Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Meadows...

After living here almost 5 years I had never been to skyline drive and big meadows so we went up there the other day...So here are some pictures from the evening.

Cool flower!!!


I have found myself becoming overwhelmed with love for Tommi recently. Yes I have always felt this way about her but recently it has been more than normal. Maybe it is b/c I look at her and see her growing up and I love being able to truly interact with her. I can ask her questions and get answers...either and excited smile or a "No" which is her new favorite word :)

I have mixed feelings about her growing up...in that she is not a baby anymore but I have come to the conclusion I am going to embrace it with my whole heart b/c I will never have these moments back! Plus as she gets older it only gets more fun!!!

I was just thinking how before I got pregnant when I talked about kids I always said I wanted all boys. But now that I have a little girl I am SO thankful b/c she is amazing and I look forward to her growing up and we can do all the "girl things" my mom and I used to do. I know she is only 15 months old so I have not come close to having all the attitude of a teenage girl...but I'm so thankful the Lord blessed me with a little girl!!!

We spent at least an hour giggling together this evening...tickling each other and just being silly! It was SO much fun! And when she had had enough she grabbed her passy and laid her head down on my shoulder. So I took her to bed and she went right to sleep! Wow I am blessed!!!

So anyway...I just felt like sharing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

15 months!

15 months! Where has time gone?!?

My babygirl is growing up so fast! So far having a toddler has been a mixture of fun and frustration. I really enjoy her balance of independence and need for me! She is a pretty good little eater except veggies. We struggle to get those in.

She had her 15 month check up today and she is growing like a weed!!! They were very impressed!
She is 21.3 lbs (25th percentile) and 30.75 inches (upper 50th percentile).

So what can she do?!?!

She can follow commands like when I ask where my phone is will find it and then bring it to me. She can do this with many different things. TJ and I are amazed how much she does understand. She knows where her high chair is and will go to it when she is hungry. She knows what magnets are on the fridge. She is really very intelligent!

Words: Cat, dog, hi, bye, ball, nate, deer, no, uh-oh, mama, daddy, eye, light, cup, duck, and a combo of many words we don't understand yet:)

She can sign more and please. Which is really helpful! When she wants something you can say "what do you say?" and she will sign please!

She can point to many body parts, her nose, head, hair, tongue, eyes, belly, toes, feet. She likes to point to things on my face too! Sometimes enjoys lifting her dress or shirt to show off her belly! She did it while walking into church last night! haha

She now feeds her doll with a little bottle! Too cute! She is not the most gentle mommy but she is a good one!

She is a ham! Doing about anything for a laugh...including running off when I get her naked for a bath! haha

If no one can tell I'm a very proud mommy! She is such an amazing daughter so she makes being proud easy!

I forgot to mention...Tommi gives high fives, finger fives, and fist pounds! She is too funny! She also blows kisses!

Monday, July 5, 2010

What is going on...

So I was inspired to let everyone know what is going on in Tommi's life...

We are working on the whole self feeding (w/ utensils) and it is not going well. Tommi knows what the spoon is for but doesn't like my help basically b/c I won't let her shake everything off the spoon! haha Here is a pic of her trying to eat yogurt by herself...

Next is sickness :( Tommi woke up with a 102 fever on Friday so I took her to the dr and they said she had a summer cold. Her nose ran and her throat was sore all weekend. She was not a good sleeper either. But by Sunday she was doing much better and today she was 100% better and full of herself:) So I didn't get any good 4th of July pics but here is my lil firecracker in her cute outfit!

The sicky girl :(

And so I finally get Tommi nursed back to health and I go into get her Monday morning and hit my middle toe on her ottoman...and definitely broke my toe. I heard a big pop but it didn't hurt as bad as it normally does when you hit your toe. So I figured I was ok...well now it is swollen and purple! Very pretty! I am sad b/c I was kinda hoping to get my toes done...but NO ONE is touching them till my toe is all healed!

On a good note....BIG MAMA is coming tomorrow!