Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 months

Miley had her 4 month check up today. She was 11 lbs 10 ozes, 24 inches long, with a 15.5 inch head. A little petite ball of sweetness. The appt went SO well! The dr was pleased with her growth and development and says I'm doing great. Makes me wonder, why do I even worry? I know I have this...God made me to do this! I was put on this earth to raise my babies and be a good mom. I'm not perfect but honestly I AM a good mom! Enough bragging on myself and my awesomeness (kidding!) I went into this appt a little scared b/c at 2 months Miley had her appt with a different dr (due to her normal dr being sick) but I went with it b/c seriously how can you mess up a simple check up. Well the dr who saw Miley at 2 months (Dr.R) ruined the appt for me. He said Miley was thriving but if she kept at a slow rate of growth we would have to do some formula and he also kinda pressured me into doing all her shots for that month at once b/c the insurance companies were billing different and blah blah blah. I regretted my decision almost immediately...not b/c I thought it was gonna hurt her having all her shots on time but b/c I didn't want that for her. I spaced them out for Tommi and wanted to for Miley also. Well today Dr.H (Tommi and Mileys normal dr) was a dream come true...exactly why I love her! She said Miley is perfectly healthy and is growing like a champ. She is petite but she always has been and that is fine! Also she TOTALLY worked with me on the shots and we came up with a plan to allow me to seperate the shots....I could not be happier! I felt a million times better walking out of the appt today b/c I knew I was doing what is right for my child and that made me feel SUPER confident and sure my decisions as a mom! YAY for amazing doctors who care about their patients (and the parents!)

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