get things I still need. Which is not much...but maybe after she is born I will figure out more stuff. Well anyway...mom and I got through it all and really got her room looking amazing. Still some boxes but they will be gone in the next few weeks as we get her swing and bouncer put together. I now feel like I am at least 1/2 prepared...I'm prepared stuff wise and organization wise but mentally I'm not sure it has hit me I'm REALLY gonna have a baby to help me use all this stuff!

So babygirl is just plumping up now. The finally preparations are being made for her arrival! We went on a hospital tour on Sunday so which we didn't learn much more than we already knew but we now know where things are and where our babygirl will make her arrival. Things are really falling into place...she is really gonna be here soon! Saturday will make one month left till I'm due...so will she stay in till then or come before or after.

Well I have my 36 week dr appt next week and they will start checking for dilation or progression. I will also be discussing my up coming trip to Quantico and if the dr will ok my traveling 2.5 hours. I REALLY hope I am able to...I mean this graduation is a HUGE deal! My big bro is gonna be a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corp what an honor! But I guess we will see how it goes!

Tomorrow we have our first Birth Preparation Class...so we will see how it goes haha I'm kinda excited b/c I feel like it's really real...this is really gonna happen! TJ isn't too stoked but he will live:)

I'll hopefully take some pictures tomorrow and get them posted.