Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chocolate puddin...

So this evening I went grocery shopping with both girls. Tommi asked for chocolate pudding for "dessert" I told her if she behaved while we grocery shopped I would buy her some. Well she was so wonderful so she got her pudding. We got home and I brought both the girls in the house and the pudding...opened up a cup of it and told Tommi "talk to your sister while I get the rest of the groceries" So left Tommi and Miley for at the most of the minute...Miley in her carseat still. (bad mom I know!) Well as I walked into the house Tommi said "I didn't mean to get pudding on Miley." I thought in the split second I was like on her head or something. NOPE, WRONG! IT WAS ON HER MOUTH AND FACE! And Miley was happily licking her lips...OMG!!! After finally calming down and telling Tommi she could finish her pudding but was going to bed almost an hour early b/c this was not good. Tommi walked around for the next 20 mins randomly telling me she loves me. She sure was sweet! So Miley had her first offical taste of food....CHOCOLATE PUDDING. A snack she will not be having again for closer to a year and a half if I can help it! Thankfully Tommi knows she did wrong and promises to never do it again. I guess my lesson is learned do not leave your 3 year old alone with your infant!

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