Friday, November 28, 2008

21 weeks!

So nothing too eventful is going on. I am really enjoy this whole pregnancy experience except for all the worry but that is part me. I think and question things about after she is born but I have to remove my brain from all that.

Also it's kinda bugging me b/c it doesn't seem anyone except TJ and me really believe we are having a little girl. It's always "So you MAY be having a girl?" Ok no I can never be 100% but I AM having a girl! I just know I am the u/s is kinda obvious if you look at other girl ultrasounds. But hey on Dec 22nd I'll be able to say..."hey look deny it now. You can actually see the girl parts!" Also it seems like some people would have been happier if I had a boy (they say it's b/c that is what we wanted). Just b/c TJ and I said we wanted a boy first doesn't mean we are disappointed in anyway this is a little girl! We could not be happier...she is healthy and from what we can see is not lacking any fingers or toes! Yes we hope we have a boy next time so there will be someone to carry on the Frazier name for TJ's granddad and dad but for now it's a girl and she will be the greatest miracle we could have ever been blessed with...heck TJ and I are starting our OWN cool is that. So I had to vent about it all. I'm so anxious to get the 4D ultrasound done so no one can deny we are REALLY having a girl.

Well mom and dad officially bought our first item for her. It's a little onesie we could not turn down b/c it is so true. It says "Daddy <3's me" (picture below) and he does. I never expected him to be melting in her hand yet but it's happening.

So life is good...TJ just turned 26 yesterday! haha old man! The months are flying by before we know it we will be making the finally preparations for her arrival! We did sign up for birthing classes in March, it's every Thursday for 3 weeks and I'll start them March 5. Pretty cool! Us first time parents need to be taught what the heck is about to happen...b/c we are clueless:) Oh yeah and I posted a belly picture from last week (20 weeks)

Friday, November 21, 2008

She is already opinionated!

I have found this little one is just like her mama! She has an opinion and knows how to get her way haha.

I wore one of my pre-pregnancy skirts today (unzipped of course)and when I sit down it kinda gets a little tighter right under my belly. Well I guess she got uncomfortable b/c I kept getting kicked, as soon as I moved it she stopped. So I have to watch to make sure nothing cuts in at all b/c I will have an unhappy camper!

This is just so much fun! Yesterday she was going crazy kicking and squirming! It was awesome! Of course she stops by the time I got home in the evening so TJ can't even try and feel her. Plus she will stop as soon as a hand hits my belly. I have tried a few times. He will get his chance before too long hopefully!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So we had our 20 week appointment today! They did all the measurements and checked all the organs of the baby out. She is growing perfectly. The AFP test I had last time came back normal so no spinal problems and no down syndrome! So thankful she is healthy!

So while doing the u/s they looked for some parts and munchkin was being modest but we got an under the butt shot which's got little girl parts. They didn't get the angle they wanted but said they are about 95% sure it's a little girl!

She weights 10oz and her heartbeat is 150bpm! So she is healthy and strong!

We registered...most neutral except clothes but that was alot of fun and I really hope I get everything...not being greedy just want the best for my little princess! She is gonna be so spoiled! I can't wait!

We are just beyond ourselves! Everyone keeps thinking I'm disappointed b/c I talked so much about having a boy. I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed...I'm gonna have a little girl to do all the mother/daughter stuff with like shopping like my mom and I did. And I'm sooo anxious so see how fast TJ's heart is gonna melt in her little hands! That bond between a father and a daughter is SO priceless! I'm just so excited! TJ says "Girls can hunt too...if she wants to. I'll take her like my dad used to take me!" He is already planning it out! No diappointment for him!
Well here are the u/s pictures...profile,foot,legs w/ ankles crossed, and girl parts!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Coolest thing ever!

I swear being pregnant is the coolest thing ever! It is such an amazing miracle! I feel so blessed that the Lord allowed me this opportunity! Honestly I think it is a privilege and I thank him everyday for it! Alot of people who don't deserve kids are able to get pregnant too...but I still think it's a privilege!

What makes this all so much cooler is that TJ is so into my pregnancy! Of course I keep him updated on the development which he doesn't seem to be as fascinated as me but deep down I know he is:) He told me the other day that pregnant women look weird but I am beautiful when I'm pregnant. I could have squeezed him! How amazing is that to hear when you feel like you are only getting less attractive! I guess I looked as TJ put it "extra pregnant" last night and he kept smiling I asked him why and he said "It's just kinda cool!" haha He is so cute! He was talking to the baby last night telling it how we have cats and how he hopes it likes them too. (he is gonna kill me for telling this!) It was too funny though! He wants to feel the baby kick so bad....but it's still so small. I tell him when I get kicked and he tries really hard to feel it. So life is amazing! It's so cool to have someone like him to share this experience with! I never expected him to be as into this pregnancy as he is b/c I figured it's not a guy thing and he will bond when it comes out but he is all about talkin to the baby, rubbing my belly, etc. Those moments make me realize how blessed I really am to have him! He is gonna be the best daddy ever! I only get more excited everyday about how amazing our life is gonna be!

So Lord welling we find out tomorrow what we are having! I'm sooo excited today can not go by fast enough! I never thought this day would come! I still can't believe I am half way through! Just craziness! We are registering after the appointment tomorrow! So I'm super excited! I really hope baby is not modest and shows off it's goodies!

Boy or Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I have felt flutters since last week esp when I'm laying down or sitting quietly. But today I was sitting in my office workin and all the sudden I got this "pulse" like I got flicked from the inside. It was cool! I am assuming I was kicked and that is really fun:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


It is surreal! I can't believe I'm actually gonna be a mom! I have dreamed about it since I was little. It's really happening! It's really hitting me now b/c I'm feeling those butterfly movements so it's actually real now! haha

So we have 10 days till we find out what this little munchkin is! I can't wait.
I daydream daily about if it's a boy and how TJ will be the best daddy bonding with his son and how it will be the first grandson to carry on the Frazier name! And I will have my little mama's boy who will look at me to be the perfect woman ever! haha (I can dream can't I!)
Then I dream about if it's a little girl how TJ will have his daddy's little girl (she totally will be) and I'll have someone to dress up and bond with. Be the mom my mom always was to me! Also being the first granddaughter for TJ's family would be insane! It's so amazing!
I thought I would care so much more now my heart is torn both ways as to what I really want! I guess it's better to be that way b/c then I will not be disappointed either way. For a while I felt it was gonna be a girl but I think that is b/c everyone is saying it will be. But now I am having boy we will see!

I'm just getting more and more excited daily! I think of how only 5 months from now TJ and I's life will never be the same! But I think we have finally hit that point we are both ready for it and don't have any hesitation. You can really see the daddy coming out in TJ...he is always worried about me hurting the baby if I roll over on my stomach (it isn't comfortable anyway so I never stay like that long). He kisses the baby goodmorning and will say hi to it! I am just falling more in love with him as this adventure continues (which I didn't think was possible)!

So I'm feeling good...found out baby isn't too fond of donuts! I am hungry like I'm eating for 2 grown people! But I am just snacking, big meals make me sick anyway so I do have to watch my moderation b/c I'll end up bringing it all back up! I have been super tired and peeing alot haha the joys! With all this pressure on my bladder I swear I'm gonna pee myself when I sneeze ha The belly is coming along nicely (I guess) It will varies on looking fat and pregnant sometimes but it's ok b/c I know I have a while to go and the belly will only get bigger!

So the baby can hear me now! That is neat...but after I found that out I kinda felt bad b/c TJ and I went and shot guns last weekend! It's ok though! Baby is about the size of a pickle (yuck) so that is between 5 and 7 ounces and is about 5½ inches long. Crazy I have a human inside of me!

So we will be doing our registry after our baby appointment on the 18th. Most of the stuff I like is nutral so I could do it now but we will wait. I know TJ will be excited to do it b/c then I will stop looking in Target making sure the things I want are still there:)

This was a long post but I'm just getting so excited I could talk about baby all day long! It's a good thing my mom likes to hear about it:)

So here is the belly this week...I'm carrying super we will see if it moves up over time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So Munchkin and I had to share a costume this year so we were skeletons! It was a HUGE hit with everyone!

I can't wait till next year when I can dress little one up for real!